[Poll]: What was your last car before you ordered (or reserved) Tesla Model 3?

[Poll]: What was your last car before you ordered (or reserved) Tesla Model 3?

I am curious which cars members owned prior to ordering/reserving Tesla Model 3. Lets get some data with the poll below:

zorang | 14 juni 2018

As size/shape/price falls in the small, luxury sedan segment I would expect many Audi, BMW, Acura, Inifiniti, Jaguar, Mercedes Benz, Volvo, well and many random cars from tech enthusiasts

gbb0131 | 14 juni 2018

At time of reservation I had a 2013 Volkswagen Jetta Hybrid which was leased. Turned it in and currently driving a 2017 Lincoln MkC Reserve.

Invited to configure on 4/13, but waiting on white interior.

eeb9 | 14 juni 2018

I was on my second MINI Cooper S when I made my reservation, and had a third (Cooper S Coupe this time) when I actually took delivery of my Model 3

eeb9 | 14 juni 2018

I say that’s here since you left MINI off the list in your poll

zorang | 14 juni 2018

Unfortunately I left a lot of cars off the list as it was getting too can always use Other and then specify

gballant4570 | 14 juni 2018

The poll doesn't ask for sufficient data to be meaningful. For example, what is some has two Chevrolettes, one a four door sedan, and the other a pickup? And the make of one of my cars is not listed.

gballant4570 | 14 juni 2018

Sorry, didn't see that last post. I'll look at it again.

gballant4570 | 14 juni 2018

Sorry, didn't see that last post. I'll look at it again.

Warp Drv | 14 juni 2018

The poll doesn't specify if the previous car was still owned, or if the Model 3 was a replacement. I bought my Model 3 and sold my 2008 Infinity G35xS. I doubt the two Lamborghini owners traded-in for the Model 3. For me that's a significant distinction.

Also, to be meaningful, there needs to be more granularity. A "Ford" could be an F150, a Mustang or an Escape Hybrid; totally different vehicles.

stbgmannv | 14 juni 2018

2015 Ford Fusion Hybrid: Love it and cannot wait til M3!

carlk | 14 juni 2018

There was a similar thread in the Model S forum that have yielded some interesting results. There were quite a few Porsche, Ferrari as well as Odyssey/Sienna owners who went to the Model S. It's kind of like the iPhone that have attracted users of all breeds because it's something entirely new from (and better than) what have been there.

hjelmn | 14 juni 2018

Your poll is missing MINI. I put BMW because it is a part of the BMW Group.

Daryl | 14 juni 2018

I would be much more interested to see how many came from other electric or hybrid cars. A Chevy Volt is very different from a Suburban; a Prius is very different from a Toyota Tundra.

AMAZEU | 14 juni 2018

eeb9 How does the M3 compare to the Mini S?

gmkellogg | 14 juni 2018

Last car was a Chrysler Pacifica. Wife wanted a van. I initially wanted the hybrid Pacifica, but my FIL talked me out of it (he works in the auto industry and heard there were a lot of quality issues).

My car is a Prius C, which is great because I have almost no highway traffic on my commute and I can pull down 55-60 mpg on my commute.

giskard | 14 juni 2018

Another MINI driver here. Like @eeb9 I'm on my third one. I am also very interested in a comparison between the Model 3 and a MINI Cooper S :)

spuzzz123 | 14 juni 2018

Two Lamborghini's, really? Some folks having fun with the poll methinks

TranzNDance | 14 juni 2018

At reservation, I owned the original zero emissions vehicle... none! Before that, I had a Honda Accord.

ModelT3 | 14 juni 2018

Another poll could ask which car you are replacing and include a line for those not replacing a car.

JustSaying | 14 juni 2018

Black 2015 Audi Q5 prestige TDI (it's been fixed and they sent me a checks for $11K). The white Model 3 replaced an Black 2013 Audi A5 Cabriolet.

Rutrow | 14 juni 2018

Convertible Mini Cooper (non-S).

And I too would like to hear from Mini-to-3 owners. I need to know about the ride difference. My wife hates my Mini, so if the 3 is anywhere close, she's gonna hate her new $50k car.


Jaganjai | 14 juni 2018

1999 Subaru Forester
2005 Toyota Camry
2015 Nissan Pathfinder
2018 Tesla Model 3

Forester will have to make way for Model 3 in the garage when delivered.

ACDC 2GO | 14 juni 2018

2005 Toyota Camry
2007 Toyota F J cruiser

ravisundaramam | 14 juni 2018

1986 Nissan Pulsar bought in 1992
1990 Nissan Sentra, in 1994
1999 Subaru Legacy L Wagon, 1998
2000 Nissan Sentra in 1999
2006 Subaru Legacy 2.5i Sedan 2006
2006 Toyota Prius, 2006
2015 BMW X3, 2014
2018 Tesla Model 3, 2018

Maxxer | 14 juni 2018

1993 Toyota Corolla
1999 Toyota Tercel
1999 Toyota Tercel
2010 Mazda 6
2010 Dodge Caravan

robert rogus | 14 juni 2018

2014 Toyota Camry Hybrid. A great car. If the M3 is anywhere close to the reliability of the Toyotas it will change the world. M3 is a really great car, just have to wait a few years to determine reliability.

Pete_vb | 14 juni 2018

1986 Porsche 944T
1987 Porsche 944T
1983 Porsche 944
2002 Subraru WRX Wagon
1987 Porsche 944T
1970 Porsche 911
2004 BMW M3
2008 VW R32
1979 Porsche SC
1969 Porsche 911
2011 BMW 1M
2016 Fiat 500E
2016 Audi S3
2018 Porsche GT3 Touring
2018 Tesla Model 3 AWD (if they'll ever sell me one)

Rutrow | 14 juni 2018

@Pete_vb. Let me guess... Married in 2001, divorced in 2004? :-)

robbiedjones | 14 juni 2018

2016 Ford Fusion Energy Titanium, plug in Hybrid

rebellion787 | 14 juni 2018

2010 Camaro. Sold last year in preparation for the model 3

billlake2000 | 14 juni 2018

Nash Rambler

rscarce | 14 juni 2018

2010 Prius and 2014 Prius--the 2010, with nearly 200,000 miles, is ready to kick the bucket. We've put $7,500 into it since January, nearly every dollar of which was ICE-related. The last, $3,500, bill 8 weeks ago was what pushed me over the edge to pony up for a M3 reservation. Hoping 2010 can hold on for another year or so!

Tesla2018 | 14 juni 2018

Lotus Elise- I had to wait over 2 years for that too after leaving my original deposit.
My brother yelled at me today for ordering cars that take forever to get since he is used to going to a car dealership and buying something that is sitting on the lot.

4barkie | 14 juni 2018

I have a 2011 BMW which I will still keep.

Pete_vb | 14 juni 2018

@Rutrow Good guess but no. 2004 M3 was for a move to Germany (autobahn!). Married 2017, forgot 1969 Porsche 912 & 2016 Porsche GT4.

dragon_summie | 14 juni 2018

currently still driving my 2003 Lexus IS300 lol

TranzNDance | 15 juni 2018

I hope some of you have (or will) not used "what was the make of your first car?" as a security question.

david_gelfand | 15 juni 2018

We sold our 2004 BMW Z4 3.0i just after taking delivery of our M3.

bjoern | 15 juni 2018

Fiat 500e.....yeah, cannot really compare it, but I needed an electric commuter and the 500e was perfect for that, and dirt cheap on a lease. The M3 is our second car only, mostly used for commuting. For our long family trips my wife still prefers her VW Atlas SEL Premium 4motion. If I average our two cars we actually get decent gas mileage;-)

Brian B | 15 juni 2018

@TranzNDance Methinks you do emit *something* or you wouldn't last long.

JustSaying | 15 juni 2018

AMC Pacer

PessimiStick | 15 juni 2018

1991 Toyota light pickup (donated)
2000 Toyota Camry (still own)
2002 Nissan Sentra SE-R (Lemon - donated)
2006 Mitsubishi Evo IX (still own)

TranzNDance | 15 juni 2018

Yes, I do enjoy going on walks outside after meals.

Muwka | 15 juni 2018

Had 2006 Lexus GS430 for 12 years. Silky smooth 300HP V8. Loved the car. Love my 3 so much better!

mikebaz | 1 september 2019

Cadillac CTS-V

neilhamrin | 1 september 2019

Tesla S 85 2014
Audi S-4
Acura NSX

in7 | 1 september 2019

2008 Prius, which I had bought used.
When I traded it in it was only getting 39 mpg.
When I was ready to buy a new car, I stopped at the Toyota dealer 3 different times, and they were too busy to let me take a test drive.
Then I remembered that there was a Tesla showroom place just a mile down the road.
I got to test drive a M3 right away.
I've really got to thank those Toyota folks.

gparrot | 1 september 2019

2015 Volks Eos -still own.
2017 Subaru Impreza - traded it in for the 3.

howard | 1 september 2019

2013 Volt
2017 Bolt
2018 Tesla M3
2019 Volt

jaxz23 | 1 september 2019

2005 Nissan 350Z Grand Touring Roadster. I thought I would never sell it.