Stability / Traction / control / regenerative braking disabled, ABS needs service

Stability / Traction / control / regenerative braking disabled, ABS needs service


Has anyone seen these messages recently? I have a picture but it looks like the forums are text only. This is on a brand new Model S (3 weeks old; odometer at ~1700 miles) and I am very concerned. The car is drivable but Tesla can only get me in a service center a full week from now. I am not a happy camper today :-/

- Cruise control disabled
- Automatic Emergency Braking is disabled
- Regenrative braking disabled
- Traction control disabled
- Stability control disabled
- ABS needs service
- Park Assist unavailable

I posted this in general since I have to believe this cannot be model specific. There seem to be similar messages on other model but from a while ago.

/shake head


info | 30 juli 2018

Hi, i have the same errors on my 1 day old MX. It is now inspected by SC what the problem could be.
After reset and power off the problems stull exist. Keep uou updated on this.


mariflor.deleon | 5 december 2018

Model 3, Long Range, AWD, 247 miles old. Now in the SC a week now, No Answers yet.

Automatic Emergency braking is disabled
Regenerative braking disabled
Stability Control disabled

Still Waiting........

PrescottRichard | 5 december 2018

I’ve gotten almost all of those recently but my car is a 2013 P85. Just had the battery swapped out on it, but service is skeptical that is related to the new problems.

They’ve had my car a day and called saying they want to keep it longer, can’t get it to give the messages. Thank god for logs, at least they know I’m not just looking for attention.

tnc2212 | 24 maj 2019

Hey PrescottRichard. What was the final conclusion on the problem?

tpobandith | 12 juni 2019

My 2018 model s 75 D with 7620 miles. Today experienced car completely shutdown within second car came back on and got cruise control disabled, regenerative braking disabled,traction control disabled and stability control disabled. I was driving services center for about 25 miles with those disabled and it was scary. Because car was unstable and felt like very loose steering and seem car moved very fast.