I've read about getting the Model X "uncorked." Anyone have experience with that recently? I have a 2018 MX 100D.

burdogg | 2 juli 2018

The 'uncorked" from what I know was only for early made 75's. They were able to decrease the 0-60 on those ones from when they were originally released. Any 2018 model X has the fastest speeds available to them already - so there in no uncorking to be done on any of them.

jjgunn | 2 juli 2018

The 100D was already "uncorked" back in Nov 2017

The differences for the 100D versions were “officially” less significant. Model S 100D’s acceleration was updated to 4.1 seconds down from 4.2 seconds and Model X 100D went from 5.2 seconds down to 4.7 seconds.

Your current MX 100D runs 0-60 in 4.7 - YMMV

burdogg | 2 juli 2018

That article is actually a little false - I don't know where he got the X times. I bought my Model X in Dec 2016 - a 90D - its 0-60 times at that point was 4.8. I have no clue where he got that a Model X 100D was a 5.2.

You can even find the specs here:

Here is the more accurate article:

Regardless :) any 2018 Model X comes with the fastes speeds.

akgupta | 3 juli 2018


gtojudge2003 | 15 februari 2020

How do I get a model 3 uncorked?
Kris | 17 februari 2020

@gtojudge2003 - Uncorking only applies to a very limited number of S/X 75s. Note that you're posting int he Model X forum.