Timeline for transferring money to Tesla

Timeline for transferring money to Tesla

Sorry to post this but since there is no search function on this site, I could not find the answer. My car delivery is 7/12 funds delivery to my bank in 2-3 days. Will I make it in time? What's the process. Can we bring a personal check?

Thanks in advance.

jjgunn | 4 juli 2018

You can bring Cashier's check (I did) but not personal check or you can wire transfer the money from your bank account to Tesla via your login.

PKT3SLA | 4 juli 2018

The payment option through bank transfer method should be enabled 3 days prior to your delivery. The transfer is immediate. I got the confirmation immediately. You can also do a wire or else you can bring the cashiers check on the delivery day.

RichardKJ | 4 juli 2018

For my delivery on Sunday July 1 I got the official request for final payment on the afternoon of Friday June 29. I filled in my bank info and immediately got a "Thank you for your payment" email and my balance due showed as zero in my account. I picked up the car on Sunday. The funds finally left my account on Tuesday July 3. I don't know if the weekend affected the timing.

ff9700 | 4 juli 2018

I’ve been in contact with a tesla credit specialist to finalize my down payment vs. loan amount. I asked if I could bring a personal check and his response was “You would just need to bring a check made payable to Tesla, Inc.“

metzger.bob | 4 juli 2018

Thank you all for the responses. It has been very helpful!

glenmoore524 | 21 februari 2020

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