The Model 3 forum calms down

The Model 3 forum calms down

Two weeks ago every other thread was about Tesla's lack of responsiveness, the long delays in getting their cars, threats to cancel their reservations, etc.

Fast forward to today. The floodgates have opened and M3s are flowing to these guys. The threads now go typically, "Wow! I was invited to configure yesterday and I've been told to pick up my car July 11th!" There are also a ton of threads about how much they love their brand new M3s.

Sound familiar? What a difference two weeks makes. They were told time and again that deliveries would skyrocket as soon as the 2nd quarter was in the books. Now? Those that have theirs or will in a week or two are all in. Those yet to receive a production date are still carping.

Rinse, wash, repeat. The same process first buyers go through every time Tesla introduces a new model.

bob | 7 juli 2018

Can't wait for the MY :P

jimglas | 7 juli 2018

I ordered a MX 100D on 6/2/18. Accepted 6/4/18.
I changed from an M3 order placed quite a while ago thinking that delivery would be sooner and after finding that I could write part off as a business vehicle
I have a VIN, but have heard nothing since. When I ordered I was told "construction would begin in 1-4 weeks"
Its been 1-4 weeks
Maybe I shouldn't have ordered blue, I have heard that basic black isnt such a wait?

dmm1240 | 7 juli 2018

It takes 2-3 months no matter what you order. They're not going to give you a weekly update, which is what some people appear to want. When your car goes into production — should be soon — you'll be sent an email notifying you it's in production. You'll click a million times on your My Tesla Page to see if they're done. It won't change for 5-7 days. Then you'll think "Great! Finally!" and expect to be notified it's shipped the next morning. It won't, there'll be another three days or so. Then you'll be informed your MX is "in transit." You'll expect it to show up at your delivery center in 3 days. It won't. It could take as long as another 2-3 weeks depending on where you live. "What???? Why?" Because if you're a ways away it will ship by rail. Your car will be taken to a loading area near a railhead where the railroad will take it's own sweet time loading it onto a car and starting the transport. Once it reaches it's destination, seems to be Birmingham, AL in my neck of the woods, the railroad will unload it in its own sweet time. From there, it will be picked up by a truck and put on a route. The truck will drop it off at your delivery center 1-2 days later. Tesla will spend 1-2 days checking your car over one more time and prepping it for delivery. Over the course of the last month, your Delivery Specialist will contact you every now and then to make sure you have your documentation, financing, trade in and other details taken care of.

You DS will NOT send you a daily email update or call you every other day. These people walk into the office every morning to find 250 or so emails in their inbox and 50 or so voice mails on their phones. You will, of course, think they're ignoring you. They're not.

About two weeks prior to the delivery, you will be given a delivery appointment with a time to show up.

Over the course of this torturous process — which is the same for all factory ordered vehicles by any manufacturer — you will become convinced they're ignoring you, lied to you about making your car, lost it, or that it dropped off the railroad flat car and they're afraid to tell you. None of that will be true. You want your new car and you want it now is what is really going down.

Occasionally, something will crop up in the final check of your car and they might have to make a small repair or two. That happens on occasion. Someone dropped something on your car causing a dent, the railroad managed to scratch a fender, something was missed in the factory check post production. This is rarer than the posts on these Tesla forums indicate. People don't run to forums complain when things go right.

Finally, your appointment time will arrive. You'll show up with a check in hand. (Don't pay for it in advance, not because Tesla is unscrupulous, but because it's just good practice when spending $100K or so for anything to have the goods in hand before handing over your money; you have far more leverage to get what you want when you still hold your money than when the seller already has it). It will take around ten minutes to complete the paperwork. Then your delivery specialist will invite you to inspect your new car, tell you a bit about it, help you set up a couple of things. This takes 1/2 to 1 hour depending on how anal you are about it. Then they might take a picture or two at your request of you sitting in your new MX.

The door in the delivery center will go up and you'll drive out in your brand new MX with that Tesla smile on your face.

That's the process. There is nothing unique about it other than the Tesla smile because it never goes away like with new ICE cars.

PS I own a blue Tesla too, Jim. I ordered June 7 2017 and could have had it by August 7 2017. I asked Tesla to delay delivery a month because I was out on vacation during the initial delivery window. They gladly accommodated. I took delivery on August 7 2017. So, I could have had it in two months but it was three at my request.

Since then, I've found Tesla to be nothing but outstanding in follow up. My MX had two small problems, and I mean small, since I took possession. The driver's side window would make a thumping noise when I rolled it up. I dropped it off at 10 am, got a MX 100D as a loaner, and picked it up at noon the next day. The 2nd problem was the click wheel on my steering column broke, I probably pushed it too hard breaking it. Tesla sent the mobile truck to my house and replaced it in 15 minutes. I'm no longer click free.

I went online Thursday to schedule a 1 year check up for my MX, I'll be driving it a lot this fall on short trips, want to make sure everything is hunky dory. I received not one but 3 emails confirming the appointment the next morning. An hour after I read the confirmation email, a guy from the service center called to ask if I was having any problems and to check in with me. I'll show up 8/24 and will receive a loaner and will have the car back the next day barring any unforeseen problems.

That's my Tesla experience. IOW, patience grasshopper. Your car will be here soon, but I won't tell you that happens before you know it because it won't. You're waiting for Christmas and the clock just won't move is all.

dmm1240 | 7 juli 2018

Oops. I took delivery on September 7 2017. My bad.

Tropopause | 8 juli 2018

Tesla is becoming a big company!

SpanishinOslo | 9 juli 2018

Actually I was not patient enough and I changed the TM3 reservation for a TMX ;)

sbeggs | 9 juli 2018

Good for you!

avesraggiana | 9 juli 2018

@dmm1240. I enjoyed reading your write up. What you described mirrors my experience. I can’t think of any other way I’d want to buy, and own a car.

jjgunn | 9 juli 2018

I think this little adventure started with a lot of us dropping $1k to a car company for a Model 3, then ignoring what we spent that money on.

Fast forward 1.5 - 2 years later, we decided not to wait anymore & buy a Model X.

Oh....I still have that M3 reservation & the option to configure right now. I'm just holding onto it for now. I want to see what happens in 6-9 months.

jimglas | 9 juli 2018

I am not expecting a daily or weekly update.
My point, which I don't believe is unreasonable, is that when I placed my order I was told construction would start "in 1-4 weeks"
Its now been 6 weeks and all I have is a VIN number.
I did send an email to the sales guy at 4 weeks and I was assured everything is "going smoothly"

dmm1240 | 9 juli 2018

@jimglas, I think the entire thing is skewed by Tesla's attempt to stay under the dreaded 200k delivery limit in the 2nd quarter. Don't forget that MS/MX deliveries also count against the limit. Many MX/MS customers were complaining they ordered early this year and were told not to expect delivery until June/July, beyond the usual norm.

Doesn't make you feel any better, I know, but that's an ill conceived law for you — not the tax credit, the means to phase it out.