Model 3 trip planning on website

Model 3 trip planning on website

Each battery configuration has a corresponding “radio button” except for the model 3. Does the trip planner work on the touch screen? It sure would be helpful to do my trip planning before getting in the car.

cdavis | 8 juli 2018

The Tesla route planner ( lets you do basic planning, such as which superchargers you'd need to use. The route planner in the car is more accurate because it knows the SOC of your battery.

spuzzz123 | 9 juli 2018 gives you a lot more variables to incorporate. Uses soc, elevation, temperature, how fast you like to drive, how much you want remaining on battery when you arrive at chargers, road conditions. It’s really thorough.

EVRider | 9 juli 2018

The most popular web-based trip planner is this one:

Try them all, and use whichever one you like the best. In the car, your only option is the navigation system trip planner.

wiboater4 | 9 juli 2018

Are you sure if you scroll down the model 3 isn't there?

mthees7 | 1 oktober 2018

The Model 3 radial button is hidden behind the "DONE" button on some screen sizes.

mthees7 | 1 oktober 2018

the wrapping the "DONE" button seems to be positioned 52px from the bottom of the container, but 52px of padding have not been added to the bottom of the radial container.

Hsubraya | 15 september 2019

Tesla has become sluggish with their improvements. Trip planner is very basic. Selecting Tesla model 3 is a pain as the scroll bar doesn't work you need to place your cursor and use the arrow button to scroll down.

The other issue is that there is no option to specify the initial charged miles and it assumes that Tesla is fully charged. Hope it also tells you the charging time as the charging station types vary.