Paint Protection Film Wrap or Ceramic coating for Model 3

Paint Protection Film Wrap or Ceramic coating for Model 3

I plan on wrapping my car but I do not know if the entire thing should be wrapped for the price given. I live in NYC and was quoted an average of 5k which is a bit pricey in my opinion for a 56k car.

I just wanted to ask the people on the forums opinions on wrapping and how it went for you guys.

-Has anyone done a wrap for their Model 3 ?
-If so which wrap and how much were you quoted for ?
-If its a full body, front only e.g ?
-If you have done ceramic coating and how much it costed you ?

Thanks again !

Daniel S | 16 juli 2018

Also if you happen to live around NYC and know a good place and a good price, let me know !

I don't think many shops consider that the model 3 has a glass roof so there is a lot less wrapping needed *

feedpaula | 16 juli 2018

I'm in Northern CA and having full front bumper for in Xpel $800. The full front would have been $1600. Also getting ceramic which will be an additional $1790.

WeGoGreen | 16 juli 2018

Looking for the same around VA, If you know who does this please let me know. Thanks

ANTHONYROSEJR | 16 juli 2018

I'm in S Florida and got a quote from the people that did my windows. The full hood and front of car for 1350 10 year warranty. I am going back and ask for price to see front bumper only.

maintreqd | 16 juli 2018

@feedpaula $1790 seems high for ceramic. I'm paying a grand less for full ceramic (though I am getting a bit of a discount I believe because I'm also doing a full Xpel Ultimate Plus wrap).

Total for the full car wrap is $4750 which feels fair given what was stated above about there being more glass than a normal sedan and thus less surface area to wrap.

maintreqd | 16 juli 2018

I'm also curious if anyone has given thought to doing ceramic on the INTERIOR of their Model 3? My wrap shop mentioned it as an option ($400 additional) and the more I think about it, the more I feel like it probably makes a lot of sense to do. Should make cleaning up any spills or getting dirt, etc. off door panels a snap.

They said they'd do the tires for $200 total, too--I'm not sure what the point of this would be, however? Any thoughts?

fernfern33 | 16 juli 2018

I'm picking up my car today from the detailer. I opted to get the entire car wrapped. The black is so soft that I chipped the paint on the rear passenger door by hitting my watch on it!

Xpel Ultimate + Ceramic Coating = $5,500

They even included clear wrapping the center console free of charge.

StickerCity in San Fernando Valley

landoncube | 16 juli 2018

To each his own. I plan on only doing the half hood in 3M clear bra. It has served me amazingly well for over 15 years on my Z roadster. I do need to confirm that the hood is steel or aluminum. I don’t do the front bumper, as the plastic structure allows stones to bounce a bit and I have very few paint chips on the bumper.
The window tint posted in other threads sure looks good, and I’d like to do that for appearance purposes. I’ve read anecdotal testing that indicates that the ceramic has little or no effect on interior temperature. Plus, the automated interior cooling should take the edge off of the heat.

maintreqd | 16 juli 2018

@arciniega.jerardo i'm curious to hear how you like the screen once you get it back. I wasn't sure if clear wrapping would affect touchpoint accuracy or recognition, etc. Hoping it's smooth sailing for you though! Let us know.

@landoncube I know what you're saying. I think for some folks (like me) who won't have a garage or even a driveway to safely park in, it's peace of mind. My parking situation will be almost entirely street parking, and people are monsters when it comes to bumper bumps and even door dings in parking lots, etc.

I'm also planning on covering the car when not in use. Evannex just put out a really nice car cover that's cheaper than Tesla's and also doesn't scream TESLA (it's just silver, no branding).

Mathew98 | 16 juli 2018

Why would one shell out 10% of the purchase price for a full wrap? A new coat of paint from a Tesla approved body would cost less than $5K for the M3.

It's sufficient to wrap the front bumper and full hood for rock chip protections. Paying more than a grand for any coating is a bit much. There seems to be a fair amount of support for ceramic coating and Opticoat Pro.

I had OCP 2 applied to my MS 5 years ago for less than a grand and she still looks brand new.

BTW, I wrapped the bumper and full hood myself and the material cost was less than $400. YMMV.

landoncube | 16 juli 2018

@maintreqd Your outdoor situation makes the protection critically important. Thanks for the tip on the car cover. I cover my summer cars when they’re stored inside during the winter, and I’ve always gone with good quality, but generic fit to save money.

@arciniega.jerardo thanks for the sticker city referral. I checked out their website. I’m really tempted to enhance my obsidian black metallic with a chrome delete. Am I wrong to think that the chrome delete vinyl would peel off in a short timeframe?

landoncube | 16 juli 2018

@Mathew98 I certainly agree at the logic of keeping the protection at a pretty low percentage of the cost of the paint redo.
Great picture of your model S. Is that wheel protection that I see?

Mathew98 | 16 juli 2018

Those are plastic rim protectors from Amazon. It was another DIY project to prevent curb rashes for less than $100.

maintreqd | 16 juli 2018

@ Mathew98 | July 16, 2018

Why would one shell out 10% of the purchase price for a full wrap? A new coat of paint from a Tesla approved body would cost less than $5K for the M3.


Had a similar conversation with someone on facebook. Basically, it's not just about money. The time it takes to repaint a car is significantly longer than the time it takes to replace a section of damaged wrap (which in many cases will prevent damage to the body/paint beneath it). Also, paint touch up jobs are often riddled with color mismatching issues.

So it's not just about money in my eyes. It's also about time and convenience and paint protection in general, not to be too on the nose. It can also be argued that one's time and convenience has a quantifiable cost, as well.

And again, your statement that front protection only is sufficient assumes there is no threat to doors and bumpers, which is just not the case when street parking all of the time versus parking in a garage or driveway most of the time.

wiboater4 | 16 juli 2018

So how much is an average price for just the Ceramic?

maintreqd | 16 juli 2018

@landoncube Evannex sells this as a kit as well for around $100. They're reselling it from another company, though, so you may be able to find it cheaper like on amazon as @Mathew98 mentioned.

@wiboater4 probably about a grand for full ceramic, maybe a bit more?

Mathew98 | 16 juli 2018

Wraps do not protect against door dings much. It's pretty good in hiding small dings but you will still see the indentations. Wraps are great for protection against small rock chips and light scratches.

I have seen large rock chips that penetrated through the clear wraps while small debris only left light scuff marks behind.

Daniel S | 16 juli 2018

Is there a noticeable visual difference between only wrapping the front ?

Mathew98 | 16 juli 2018

@Daniel S - Could you tell the difference between my front bumper wrap vs the other two that didn't have side by side? My front side fenders were not wrapped either.

maintreqd | 16 juli 2018

@Mathew98 interesting. I've heard the opposite regarding door dings--that the film makes it appear as though there is damage, but upon film removal, the body and paint of the car beneath was found to be unharmed. New wrap applied to that section, and all was good as new. I've heard this from several sources now. Have you personally had an experience that conflicts with these findings, or just more hearsay? I will acquiesce here as I do not have personal experience, it's all just been hearsay, but consistently stated nonetheless.

sroh | 16 juli 2018

Bay area:

$1,500 for Suntek Ultra ppf. Front bumper, headlights, full hood, full front fenders, side-view mirrors, door edges and top of rear bumper (protection against scratches when loading/unloading from trunk).

Ceramic coating: DIY Carpro Cquartz UK 3.0: $50

Mathew98 | 16 juli 2018

I've had clear wraps on the bottom sections of other vehicles. It's just anecdotal evidence. So take it for what it's worth.

If other drivers were willing to swing their doors wide open at your car without hesitations, they won't do so gently. A layer of wrap would not be able to absorb that kind of impact. The wrap may absorb a gentle ding or two. But who would be so bone headed to be mindful enough to avoid your car just to nick you a tiny bit?

I have sat in my vehicle while an Uber drivers double parked his car and dinged mine. (He had to pay for it...) I have seen dings after returning from picking out take outs. A van side swiped my parked car in broad daylight and a good Samaritan jogged his license plate # on my windshield. Although these all happened years ago, I am quite mindful of where I park my cars now.

I live in this concrete jungle in NYC so I've been exposed to the privilege of parking on the streets. I wonder how many cabbies, cyclists, and carts towing recycling bottles that any wrap can endure.

I'm all for full wraps if they get you a peace of mind. I would settle for the front bumper and full hood as these are the best value for the money.

matt80206 | 16 juli 2018

All my quotes for wraps have been from 1.6k to 2.5k and about 2 days work.... that's in CO. (3M and Avery)

maintreqd | 16 juli 2018

@ Mathew98 | July 16, 2018
If other drivers were willing to swing their doors wide open at your car without hesitations, they won't do so gently. A layer of wrap would not be able to absorb that kind of impact. The wrap may absorb a gentle ding or two. But who would be so bone headed to be mindful enough to avoid your car just to nick you a tiny bit?


There's a lot of assuming going on here. I don't believe people do this kind of thing on purpose, that'd be seriously malicious and without any benefit to them. I do think this sort of thing happens by accident in close quarters, however. This is the type of thing I'm envisioning the PPF helping with, and that's what I'm commenting on here.

Nothing will protect your car if someone decides they want to take a hammer to the windshield, either. I was never trying to state this was the case.

steven.saenz | 16 juli 2018

$5,500 Full Stealth Wrap (Matte Finish) + Free Fenlab coating (ceramic coating - 1 application that last 3 years).
Center console for free. At Clear Bra North Dallas in Texas.

I plan on getting it done as soon as I take delivery.

aus1ander | 16 juli 2018

My wife's car has a clear wrap on the bumpers and hood and she still has scratches and rock chips through the wrap. I personally think wrapping cars and spending tons of money on ceramic coatings is pointless. Your car will age and gather wear and tear no matter how much money you spend protecting it.

I plan on spending $0 on any protection schemes for the M3 (which will be primarily for my wife). I didn't bother on any protective coatings of my other cars, which were as or more expensive than the M3 we ordered. Door dings and scratches happen, it doesn't make cars any less fun to drive. Take that $5000 and put it into something that appreciates over time, and you can spend the profits on something a lot more productive!

tslaM3 | 16 juli 2018

@Daniel S

Averaging $5k is about right. I'm in Long Island. I've met a guy (from Long Island too) over at and he has done some researches in Brooklyn/Queens and Long Island. Try DM him there (username: Asad1087). He's friendly and helpful.

My M3 is still waiting for some paint fixes. I'm undecided on a wrap. Personally I do recommend rim protection if you have not done it. Both our M3s have curb rashes already.

pierpont | 16 juli 2018

i got the spot in Atlanta, but it's a secret! ha. Full PPF wrap, chrome delete and window tint. also getting a carbon fiber wrap done on that wood and super glossy interior cubby. i'll post pictures next week and tell you where it was done.

Daniel S | 17 juli 2018


Thanks for letting me know I will do just that.

For the rim protection do you mean the rubber band that goes around the wheel ? Does it even help ?

edroot | 17 juli 2018

Here is a Blog from Wichita Clear Bra where I had my car done. The pictures are from a white car but my deep blue was done the same. Only difference was I opted for the 2 year ceramic pro vs the 5 year. $2700 total for the full front clear bra, ceramic coating including windshield and front side windows and window film (nothing front or rear).

Lots of detail pictures of the whole process.

Revelate | 17 juli 2018

Many thanks for the link with the pictures @edroot !

tony0614 | 31 oktober 2018

Looking for a Long Island NY recommendation for just a great ceramic coating. Want to make sure I use the right company and right product.
Any recommendations?

doctorsmile | 31 oktober 2018

any good deals/recommendations in AZ?

MusicalChef | 31 oktober 2018

Where did you get the work done in Atlanta, and how much did it run you?

calvin940 | 31 oktober 2018

Mine done last week ish but I am in Canada, but below is my US equivalents

Full Complete Front Xpel: $1600US
Side Rocker Panels Xpel: $380US
Full Body Ceramic Pro (5year): $900US

jbarabad | 1 november 2018

Xpel on bumper/headlights/full hood: $1800
3yr ceramic coat: $729+99(for coating of rims)

Northern Cali Bay Area.

dsvick | 1 november 2018

Northeast Ohio
Half hood PPF - $1,100
Full ceramic coat (including the interior, rims, and windshield) - $1,100
tint all the windows except the windshield (full piece rear) - $276

tony0614 | 3 november 2018

Had a ceramic coat added yesterday in Medford LI NY. Picked it up an night so hard to assess yet but think it will look great.
Still deciding on PPH for front end only. Any opinions here? Ceramic was $1100 and quote for PPH is $850.

ODWms | 3 november 2018

I did SunTek PPF on the front (1/2 hood and fenders, full bumper, headlights and mirrors), and ceramic coating for the rest of the car. Less than $2000 in Tampa. I was quoted between $6 - 7k for whole car PPF.

HollywoodFLM3 | 3 november 2018

I have my MSM Performance wrapped in Xpel Stealth down here in South FL. The wrap with chrome delete, Geyon ceramic coating + Geyon Hydrophobic coating, and Xpel ceramic tint on all windows was about $6,200 total at Miami Autospa here in South FL. The car looks amazing. I did it partly for the protection, but mostly for the color change. Just this week there was another model 3 owner taking pictures of it in the mall parking lot and asking me about it. The Tesla service guys also raved about it. Even my wife who is impressed by almost nothing when it comes to cars, said "that looks cool". So far I have seen a stealth white and stealth blue M3 and though I don't think those colors with the Xpel stealth stand out as much as the MSM color, they also make the car look interesting and unique. The satin finish from the Xpel stealth seems to add a modern, futuristic look. Keep in mind that dirty edges of the wrap on the white M3 might be more noticeable than darker colors.

So, for the aesthetics it was worth it for me. The ceramic + hydrophobic coating on top of the wrap provides a slick surface that makes washing it easier. Would I spend $6,200 again? Yes, but only if it enhanced the look of the car. That is a pile of money to only get the same look. If I did a clear protective wrap I would just do the front of the car to protect the paint and headlights from chips and dulling.

Here are some tips if you decide to spend the money.

1. Make it very clear that you will not accept any defects in the wrap. That includes any defects in the wrap due to paint imperfections. Ask the shop to first do a paint correction and show you any panels with paint defects that can't be corrected BEFORE they apply the wrap. That way the shop can't get a piece of sand in the wrap and blame the bump on the factory paint or clear coat defects. The wrap material is not cheap, so they won't be excited about replacing it.

2. Go to a shop that can prove that they have done several dozen model 3s atleast. You don't want the installers to work out the kinks while working on YOUR car.

3. Make sure that the shop has a clean, air conditioned and enclosed work space. If they are wrapping cars in an open garage with no air filtering and the wind blowing dirt and dust in, your wrap is going to have some dust, dirt and sand under it. Miami Autospa did a great job, but they had to wrap the hood of my car 3x due to installation issues. They finally got it perfect on the 3rd attempt. I found some dirt specs on a few of the other panels, but there is only one dirt spec in a noticeable location so I let it slide. If I wrapped the car again I would ask for a statement in writing that requires a full rewrap of any panel on the car that has dirt specs that can be seen from a certain distance or that are in a noticeable location, like the middle of the hood. One dirt spec in an inconspicuous location is not something to raise hell over in my opinion.

4. Don't expect 100% perfect. Expect more like 98%. I put a sunpass toll sticker on my car windshield and somehow got a spec of dirt in it a couple seconds after peeling off the backing and it is a 3" wide piece of material! So, imagine what the wrap installers are dealing with.

HollywoodFLM3 | 3 november 2018

I should mention that the real price for the package would have been $6,600 with a credit card, but I paid with a check.

HollywoodFLM3 | 3 november 2018

Oh...I forgot to mention. A couple weeks after getting the wrap I dropped the heavy Tesla charger connector on my car and it left a 3 inch long, .25" wide mark on the front bumper. I panicked for a second, then grabbed a heat gun and magically made it disappear. Xpel is incredible stuff.

bfenster | 3 november 2018

Have to put in a plug here for the simple DIY - although not great against rock chips, I'm incredibly impressed sofar

My ~$200 shopping list:
Chemical Guys Optical Grade Final Polish (4 oz) $10
Goplus Random Orbital Polisher $80
CarPro Eraser $15
CarPro CQuartz UK 3.0 30ml Kit $60 (enough for 2 coats)
Chemical Guys Professional Grade Microfiber Towel $15
(optional for new car): Chemical Guys clay bar and lubricant $20

30min of youtube learning how to properly polish/prep and apply CQuartz
4hrs of time actually doing everything. I started on a Saturday morning and was done before noon

Deep shine when you use multiple coats (I have obsidian black). Good for a couple years and crazy hydrophobic - mistakenly parked under a tree full of birds with gastrointestinal issues. Crap was all over the windows and literally slid right off the paint leaving no mark

Newstvguy | 6 november 2018

I realize no car is immune to rock chips. However, anyone surprised Tesla doesn’t use a more durable paint?

AmyCarLover | 6 november 2018

My 3 is in the shop getting the windows tinted, chrome delete, ceramic coating and a clear bra put on the front. Total around $2600- in Pittsburgh. Can’t wait to see it next week!

sroh | 6 november 2018

+1 to dfenster. CQuartz UK 3.0 is a great product. It repels water, dirt and dust and makes washing the car so, so easy. We have one car with CQuartz and one with a traditional sealant and wax. While the sealant and wax looks marginally better, CQuartz is an easy winner for ease of maintenance.

morebooneplease | 6 november 2018

@daniel s
I have had a clear bra installed on a previous car by Tintmax in Flushing. Best prices I have seen and excellent install quality.

TeslainME | 6 november 2018

I am in Maine and received a quote for Ceramic Pro at $900. He has done a few Tesla's and they look great.

rangeoflight | 20 januari 2020

Looking for clear bra for my 3. Have it on my Subaru and it works amazingly well for rash, parking scrapes, etc. Had a redneck drive over my rear bumper and the chevron marks lasted for a month then went away. Same with various parking scrapes. Pretty miraculous stuff.

RayNLA | 20 januari 2020

Not ok with called people derogatory names.