How do I prevent discharge of my Powerwall?

How do I prevent discharge of my Powerwall?

I have a solar array and a Powerwall 2. I typically run on my PW 2 on Self-Powered mode with a low cutoff of 25%. Yesterday a heat wave was in progress and I wanted to switch to the Backup-
Only mode to preserve the charge which was then about 45%. Why? In case of a grid outage, (which in fact happened later). Using the app I switched to backup mode but the PW continued to discharge. I couldn't stop it discharging. It was late afternoon and the solar array was still producing power.

What am I missing? How do I stop the PW from discharging in real time? How do I switch from Self-Powered to Backup-Only in real time?


cwied | 26 juli 2018

Changes through the app are applied once an hour. If you want to change more quickly than that, you can use the setup Wizard that's accessible through the local interface, but you need to know the Powerwall's local IP address in order to do this. You also need to make sure not to change anything except for the operation mode or you could mess up your system.