The Mirrors and being assulted

The Mirrors and being assulted

I'm a fiction writer so I tend to exaggerate, but my Model X (Angel) attacked me in a parking lot. As I approached, with Angel parked very close to another vehicle, she struck me in the stomach with her side mirror. She couldn't say she was sorry, but I knew she was. I've had auto-parking mirrors for many years with my previous Acuras and Lexus vehicles so I know how they could work. In those cars, the mirrors also park when the car is locked--that way I know it's locked. However, they don't extend until I'm in the car and the vehicle is positioning the seats. THAT's when it makes sense--not when I'm approaching the car in a tight space. At home in the garage (which again, is very tight), I have to remember to manually park the mirrors for two reasons. First, so I can squeeze between the shelves (my wife says they have to stay) and the car and because Angel gets excited as I walk by. That is, when she sees the keyfob, even if I'm still in the house and walking nearby, she extends the mirrors, flashes her lights, and gets ready for me to come out and play with her.

What I would like to see in a future update is the ability to set the mirror park state in the driver profile. That way, if the Easy Entry profile has the mirrors stowed, they would stow when that profile is activated. As the driver profile is executed, the steering wheel extends, and the seats reposition, the mirrors would also extend. It sounds like an easy fix.

I love Angel and she takes good care of me, but the bruise on my tummy is a reminder to stay away from her mirrors.

I thought about having the mirrors retract as I entered the driveway, but I use the driver-side mirror as a gage to see how close I am to fitting into my narrow garage door.

Thanks for listening.

lilbean | 8 augusti 2018

Mine attacked me in my garage. :)

Triggerplz | 8 augusti 2018

Put the fob in a small $19.00 faraday bag from Amazon and it will block the signal

jjgunn | 8 augusti 2018

Ding ding ding!! Nailed it @Triggerplz

Triggerplz | 8 augusti 2018


billva | 8 augusti 2018

Sigh. Not elegant, but possibly my only solution, but this means I have to dig out my fob each time I want to unlock the car. Not cool. What I can also do is pull out the fob and re-lock the car to make room again, step inside the mirrors and unlock it.

mathwhiz | 8 augusti 2018

@billva ... I assume you meant to title your thread, "The Mirrors are assaulting me" (incl sp corrections)...

Or maybe, "The mirrors are being assaultive"?


mathwhiz | 8 augusti 2018

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ratchet | 8 augusti 2018

My side mirrors respond differently. They automatically fold in when the car locks and automatically unfold when the car unlocks (as expected based on proximity of the fob). However, when I park in the garage, I manually fold the mirrors before driving in due to the tight spacing around the garage door. The mirrors stay folded when the car auto-locks and also stay folded when the car auto-unlocks. I manually unfold them after I drive out of the garage. This is also expected in that the car remembers whether the mirrors were manually or automatically folded when the vehicle was last locked and will respond in a similar manner when it is unlocked.

colorczar | 10 augusti 2018

I’ve also found that if the mirrors are manually retracted using the dedicated button (driver’s armrest) prior to exiting the vehicle, they remain retracted upon approaching, unlocking, starting the vehicle & driving away (up to 30 mph).
This works wonderfully for my use-case in a tight garage.