1000 miles in - found a new favorite feature

1000 miles in - found a new favorite feature

Love our Model 3!
Took 'the quiet one' out for a mini weekend on the coast to attend an event up in the Santa Cruz mountains. Long winding, sometimes single track road in the redwoods. 30 minutes of twists and turns. So fun! Returned to our accommodations late at night and discovered the adaptive high-beams worked so very well. We don't usually drive in such remote areas, so had forgotten we even had them, and at night it made our trip so easy. They clicked on and off very quickly as cars approached. Something we simple humans wouldn't have been able to do.
Thank you, Tesla for another reason to love this car.
PUP Aero

Kathy Applebaum | 13 augusti 2018

Glad you're enjoying the car! And of course, you have the best color. But I may be biased. ;-)

ebmcs03 | 13 augusti 2018

Too bad the model 3 doesn’t have adaptive swiveling headlights. I prefer those more for normal city use.

BostonPilot | 14 augusti 2018

I had the swiveling headlights on a Ford Focus RS and they were really great. A lot of modern cars have mediocre headlights, but the swiveling feature really helped when making a sharp turn at night... I wish all cars had them.

jjgunn | 14 augusti 2018

Terrible - Where's the Paint issues? The NO AC issues? The panel fit issues? The 12v battery dying issue?

These positive posts drive me crazy

ebmcs03 | 14 augusti 2018

My post was negative. Model 3 doesn’t have adaptive swiveling headlights. LoL

displacement | 14 augusti 2018

The OP did mention that the car was 'the quiet one', maybe we can infer that it was 'too quiet' ;)

JFleischood | 14 augusti 2018

Any word if Tesla is planning on changing the console material moving forward? Considering nearly no one likes the current iteration?