Powerwall 2 1.22.1 firmware update

Powerwall 2 1.22.1 firmware update

Received the 1.22.1 update yesterday and the unit went dark on me. No local TEG network, no LTE, no WiFi into my router. I eventually RESET the unit and the TEG network showed. I was able to re-establish LTE and WiFi.

This morning I lost WiFi and my iOS app was getting 'unknown errors' (their words on the app). I connected to the TEG network but didn't resolve so had to RESET the unit again. When it restarted, all came back live and I'm live once again - no errors and web portal access on my PC through the WiFi.

I'm concerned this will become a constant error for this release. Additionally, I have never been able to get to the web portal via https://TEG-xxx - only the actual IP address gets access.

Finally, I don't have any information what 1.22.1 fixes over 1.21.0. I'd like to return to that release that worked for me for some time but I don't know if they resolved some other big bugs.

Anyone can give me some ideas here or information as to what 1.22.1 is supposed to fix / improve?

cirodellacorte | 27 september 2018

Same issue for me. Android app works fine but there's no way to reach https://TEG-xxx :(

Tesla-David | 27 september 2018

I just received 1.23.0. update and am not having any issues. Also had no issues with 1.22.1