Credit card Update - Tesla Account

Credit card Update - Tesla Account

I've been trying to update my credit card all day so that I can pay for my Supercharger stops with my preferred card. Even after the webpage says 'credit card has been saved', the old card stays as the primary method of payment. Can't even add a new card as secondary source of payment. Anyone else having the same issue?

afcop2 | 27 augusti 2018

maybe you have to call Tesla 800 number?

lcoop96 | 27 augusti 2018

Maybe click on remove, log out. When you log in, nothing should be there?

nobachot | 6 september 2018

I experienced exactly the same issue as yours, I just tried to email the support, will see if someone responds tomorrow.

PT423 | 7 september 2018

Tried updating card. Ended up removing previous card and adding updated card.

Trekman | 9 september 2018

@PT423 - I ended up having to do the same thing. All works now.

HAYSAMY | 2 oktober 2018

Having the same problem. Remove and update ( no add option ) and still show the old card info.

Tesla Linda | 26 oktober 2018

I can't even see my credit card information since I took delivery, so I am unable to find where to change the credit card information for charging. Can anyone point me in the right direction.

jeff.vierling | 3 november 2018

I have the same problem. Has anyone resolved this? I tried calling the support number, but no answer after 3 hours on hold.

kevin_rf | 4 november 2018

Yeah, Tesla was unhappy with my supercharging. Finally figured out it still showed the card I made my day one reservation with in 2016. Updating the card fixed everything. Very confusing interface on Tesla's part.

dangregparker | 5 november 2018

I'm still having this problem. Have tried multiple computers, and every combination of edit or delete possible

Has anyone got this to work?


Nakid | 5 november 2018

@HAYSAMY, same here.

DiegoMartinQuiros | 26 maj 2019

I just removed my old card and added a new card, but my account says no credit card on file. I'm freaking out because I HAVE to super charge in an hour.

cjboyce | 26 maj 2019

We have the same problem... on a road trip. No way to contact a person at Tesla.

jjgunn | 26 maj 2019

SuperCharging should still be allowed. It should just add up on your account.

cjboyce | 28 maj 2019

Yep, added up until today when, for whatever reason, card stayed in account. Had tried the same thing probably 10 times on various phones, computers, on the car etc. Oh well. All’s well that ends well I guess.

alexjackson.001 | 1 juli 2019

When attempting to add or update card information I found it better to use my phone rather than a computer. I logged into my account using my iPhone's browser (NOT the App) and went to "Account" where I finally saw the "Payments" option on the bottom and updated my card info there. For some reason, the web browser on the computer would not show this option. I hope this helps others who had this problem.

M3BlueGeorgia | 1 juli 2019

You have to add a new card.

Then make the new card the primary.

Then give it a few days/weeks and delete the old card.

Note: There are advantages to have a primary and secondary card on file, so consider that.

suzer831 | 9 mars 2020

i change cc number. It updated for charging but not the $9.99 for music/streaming service. Suggestions?

twobikes | 22 maj 2020

All this time and posts but the problem is still there. It is just not that hard. C’mon

fazman | 23 maj 2020

You do realize this is Tesla? If its a big/complex problem it gets solved. If its a tiny detail, that they feel “Eh its still working kinda”... then it gets no attention until it becomes a squeaking wheel (twitter mass public, negative attention).

So yea... i fee your pain but its par for the course to have the privilege to drive Elon’s dream.

RichardTitus | 24 juni 2020

I literally just had this happen too. why don't they have a simple mechanism to update the CC for all of their services?

EVRider | 24 juni 2020

@RichardTitus: I think that’s how it works now. When I updated my credit card in my Tesla account recently, the new card was used for Premium Connectivity fees.