100,00 th car party ??

100,00 th car party ??

Hi Guys,

Do you think the factory will have some sort of celebration for the 100,000th M3 off the line ? Or, has it already happened ???

Bob in Seattle

supervelous | 15 september 2018

My Vin (delivery set for 9/22 in NY) is 101xxx so it definitely has happened....

KP in NPT | 15 september 2018

Not sure it's happened since VIN builds aren't sequential. But I hope they do a little something for the workers, yes. :)

jjgunn | 15 september 2018

VIN's aren't consecutive but yeah.... we'll find out more after September. End of Q3.

Madatgascar | 15 september 2018

But I’m just picking up VIN 55,xxx tomorrow and understand VIN does not correlate to production sequence. So maybe not.

slingshot18 | 15 september 2018

There was a report from the person that has 100,000.