Mice storing dog food in my hood

Mice storing dog food in my hood

I've heard of people having mice in the frunk but here's a new twist. I opened the hood last night and heard a noise in the hood like a rain stick. It was kibble dog food, in between the inner and outer skins of the hood, apparently placed there by industrious mice. I dont know how I'm going to get it out since there is only one small hole into the cavity where the rodent winter stores are located.

tes-s | 15 september 2018

Send the dog in after it.

Bighorn | 15 september 2018

Winter's coming--it'll be gone by spring.

trevorrichards4 | 15 september 2018

Had rats get in my garage & eat washer bottles out of my S & 3. Put glue traps under car with penut butter & mothballs in garage if u park inside. Move any dog food inside if it’s yours.

carlk | 15 september 2018

Put some peppermint oil in the frunk/trunk. Mice don't like it. At least your car will smell good.

hammer @OR-US | 15 september 2018

I spent all afternoon playing dog kibble Pachinko. Run the car down the driveway and brake hard to move the kibble to the front of the hood, open hood with shop-vac over the hole in the underside of the hood and catch the kibble running down. Repeat 50 times and got about 150 pieces out. Still a few pieces left but my odds of catching it were declining to close to zero as more came out.

Set out glue traps and retrained wife on how to feed the dog. Building this tomorrow.

tes-s | 15 september 2018

"Retrained wife"?? Good luck to you buddy.

NKYTA | 15 september 2018


Good luck @hammer!

sentabo | 15 september 2018

That is awesome, hammer. Let us know if it works. Better yet, a video of the mouse "walking the plank" would be pretty cool to see. Good luck to you!

kerryglittle | 16 september 2018

Trade the dog in on a cat? LOL. Seriously that would get me upset. Mice can do incredible damage to a car, and with all the wiring in a Tesla I shudder at the thought.

Anthony J. Parisio | 16 september 2018

I had the AC fail because of rodents eating the compressor wire. Fortunately it was an easy fix. However they also ate the windshield wiper blades and chewed some paint on the corner of the hood. Now I use moth balls under the hood. So far so good.

thranx | 16 september 2018

When we first moved to our home 38 years ago, we knew nothing about pack rats.
They rent to mice.

kerryglittle | 16 september 2018

I know of a guy who stored his classic GTO in a barn for winter. He sure regrets that. Mice nested in his carburetor and got into his interior and demolished the seats and what ever else they feasted on.

DonS | 21 september 2018

Rat and mice traps are a must near parked vehicles. After one episode, I mounted a poison holder against the firewall. I've had two (non-Tesla) vehicles with minor damage, and know of several others that required significant repair. Rodents could even potentially start a fire.

seer | 22 september 2018

My Mercedes S600 was severely damaged by wood rats (or squirrels) in Silicon Valley. They managed to eat a special many-conductor cable that is the car's spinal cord. This cable had not previously been harmed in Daimler history and the factory had to have its supplier company create a special one-off for me.It was almost six months before the car could be driven. (I rarely get sympathy for this but it was a major problem.) Take it from me, DO NOT LET RODENTS REMAIN NEAR A CAR.
P.S. S600 just replaced with new Model S100D.

hammer @OR-US | 31 mars 2019

Bighorn is right again. I couldn't quite get all the kibble out last fall but I just opened the frunk for the first time in a long time and all the kibble is gone, no more rain stick.

rxlawdude | 31 mars 2019

So @hammer, with @big's advice won't quibble,
the mice have dispatched the kibble,
by taking one piece at a time as a nibble.

(And geez, my second use of "quibble" today!)

reed_lewis | 1 april 2019

I had mice that built a nest in one of my older cars years ago. It completely blocked the heating ducts. As @Bighorn accurately says, it happens in the winter when animals want warmth.

My mother also had bird seed in a closed plastic container that mice gnawed through to gain access to the bird seed.

Animals are very industrious. | 1 april 2019

A minute ago while reading this thread a huge 30 lb rat walked by my window. Ok, more likely a possum :) Hadn't seen one here in 20+ years. Definialty don't want one in my car!

reed_lewis | 1 april 2019

Wow, perhaps he was scoping out your car for next fall?

Luckily the Tesla has an air filter on the air intake so it is more difficult for mice, etc. to build a nest in the air intake.