Window shattered- spontaneously?

Window shattered- spontaneously?

Anyone experience or heard of passenger window(s) shattering without provocation? We experienced this today on the freeway and didn’t find a rock or other object that could’ve done this to rear passenger window. Minimal body paint damage from the shards of glass spraying the rear panel. Most of glass fell into the cabin preceded by a loud bang. No bridges in sight.

bishoppeak | 24 september 2018

Happened to my folks on a hot day when my mom had the A/C vent pointed at the glass to avoid the draft

PrescottRichard | 24 september 2018

This happens on other vehicles, so sure it could be spontaneous. | 25 september 2018

Yep - happened in our 10 year old Mazda (long gone). As I understand it to make tempered glass the glass is actually put under stress so when it breaks, it breaks into tiny pieces. If there is a minor imperfection or tiny chip on one side, heat or vibration changes over time can be enough to cause the Window to shatter. Luckily a rare occurrence.

NOLEK SUM | 26 september 2018

Happened to the rear quarter light in my wife's Highlander. 110* day, as I recall. Exploded while sitting n the garage.