Twitter just cost us someone a job

Twitter just cost us someone a job

That's why I don't have a Twitter account
That's why I don't have a Facebook account

when you didn't sleep more than 3 hours a night for 3 months, you just end up calling trolls pedos and being honest with everyone by tweeting your company financial plans.

Stay away from social medias, it's a sueing machine.

plr75 | 29 september 2018

So its Twitters fault? hahaha. He could have said the exact same things at an event or in an interview and most likely would have had the same outcome. Oh and ranting about someone else's misuse of social media while on a forum (a form of social media) is pretty pointless. Try following your own advice.

dmm1240 | 29 september 2018

I've seen dozens of people escorted out of a major corporation for verbiage they put in emails. Twitter wasn't around then, but it sure is now and causes like damage. So do Facebook pages. Social media is junk.

babyjocko | 29 september 2018

Huh? Wow, you people really do believe Elon is GOD. Twitter did not write Elon's tweet(s) that got him trouble. Yet, "Social media" is junk because people have gotten fired over their own writings?

Here's a novel idea: How about not using social media to write something you'll regret. If you really don't have the self control to do that, you are no more intelligent than a monkey.

lilbean | 29 september 2018

And it also contributes to divorce.

greg | 30 september 2018


"Here's a novel idea: How about not using social media to write something you'll regret. If you really don't have the self control to do that, you are no more intelligent than a monkey."

And let me guess, you don't see yourself and your blatherings [which they are] around here as also being in that part of the Venn diagram?

The same are which you so clearly put all these folks into?

The part that is generally called "the problem" set?

Cars didn't used to have seat belts or airbags and Guns didn't used to have safety catches either.

But somewhere along the way it was decided that to protect "the monkeys" from doing bad or stupid things, they'd mandate them.

So do you also believe that everyone should have at all times complete and full self control so that they do not for instance accidentally shoot the wrong people [or themselves, or both] and should not ever accidentally crash their cars into things or other cars or say things you shouldn't have?

Even if you do, the rest of the society doesn't. So you're in a minority of one.

FactDoc | 30 september 2018

Any human can be impulsive,
it's exacerbated by sleep deprivation.
The difference with Twitter, is that you wake up on a peculiar morning when you had a shitty day before, you're strained and you open your smartphone, write 144
characters and you just influenced the transition to world sustainable energy for the next 3 years, just like that.

SUN 2 DRV | 30 september 2018

It's not Twitter's fault. But Twitter and all social media make it very easy to expose both private thoughts and dirty laundry. Social media collects a lot of irrelevant noise and it best taken in very low doses.

SUN 2 DRV | 30 september 2018

EVolution +1

Boom, way too easy to slip up and create huge unintended consequences. It's almost hard to imagine the SEC considers Twitter an authoritative communication medium. I consider it not much more than writing something in the sand... everyone at the beach can see it but it doesn't mean much...

NoMoPetrol | 1 oktober 2018

@ SUN 2 DRV "...hard to imagine the SEC considers Twitter an authoritative communication medium..."

That medium got our current president elected.

Rocky_H | 2 oktober 2018

@SUN 2 DRV, Quote: " It's almost hard to imagine the SEC considers Twitter an authoritative communication medium."

Well, let's be clear on that. The SEC doesn't automatically consider it authoritative. But a clarification on this issue was requested by Novell about 15-20 years ago about whether they could use internet things like blogs, etc. as official company disclosure sources if they designated them as such, and the SEC issued a ruling that they could. So Tesla, in a quarterly filing back in 2013, specifically designated Musk's Twitter feed as one of their official disclosure sources. So since they did that, they probably should have taken that more seriously and been more careful with it.

mattykolej | 10 oktober 2018

I have the same approach. And losing a job these days is really a bod thing. Even though there are websites like , it's still not so easy to find a job that you'll be satisfied by. And I am talking not only about salary, about the job in general.

carlgo2 | 10 oktober 2018

Social media should be pay-by-word. Yes, only rich people would tweet much, but on the other hand far fewer people would read what they write. That would be a good thing.

carlk | 10 oktober 2018

You can tweet all you want but no one cares what you said if you don't have millions of followers,

Yodrak. | 17 december 2018

"way too easy to slip up and create huge unintended consequences."

Especially if you're the President of the United States.

blue adept | 17 december 2018

In regards to individual behavior, we're all meant to be grown, mature adults capable of handling ourselves responsibly and self-moderating.

In regards to group behavior, it is fundamentally idiotic to expect platforms that employ the use of popularity or quantity metrics to determine front page content such as Twitter, Instagram, or even Google, to moderate/police human behavior.

Either way, blame the human(s) and not the service/media platform(s).

blue adept | 17 december 2018


Figuratively speaking Twitter is a war zone and, like any war zone, one should approach commentary from a strategic point of view in a manner that promotes favorable, supportive and honest input for both you and those you're responsible for best interests.

smitthcrystal | 20 december 2018

Social media will always be evil for us as for me, it is easy now to say something stupid, but when you are not smart enough and you say it with your friend - there are no opportunities that this will go far than your friendly circle, but when you say it in social media... Well, if you aren't smart - just don't make a twitter, dude. This is a personal opinion of a web developer on the And it is necessary to conduct tests for professional suitability on the posts from Twitter. Then you will better understand whether an adequate person or not. Joke. Or not.

Tiffany_Mi | 22 december 2018

I know this situation ... I also had to quit my job and I thought that I could not find a better one, since there was both income and development. But still, I was convinced that whatever happened in life is all for the better. Now I am a freelancer (I work on the Internet for ) and I am very pleased!

Yodrak. | 22 december 2018

flagged. Both of them.