US Bank End of Lease Fee on Car Under Mileage and the Poor Treatment

US Bank End of Lease Fee on Car Under Mileage and the Poor Treatment

I turned in my lease on my Model S (and subsequently bought another Tesla,) paid every payment on time, turned the car in 3000 miles UNDER the lease allotment, replaced the tires, and had zero scratches on it. US Bank has been harassing me about a $400 End of Lease charge that I have NEVER seen in a lease, and I've been leasing cars for over 20 years. $400 isn't the issue, hidden charges are. When you turn in your prior car, access to the lease documents comes out of the Tesla portal, so I've now asked three times to just read the agreement. The biggest issue is the harassing phone calls that I have received from US Bank. They have yelled at me as if I were a deadbeat thug. Let's be realistic, its a $100K car and I FULLY expect to be treated with at least a modicum of respect.

reed_lewis | 3 oktober 2018

The charge was probably listed in something you signed. Pretty much every leasing company charges an end of lease charge simply because they can.

ravisundaramam | 3 oktober 2018

Call USBank C suite officers. There must be a VP customer relations or someone. Call them, see if they have a twitter account and tweet there. Often they pay attention to tweets and facebook posts because they fear it might go viral or something.

EVRider | 3 oktober 2018

My US Bank lease agreement lists the end of lease disposition fee ($395) in item #4, Other Charges, right near the top of the lease agreement. Disposition fees are pretty common — my previous BMW leases had a $500 disposition fee, though they would waive it if you bought or leased another BMW.

@Chris: Are you saying that your lease agreement doesn’t show that fee? If the fee is there, you should update or delete your post.

Rocky_H | 3 oktober 2018

@EVRider +1
Yes, it is just flat-out dishonest to say that it is "poor treatment" that they are asking you to pay what you legally voluntarily agreed to pay. You try to disparage US Bank by saying they are treating you like a "deadbeat", but you are trying to skip out on a bill you owe. What would you call that?

compchat | 5 oktober 2018

This leases are so complicated that no one can fully understand them (perhaps except for the people who authored them). It may qualify as an adhesion lease which is a contract that you can take or leave but cannot modify. US bank charged me the $395 and I paid all the payments on time, etc. I was somewhat shocked as to why Tesla would do business with crooks like US Bank; after all they made a lot of money charging interest on the loan to begin with.

Something now we can take into consideration when shopping for a lease/purchase. If I recall correctly Tesla initially had the paper and then sold it to US bank. Sound right ???

ktslab | 7 oktober 2018

The bank cannot charge you for something you did not agree to in the original lease agreement which you have signed.

That 400 bucks has to be the disposition fee. I had that disposition fee on every single car lease in the past, and we leased four so far.

400 bucks are not bad, MB Financial charges $595 disposition fee if you don't buy or lease another MB vehicle.

brando | 9 oktober 2018

Well earned nick name - banksters.

LA is puts tax dollars into banks and get paid interest - NOT.
Actually annual banking fees are up to $109 million. What could be done?

reed_lewis | 10 oktober 2018

Of course the OP has not returned. He probably missed the line on the agreement where it said that he had to pay the fee.

And as others have pointed out, if you purchase another of the same brand, they credit the fee to keep you coming back.