USB Ports

USB Ports

Has anyone tried to use a portable SSD drive in the Front USB ports? They are Fast, Big and powered by the USB port. Oh, they are physically small - and have capacities of 500GB to 2TB. Lots of music for those long rides...

Google ——> Samsung Portable SSD T5

rob | 19 oktober 2018

I have that same Samsung drive and was wondering this. My MX is on order, VIN just assigned this week. So I'm no help for a bit...

SteveMost | 25 oktober 2018

Just viewed a video by “i1Tesla” on YouTube about this. It looks like SSDs do work in the USB console ports. Also, owners are reporting that music and TeslaCam can coexist on the same drive if you partition it and use the first partition for TeslaCam and the 2nd for Music...

jpcollins9 | 25 oktober 2018

I'd like to know more about the ability to coexist between the web cam and my music. I've not found "1Tesla" on YouTube yet.

marqdow | 25 oktober 2018

jpg: see “i1tesla” don’t overlook the “i”. I found it!

bob | 25 oktober 2018

But the video only covers ssd vs hdd. Unless there’s another video covering multiple portion formatting that I missed?

SteveMost | 26 oktober 2018

@bob - you are correct, I’ll look for the source for the partition info...
I’ll try it today as well.

bob | 26 oktober 2018

sorry spell check. should have been 'partition' not portion.