Should I cancel my Long Range order and get the MidRange with enhanced Autopilot instead?

Should I cancel my Long Range order and get the MidRange with enhanced Autopilot instead?

Should I cancel my LongRange RWD order and get the MidRange RWD with enhanced Autopilot instead? I am worried that the MidRange might not be delivered by Dec 31 in Houston, TX. What would you do?

rbalakr | 19 oktober 2018

Should I cancel my LongRange RWD order and get the MidRange RWD with enhanced Autopilot instead? I am worried that the MidRange might not be delivered by Dec 31 in Houston, TX. What would you do?

CharleyBC | 19 oktober 2018

I'd get both LR and EAP. Oh wait--I did! But your question implies a budget limitation, and I'm sympathetic to that. Then I'd say it depends on your use patterns. How valuable is long range to you? Big road trips? It's nice for sure. And EAP can be purchased later (right?) when your bank account recovers from buying the car. You probably can't upgrade the battery later though. (Some doubt on that point--MR may be a software-limited LR battery, and if so, one could theoretically buy an upgrade to unlock the rest of the capacity.) If you don't anticipate needing the extra 50 miles--mostly commuting and visiting grandma a few towns away--then go with MR + EAP.

brian | 19 oktober 2018

If budget is a concern, and for you it's one or the other, then I'd suggest doing what *I* did. My option was similar... to downgrade to the Mid Range and add FSD. The trouble with that is, if that delays the order by even a week or two, you may not get it prior to 12/31. And since nobody knows if the EV credit will live AT ALL after Jan 1 at this point (because of Washington) then it's a HUGE risk. BEST CASE, you get very lucky, get your mid range in 2018 and still get $7500. MOST LIKELY you get the mid range in Jan through March, and get half the credit - so you'd save 4K on the battery, but lose 3750 on the rebate. (getting a lesser car for the same price) - WORST CASE, you lose the rebate entirely. For me, I'm staying where I am. I ordered RWD LR a week ago... with EAP but not FSD... and I'm "Expecting delivery Nov 2018"

hanswang1992 | 19 oktober 2018

Budget is always a hard question.

But as a business corporation, a company will never removed a configuration that's good deal to them. So my theory is... the deal for the LR RWD is too good to customer (too bad for the company) so they decided to remove that from the menu in order to boost up their margin.
I wouldn't say which is right which is wrong. (company needs money, and buyers we need good deal).

So I would say keep the LR RWD.
The EAP 5k(8k after purchase?) can wait.

noleaf4me | 19 oktober 2018

No guarantee the MR will be here before Dec. 31 - so you risk losing $3750 in tax credits if you do....

brian | 19 oktober 2018

I'm not sure I agree they were not making enough on it... but I think by removing the RWD option from LR allows them to have one line JUST doing dual motor and large battery... it's a streamlining maneuver I'm betting. LR packs over there... MR packs over here... and you guys over there just worry about putting 2 motors in every vehicle. Speeds up the line during this crucial window. AND it fills the pipeline with new options. I would guess right now that virtually none of the MR orders will be filled in 2018. Some probably... but not many... that's why the original promise of "any order by 10/15 gets in for 2018. So, anyone ordering MR for $4K less... also gets $3750 less in rebate - (unless Trump's team removes EV credit entirely)

rbalakr | 19 oktober 2018

Wow!! Thanks to everyone who replied. I was so confused and these replies really clears things up for me. Especially Mr. Hanswang1992 logic.

I had sent an order modification request, within half hour of elon's tweet. Maybe I acted in haste. My LR rwd is scheduled to be delivered this Thursday. Am not sure, what happens next.

Bighorn | 19 oktober 2018

EAP is 6k after purchase. If you can get away without paying state sales tax on the aftermarket upgrade, that’ll mitigate your cost. Either that or a TSLA windfall.

gballant4570 | 19 oktober 2018

What would I do? I'd keep the car I picked up last week. Its GREAT! By the way, its LR, AWD, and has EAP. As for you, I guess it depends on your needs I wanted LR, and EAP, so ordered both. 260 isn't shabby tho - its a bit like getting an S75 today. I would settle for that, if I hadn't scored big last week...... for $15k less.....

lencapnc | 20 oktober 2018

I'm in the same position, but decided to keep my order for the long range version. The reason isn't just longer range. On the new Model 3 website there is no longer an option to order the long range version with only rear wheel drive - all long range versions are now all wheel drive only. That's an added $5K cost that many people won't need/want. So by getting that car I have, at least for now, the only 310 mile range Tesla with only rear wheel drive, which I think will be in great demand, especially as the rebates fall in January.

And speaking of rebates, if you already have a rear wheel long range M3 on order, it will arrive this year. That ensures you get the full $7500 rebate. If your medium range car is delayed into 2019 you will only get $3750. If the medium range comes in 2019 I only saved $750 (the $4500 saved by not buying the bigger battery, less the $3750 rebate I may not get). Also, the long range battery provides greater acceleration - 5.1 to 60 instead of 5.6. That's not a big deal, but it does suggest that the long range battery provides quicker acceleration, something that I enjoy. I decided not to risk a late delivery on the midrange car, want the greater range, prefer a single rear drive motor and decided to go with extended range on my original order. And I agree with Hanswang1992 - the long range rear wheel drive car is a GREAT value. Has everything you'd want and can be upgraded in the future.

ODWms | 20 oktober 2018

Good call.

batmanasb | 20 oktober 2018

I'd say it's a big risk to take unless you live on the west coast near CA. My delivery appointment is set to a date that's a whopping 4 months after my configuration date, and the Performance cars were supposed to be prioritized. So idk what to expect with a new config that's not even prioritized.

djgarrett21 | 20 oktober 2018

Get the LR and forego EAP for now. It is the better value with a true EPA range of ~330 miles (Tesla asked the EPA to de-rate it to 310).

You can always add software, you can't add more battery cells.

syclone | 21 oktober 2018

My take on this is that the LR-RWD version which is being discontinued will be very desireable when you are ready to sell/trade in your car (assuming that you are buying). I think that it would return a big chunk of your extra pay-out at purchase. If you can afford the extra cost get the EAP as well. you won't be sorry

CCIE | 21 oktober 2018

You can always add EAP later, but you’re stuck with the battery you choose now. Range is king for me, and the LR RWD has an actual EPA range of 330+ miles with aero wheels.

wylkatz | 21 oktober 2018

I'd agree that it's probably important to make sure you take delivery this year. Especially if financial considerations are important to you, the tax credit is a big deal.

I have EAP and LR, and I will say that I could easily get by with less range--but you'd have to pry my EAP from my cold, dead fingers. My driving habits may be a little different than yours, but I suspect they aren't terribly uncommon. I charge at home almost exclusively.

In fact, in six months, I've charged away from home exactly twice. I work in a town about 40 miles away once per week. Usually one other time per week, I might visit another town 40 miles away for work or play. But I almost never drive more than 100 miles in a day. For the first couple months, I had my charge limit set to 90%. But since then, I've started moving the limit around to 80%, 85%, 75%, etc...just to avoid charging it the same every day. I've just never had anything resembling an issue with range.

But EAP? It's amazing. I absolutely LOVE it.

JAMESLHARWOOD | 21 oktober 2018

I just ordered the mid range but I wanted the long Range RWD. I'm still trying to figure out what Elons tweet ment and how to order it for another week. I want the extra 50miles and slightly faster car.

wcorey | 21 oktober 2018

I'd have to second Ben Sullin's advice, buy the largest capacity battery you can afford. If you live in SoCal maybe it doesn't matter but up north the summer tires it comes with won't do. Add All Season or Winter and your mileage will turn to poop. On a M3, 310 could easily turn into 250, 260 could easily turn into < 200.. So in Ben's test of the 310 mile/charge claim he got 280-something. Add cold weather and winter tires... You can ALWAYS add EAP and FSD...Save up $6,000. A 260 mid-range that turns into 160 w/EAP will ruin your mood for a really long time. The car does have cruise control w/o EAP..

YSONG86 | 21 oktober 2018

Highly recommend to keep current LR model order. I ordered LR one 10/13 Saturday and got a call on 10/16 Monday that they can delivery 10/17 Wednesday (I was not expected since it said within 4 weeks). I think because I was in early reservation priority queue (I waited 3 hours on first day of reservation two years ago) and I live in Northern California. So, I got it on Friday 10/19. LESS than a week!. Secured $7500 full credit will give you comfort than nervous to wait whether you can save $4K or lose $3750 credit by 12/31. Model 3 LR's long battery (someone told me it actually runs upto 330miles) provides no worry for frequent charging and long trip. I would analogy this to Computer with 8GB RAM or 4GB RAM. Both will work well but less stress with larger memory. I had Hydrogen car too. It said over 300 miles capacity but my actual mileage is about 265 miles max, and once it less than 100 miles level then you begin to think about charging. Model 3, you would also need to set the limit to charge either 80% or 90% for longer battery life unless you trip long distance. I just fully charged my one, it is 280 miles capa now (90% max charging limit). If MR or SR, then, it would be around 230 miles or 180 miles range in normal day.
If you are going to keep Model for 5 years+, LR will give you better piece in mind. Waiting SR - which will be available late summer 2019, the federal credit will be shrinking from $7.5K to $1.8K. EAP or FSD , you can purchase later , which I will do once all software and data shows safe. Setting expensive vehicle value upfront will raise insurance cost too. (I am too conservative) Good luck.

pjalan | 21 oktober 2018

If you are mostly going to do short commute absolutely get the MR with EAP. You’d love EAP in stop and go traffic and also on freeway driving at freeway speed. With the new additions to Superchargers range anxiety is not much of an issue. For same price EAP will give you better value.

nwfan | 22 oktober 2018

Buy the largest battery you can afford if you plan on road trips. If the car only going to be
used for local driving go for the MR.

I went with a smaller Model S battery thinking I save money. 1st road trip had to make
a stop at a camp ground and use their 240v plug to charge. I was about 40 miles short of the
Supercharger. After that trip I started saving and eventually purchased Model S 100D.

My lesson echo's what others have said. Buy the largest battery you can afford.

SteveWin1 | 22 oktober 2018

You can always add EAP later. The LR RWD may never be available again and it has the longest range of any Tesla. The EPA rating was artificially downgraded to 310, at Tesla's request, but the car actually did significantly better than that. I'd keep your current order and just add EAP when you have more cash.

billtphotoman | 22 oktober 2018

Do you have a 2nd ICE vehicle for road trips or are road trips infrequent enough to rent a car? If not, the LR is really nice to have especially because the real range delta is likely to be a lot more than the 50 miles Tesla advertises since as others have pointed out Tesla reduced the advertised range below the EPA rating. Given that EAP is pure profit for Tesla I think there is a chance they will either reduce the price or unbundle it in the future to get some extra no-cost revenue. For example, they might offer TACC as a separate option. For me, the range offered by the LR was the minimum required to go ICE free. If Tesla had offered TACC for $1000 I would have snapped that up and kept the extra $4K for rest of EAP.

amanwithplan | 22 oktober 2018

If this is a budget-conscious question, I highly recommend against buying a Tesla if you have any issue affording it. No matter what anyone on this forum says, Tesla is a luxury vehicle. It does not save you money in any way, shape, or form.

With that disclaimer out of the way, definitely go with long range. Remember, in order to maximize your battery's life, you will only be charging to 80% on normal trips. Applying the same logic to the 260 mile range of the midrange, that would be 208 miles. You'll feel yourself charging your vehicle a lot more often, and it's not the standard 5 minutes at a pump. Save yourself the hassle and go with the larger battery size before lithium ion prices start to skyrocket in the next few years.

VerdantValley | 22 oktober 2018

I’m finding this thread very helpful. I was also ready to order a LR RWD when it suddenly “disappeared” this week. Today I have spoken by phone with the general sales office and my state dealership in Portland about this. I was told by the Portland store that I could order the mid range on line and then upgrade when I was asked to confirm the order later by phone to the LR.
I’ve also been on the fence re EAP, my husband thinks it is unnecessary but I’m attracted to it. You bring up a good compromise of adding it later, maybe with the tax savings.

AAinSoCal | 22 oktober 2018

Your decision, of course, but I would go with the LR. EAP is great, but you already know how to drive a car without it. You can always save up and buy it later, when finances allow. You can't add a bigger battery later.

ClearWrap | 22 oktober 2018

I vote for LR. Autopilot is super cool but sort of unnecessary.

rbalakr | 30 december 2018

UPDATE : I did go ahead and change my order to a MR with EAP, in spite of the overwhelming advice that I received from this forum. I took delivery of the MR / EAP/White/White on Dec 20 and just loving it so far. The EAP is a wonderful party trick and once I show my friends auto-steer and summon, they are now seriously thinking that buying any other car will make them look dumb. :0 . Thanks everybody for your valuable time. Tesla for the win...

SoulLessInSanJose | 31 december 2018


TAC | 1 januari 2019

Congrats wise choice on EAP. Did the trial on EAP and just purchased it last night for 5.5k. I decided it really is nearly half the cars experience and that it just would not be the same without it. So glad I have this and FSD is going to be mind blowing next! In line for that too.

vmulla | 1 januari 2019

I think the MR RWD EAP Teslas are the best value Teslas ever, and likely to be one of the cheapest Teslas for some time (if bought before 12/31/2018)

I'll limit my thoughts to the battery since all other things are identical to LR RWD.

The MR battery offers plenty of range to do your daily tasks, so no need for LR.
The Supercharger infrastructure allows the MR to be driven anywhere the other Teslas can go, so no need for LR.
So, if the car can do short hauls and long just as well as the LR, why spend more money? I'd support more money in my pocket - the only thing the LR gives is fewer/shorter SC stops, but what's a few minutes in an occasional road trip?

Some will say the investment in an LR is future proofing the battery/range. From everything we know the battery is holding up exceptionally well, I'm not inclined to spend thousands more to save a few miles of range over several years of ownership.

The only exception I'd consider is if you live in extremely cold climates.

I would have loved the MR RWD if it were available when I got my car.