Referral after order

Referral after order

I ordered mine on 10/14 but forgot to get referral code. I called on 10/15 and waited 25mins on hold only to be told from the service rep that I can still get the referral code in once I get assigned a VIN, is that true? I'm trying to get the 6-month supercharger that is currently available for orders made between September 19 and October 19.

Herbievdw | 21 oktober 2018

I think it is true, but haven't tried it yet. Do you want to swap referral codes? I take delivery tomorrow and would like to do the same.

wyatt57350 | 21 oktober 2018

I ordered 9/26 and need to do the same thing. According to Tesla my referral code can give 5 friends 6 months of free super charging. Not sure what happens after 5 friends (and if you tube referrals I seen are past that point). If any one wants to use mine they are welcome to, and I might need to find someone that has not hit the 5 limit as well.

Wyatt W.

abush121 | 21 oktober 2018

You should be able to call up their customer service and tell them you ordered but forgot to put in a referral. I did that and used my friends and now i have the supercharging credit. Good luck, enjoy the car.

ctimko | 21 oktober 2018

I have heard reports of people adding an code after an order.

Kikujiro | 21 oktober 2018

I am in similar boat. Anyone is free to use mine.

Herbievdw | 21 oktober 2018

Cool. Mine is
Anyone is free to use it as well. Thanks for the help!

maztec | 21 oktober 2018

I was told that, back when there was unlimited supercharging. I asked them to apply the code multiple times. It never took, I tried multiple times, it never took . . . and so, oh well.

ravtdi | 21 oktober 2018

Here's mine if anyone wants the 6 months of free supercharging:

fazal01 | 21 oktober 2018

Here's my code for 6 months of free supercharging, if anyone is looking. Enjoy!

Ma5b89 | 21 oktober 2018

haven't used any yet, so free supercharging is still available.

wyatt57350 | 21 oktober 2018

How do you add a referral code after an order is placed? Wondering if there is a way to do it online, or if I need to call my DA?

Herbievdw | 22 oktober 2018

I am just going to call the main number so I can be sure to reach someone. DA would probably work if yours is responsive.

TDE | 22 oktober 2018

Feel free to use mine too:

ALDONY | 22 oktober 2018

Hi all, same here. Have an order in and anyone could use mine.

If anyone in NY area please pm me..

eddyvuy | 22 oktober 2018

I have not used mine yet. Feel free to use:

jimglas | 22 oktober 2018

Feel free to use mine:

ideakey | 22 oktober 2018

I have not used mine also. Feel free to use:

Herbievdw | 22 oktober 2018

Wyatt, I was able to add it at delivery today. My delivery person sent your code to my delivery advisor. I already love the car and only got to drive it for a little bit (too many meetings this afternoon).

guinnesman | 23 oktober 2018

I added a referral code after order by calling Tesla. The guy followed up with an email to which I replied and furnished the code. I've had the car for two weeks now and appear to be getting the free supercharging, although my friend who supplied the code doesn't see anything on his end that I ordered and took delivery of the car. Have an email in to check status for my friend, I want him to get his reward.

wyatt57350 | 23 oktober 2018

I called support and attempted to reciprocate the referral code. The support person I talked to said they didn't think the could at this point, but took the referral code and sent it to the referral department... Hopping to hear back something good from them as a referral was not an option for LR RWD when I ordered 9/26.

jmda61 | 23 oktober 2018 ...Please use... daddy needs wall charger

Chiang430 | 4 november 2018

HI, Feel free to use my referral code:

canuck55 | 5 november 2018

hello, feel free to use my referral code for 6 months of free supercharging:

hanswang1992 | 5 november 2018

Feel free to use my too

I know you're rich, so you can easily fulfill all of our wishes :')
Just counted briefly you just need to purchase around 16 Tesla cars at once, you can help us all together <3

truonghc | 5 november 2018

My friend submitted my referral code and got his M3 delivered yesterday. Does anyone know when can I start using my 6-month free supercharging? I haven't received any notice from Tesla regarding the free 6-month free supercharging. Please use my referral code: Many thanks!

maztec | 5 november 2018

I ordered and a friend gave me his code to get unlimited supercharging back in the usmmer. Unfortunately, Tesla keeps giving me excuses as to why they never added it despite multiple requests since I ordered. :( Thus, I wouldn't count on it.

r2324 | 5 november 2018

Feel free to use mine:

mfanous | 5 november 2018

If anyone still needs 6 months free supercharging, here is my referral code.

ashish_plm | 5 november 2018

Add mine to the list as well ;-)

amit.aj.jain | 5 november 2018
lmlartey | 30 november 2018

You can use my Tesla referral link to get six months of free Supercharging on Model S, Model X or Model 3. You can also get a 5-year extended warranty on solar panels.

remlemasi | 5 december 2018

Mine is available too!

Kahn | 5 december 2018

Mine.didn't work added before delivery, but nit a p3d and they said at the time I placed my order not when I added the referral only p3d qualified.

marinergreg | 5 december 2018

I've got one more referral left for the invite to an unveiling so feel free to use mine for free supercharging

ghoop1 | 6 december 2018

Feel free to use my referral code:

nagendra.619 | 6 december 2018

I've got them available too. Feel free to use it for 6 months of free supercharging.

kbmi777 | 6 december 2018

I used a friend's referral code (Tesla owner) to place my order but I didn't get mine after placing order. Customer support is telling me that you will get referral code only after taking delivery. So does it mean that whoever is sharing their codes all over tesla forums are already post delivery tesla owners......very impressive but seems fishy

Teslanene | 6 december 2018

I got my referral code 2 weeks after placing order on 10/22.

ICEMELT | 6 december 2018

I just called customer service. Literally an hour ago. Make that hour and half for the half hour wait :-)

They were able to put the referral on my account after the delivery. It will take 10-14 business days to reflect however.

Thrillion | 6 december 2018

I requested before delivery that a YouTuber receive credit and used his referal code.
I was told that my purchase didn't qualify as only P3D's qualify (it was only the performance ones at that time).
I corrected the IDA (would recommend her) that my order WAS a P3D.
She said "I see that now and I'll get that added".
Found out months later that the YouTuber did NOT get the referral credit.
Contacted the IDA and requested they process the referral again.
She said "I've been told it was handled"... wow...
Still nothing and I have given up, Sorry i1Tesla I tried...

I suspect the IDA's could be applying referrals to their buddies and not the intended party.
Not a whole lot of faith in the IDA's they hired over night to handle the M3 load....

luxxny | 13 december 2018

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eddie.k.lau | 4 januari 2019

Just used your Referral code, hopefully someone will use mine.

ejaykay | 5 januari 2019

Yes you can use after ordering .

abush121 | 6 januari 2019

Trying to help a friend get his 2nd. Use his and I'll help you get your code out there too.

richardls | 7 januari 2019

According to, you should be able to add it after order.

AWDTesla | 7 januari 2019

I had my rep add my friends referral code after I made the purchase. Wasnt an issue.

jkowatch_usn | 8 januari 2019

Anyone needs a code. You can use mine. Trying to get two so my son can get the toy Tesla.

You can use my Tesla referral link to get six months of free Supercharging on Model S, Model X or Model 3.

juliamoravcsik | 11 januari 2019

Just called support. To use a referral code (even after purchase) send email to and give first/last name, VIN, phone, and referral code.

juliamoravcsik | 11 januari 2019

Feel free to use my code

VuEsla | 11 januari 2019

Email Tesla works very well. No need to wait to talk to them. i got mine responsed the next day when i applied a random code uphere but make sure their code is not exceeding 5 referral.
welcome to use mine code