Headlight color seems off

Headlight color seems off

2016 75

Just got my Tesla yesterday, and after the excitement died down a bit, I noticed the following:

First picture is of the front right driver side headlight, which looks normal. The second is of the front left passenger side headlight, which has a yellow-ish hue to it.

So my question is, how would I get them to match? Is my front right light defective, or does it simply need a new bulb?

Any help would be appreciated!

T35LA | 5 november 2018

It seems to me right headlight (driving oriented) is yellowish (third picture).

lilbean | 5 november 2018

I would get the right side replaced.

Tldickerson | 5 november 2018

I too have a 2016 and had them replace both when my right side started to go bad. I told them that since they both have the same birthday and you have to remove the front bumper to replace the headlight that it would make sense to just replace both and they agreed. They have had many of their cars headlights go bad so you shouldn't have any problems getting some help. | 5 november 2018

The difference seems very subtle and might be affected by reflections from different items on either side in the photo. Does it look different outside a night when there is nothing nearby on either side?

A couple of other notes - these are Daytime Running Lights (DRL) not the headlights. Also there are no bulbs to be replaced. Tesla only uses LEDs now. If there is a problem, the entire headlight assembly must be replaced. I'm not sure they would replace if for the slight difference in color, but you can always ask. I'd confirm it is a real issue and not caused by where you are viewing it.

abdullatifabbasi | 8 september 2019

My car is new and just completed 5K kilometers and same issue has popped up.. this week I'll pass by the service centre and see what would they say.... I will keep you posted..

abdullatifabbasi | 9 september 2019

So far so good.. the service advisor examined the car, captured the vin number, will order the lights and once available will call me to bring the car.. will wait and see..

gregrt | 17 oktober 2019

Yep, the signature light is going out. I had one go out within a month go receiving my new Late 2017 Model S. It was replaced and the other did the same thing within a year, and was replaced. This last week after getting a fog light marker light replace, one of the signature lights has gone out again. So have an appointment for next Monday to get it replace. All of this is free under warranty.