Changes in Model S Options - Pano roof no more

Changes in Model S Options - Pano roof no more

So Elon commented via Twitter a few weeks ago about coming changes that would change options and it looks like that hit while the site was taken down for maintenance last night. The most interesting one I find is that there is no longer a pano roof option, only the solid glass roof.

Also no more an option for black textile seats; black premium is now the base standard. Added charge for white or cream, although cream not available on the P100D.

Somehow I’m suddenly more inclined to hold onto my 2016 AP1 MS90D with the light gray interior with black headliner, matt obeche trim, and pano roof. Yeah, the recent updates to EAP/AP2 had me tempted, but that temptation now not so strong for me.

EVRider | 10 november 2018

Interesting. I recently ordered a new S100D with the standard interior -- I wonder if I'll get textile or fake leather.

Note that the carbon fiber trim option is no longer available either.

brett4600 | 10 november 2018

I love my sun roof on my model s 2013 and was going to upgrade but if no more an option i think i will hold on to 2013

Yodrak. | 10 november 2018

"I recently ordered a new S100D with the standard interior -- I wonder if I'll get textile or fake leather."

Not a definitive answer, but I ordered my Model S with cream in only days before they replace the darker wood with light oak, and they'd also changed the interior trim from chrome to something a little darker, and I wondered the same thing. I got what was in the package as of the date of my order, not the changes.

Yodrak. | 10 november 2018

"in" should have been 'interior'.

sr.smr | 10 november 2018

My 2017 with pano roof, leather and carbon fiber trim just went up in value.

I'm surprised the cost of the options were not raised rather than removed so Tesla still meets production goals and not lose money.

Or maybe Tesla has something dramatic in the wings waiting to be released in its place.

GHammer | 10 november 2018

Liking my "old" '14 P85+ more every day.

kurtgluck | 10 november 2018

I love my pano roof. While my S100D is only a year old, I hope the restore the option before I have to replace it.

Seriously - its wonderful.

Darthamerica | 10 november 2018

I'm sure the all glass roof is nice but there's nothing like open pano roof! I'm so disappointed to see that go away. This was the one reason I chose Model S over Model X!

Darthamerica | 10 november 2018

It's clear Tesla is hyper focused on improving quality and efficiency. The pano roof makes manufacturing more complicated and we a source of some defects. Maybe the take rate compared to the all glass roof was low enough that Tesla figured enough people won't care.

There's also got to be a new body style and interior coming soon. It's been nearly the same since 2012. Maybe the feature comes back to a newer version. This definitely makes me want to stay in my 2015 P90D a bit longer. AP 2.5 is cool but not enough yet to make me trade. I think 2019-2020 HW and SW updates are worth waiting for if you already have a Model S. Exterior, interior, more range, more performance, improved sensors and SW more capable of autonomous driving. Hopefully with a new panoramic roof! Until then just enjoy Pano + AP1. And please bring back the option for Arachnids. There should be something more visually distinctive for the performance version besides badging.

DanFoster1 | 10 november 2018

NO MORE PANO ROOF?!? OMG THIS IS HORRIFYING. I’m serious. Holy freaking shit I love opening my glass roof. I can’t live without it. This is the apocalypse. I can’t ever get a new S now or 1) no opening roof 2) can’t hang clothes 3) can’t use roof rack. THIS IS NOT OK!!!

RanjitC | 10 november 2018

How do you think I felt when the solid roof went away? I'm going to keep my 2016 P90D till the solid roof comes back!

murphyS90D | 11 november 2018

Looking at the choice of paint colors they are well on the way to Henry Ford's "You can have any color that you want as long as it is black.".

Silver2K | 11 november 2018

Removing carbon fiber is odd. This must be a mistake.

SO | 11 november 2018

I think they’ll bring the pano roof back someday.

jamesguan117 | 11 november 2018

I could not deal with a car without a sunroof. I sit in an office all day and I need some time to breath and thats when I commute home with the sunroof open. It looks like a second Model S won’t be an option for me in the future. Why would they remove such a great feature on an expensive car which all other luxury cars have? I mean come on... a lot of manufacturers have added sunroofs now as standard like Acura because people want sunroofs...

SO | 11 november 2018

It’s possible the numbers just don’t justify it.

Could always do this:

bp | 11 november 2018

Tesla has removed options before - only to add them back later. So this doesn't necessarily mean the sunroof will not reappear later.

We've purchased two Model S cars (2013 & 2017) - and both have the sunroof, and something I'd likely like to have when we replace the 2017 in the future...

LovinTesla | 11 november 2018


The P100D no longer has wood. You now have to get the Carbon Fiber, so doesn’t look like a mistake. It’s exclusive now to P100D and you no longer can get wood if you order that model.

Yodrak. | 11 november 2018


Will all you people stop whining, you sound like those other complainers who don't know what's good for them and don't want to see a full-screen map all the time.

thranx | 11 november 2018

I hesitate to mention this, but there are after-market companies that actually paint cars. Different colors.
George R.R. Martin had his painted purple, and that was some years ago.

The pano roof is another matter.

RandallKeith | 11 november 2018

+1 RanjitC
Bring back the solid metal roof.

pnajar | 11 november 2018

Although I rarely open the pano roof I ordered it so I could mount a ski rack on the roof of my 100D. I also like the option of having Sirius/XM. I wonder what option they’ll offer to replace those who have a need for a roof rack?

It feels as if the current Model S is on its last legs. Either end of life or a newer version is coming.

gridley1950 | 11 november 2018

Makes me love the options on my 2015 P85D AP1 even more! I have everything except 21" wheels, (which I am glad of!) :)

Tldickerson | 11 november 2018

@Yodrak. Just because you don't like people complaints doesn't give you the right to your complaint either.

TranzNDance | 11 november 2018

Maybe they'll bring back the panoramic roof once ICE vehicles and climate change effects like smoky air don't ruin the benefit of having the roof open. I am spoiled with clean air and quiet in my car so that I keep my roof closed to block out other vehicles.

uscpaul | 11 november 2018

Dear Mr. Musk:

I do not understand the recent changes in having our options taken away lately.

First, the whole screen fiasco with our choices of what we want on our screen being taken away. The "fix" is still not 100 percent back to where it was before. That NAV screen is sill in the background and looks like it was put together by a 3rd grader.

Now, the option for the panoramic sunroof is gone. Why take that away? Is it just me ? Or does it seem like almost all Model S's that I have seen have the PANO Roof on them? I mean, almost ALL of them. Even if it turns out that MOST do not, It would still seem beneficial to at least have the OPTION of putting one on.

The roof is so super nice. It is like a I am riding in a convertible with the roof open. * Is there anything better than cruising down Imperial Highway with a big nasty redhead at your side, with the top open?

It so nice to have that roof open. Sure, some of the time it is closed, but when it's time to put to use, it is so FUN. It is such a nice feature and makes the car stand out versus other cars. There is a great feeling when the roof is open and I get to look up (not while moving/driving) at that beautiful sky or starlit evening. And when in 'camping mode'??? ….. nothing beats the PANO roof being open as we fall asleep with a warm ocean breeze flowing over us as we look up at the moonless sky with the stars all alight.

There are always three things people say when they first get in my car:

1- Oh my gosh. Look at that screen, It is fricking awesome.

2- What the heck are you dong with that roof? It opens that much? OH MY GOSH. THAT IS SO COOL. You can see the whole sky!

3- Does this thing really run on just electricity?

I have purchased two Model S's. it is going to be a very long time before I buy my 3rd.

I have always thought that this car got better with each passing month. Now, I have my doubts. I have the PANO roof now of course, but I am already missing it. Hopefully EM, you will start giving us a heads up before these things are implemented so that we can give some feed back. Of course, if I am the only person who ABSOLUTELY LOVES THE PANO ROOF, then of course one person does not make a policy. You do what is best for the company. I just do not see why having no option for a PANO roof on the car makes this a better company.

PLEASE EM, bring the PANO roof option back so that I can have it when I purchase my next Model S. As it stands now, it will be a very long time before I get my 3rd S. A really, REALLY, long time.


* With apologies to R.N.

Tesla-David | 11 november 2018

Eliminating the pano roof option is huge mistake IMHO. I love the pano on our S85D and also had pano roof in our 2012 MS. I would only upgrade our MS if that were an option and eliminating the pano option is huge step backward. I love our M3, but would love it even more if pano roof were available.

pete | 11 november 2018

On the bright side the resale value might go up on our cars with a pano roof.
But I’m not selling my car anytime soon so I guess it’s a mute point.

DermMD | 11 november 2018

For me these changes are painful. I take delivery of my new S100D on Thursday and I'm paying $4000 more for it than if I were to place the order today. And I'm excluding the fee I'm paying for the sunroof. It's the seats and the lower base price. The black leather premium I paid for is now standard. Since Tesla makes changes so frequently and sometimes so dramatically as they have done now, they really ought to have a policy on price adjustment for orders recently placed particularly if delivery has not been effected yet. I have read all the comments previously as to 'a contract is a contract' but again this is painful. Talk about bad luck: Similar thing happened when I got my S90D in 2015, albeit less dramatic.

Silver2K | 11 november 2018

LovinTesla | November 11, 2018

The P100D no longer has wood. You now have to get the Carbon Fiber, so doesn’t look like a mistake. It’s exclusive now to P100D and you no longer can get wood if you order that model

That makes more sense.

twmellinger | 11 november 2018

I ordered my 100d last week with premium interior, and now the same car is 3300.00 cheaper.. I've paid the deposit, but i assume tesla will do the right thing and correct teh price? Anyone get anyfeedback?? The right thing would be to be to correct the price on cars not delivered/closed on yet..Wondering what will happen?

Silver2K | 11 november 2018

Call them to verify

EVRider | 11 november 2018

@twmellinger: As I mentioned in my previous reply, I'm in a similar situation to you -- I ordered a 100D with the standard black textile interior, and now that standard interior is premium black fake leather. I didn't think one of the premium interiors was worth $3,300 more than the textile, but now that it doesn't cost more for premium black, I would like to get it.

I've contacted my delivery advisor yesterday to ask about this, and will be interested to hear what she says. This is one of the things you have to deal with when you order a car that evolves during the year -- sometimes changes you like or don't like happen right after ordering or taking delivery. While I was waiting for the 2016 Model S85 that I'm replacing with the 100D, a number of changes were made: new front end design (with smaller frunk), new standard wheel design, center console became standard, and the 85 battery was discontinued. The console might have been nice, but I was happy that I avoided all the other changes.

idle_mind | 11 november 2018

@EVRider - similar situation for me. I took the textile because it didn’t seem worth it (plus people seem to really like textile, although I am a bit concerned it’ll look “cheap”). Between that and the $500 base price reduction it’s $3,800 of “value” I feel like I’m losing out on. I’d rather just get the $3,800 off, but I’ll take $500 and the premium interior. I reached out to my dealer rep yesterday - we’ll see what they say. My car has not started production yet and is scheduled for 12/17/18 delivery.

2015P90DI | 11 november 2018

Just sad. $100,000 generic car!

I think Tesla may have finally pushed too far. They did so with pricing a couple of years ago when the P100D loaded skyrocketed to over $173,000 and realized they finally found the price that was too much. Tesla has been on this path of giving customers fewer and fewer choices. My lease ends next month. Tesla offered to get me out of it a few months ago at no cost to get a new one. I declined because I didn't care for my choices (or lack of choices) at the time. Now......everything I was able to "choose" on my current car is no longer offered. Time to make a decision, maybe, big maybe, an inventory car that is close to what I want. Definitely not a new one now.

Yodrak. | 11 november 2018

Clearly my post was way to subtle for you. Maybe I should have included a smiley face. Here you go - :-)

BostonS85D | 11 november 2018

No pano roof - ouch. Even in New England, we occasionally like to get some air. Seriously, in this day and age not having a sunroof is strange.

Xerogas | 11 november 2018

@BostonS85D: "No pano roof - ouch. Even in New England, we occasionally like to get some air. Seriously, in this day and age not having a sunroof is strange."
Roadster is going to have an awesome pano roof :)

crazy canaler | 11 november 2018

So did Tesla do away with the roof rack posts as well? That really stinks if they did as my kayak is my vehicle of passion, and roof rack capability is simply a mandatory feature for me. I'm probably getting a used S anyway but still.

EVRider | 12 november 2018

@idle_mind: How did you get a delivery date if your car hasn’t started production?

idle_mind | 12 november 2018

@EVRider - I received a text message giving me a delivery date. It read:

Hello, this is the Tesla Scheduling Team. Even though your new Tesla is still in production, we are working to get you onto the pickup schedule to make sure everything moves smoothly. Once your vehicle exits production, you will be contacted by an Inside Delivery Advisor who will help you get all documents submitted to prepare for delivery.

We have tentatively scheduled you for:

Reservation #: RNXXXXXXXX
Pickup at: XXXXXXXX
Date/Time: 12/17/18 10:00am

mcdonalk | 12 november 2018

We reserved a Model 3 very early on. When we discovered that it did not offer a sunroof option, we cancelled our Model 3 reservation and applied the deposit to a "2017" Model S instead, to replace our pre-autopilot Model S.

EVRider | 13 november 2018

According to Electrek, you can still order the missing options “off menu”:

uscpaul | 13 november 2018

Yes, the latest is that you CAN order a PANO roof. You just have to do it in person with an employee. THANK GOODNESS. The world is right again. Thank you E.M. for leaving that option.

DanFoster1 | 13 november 2018

Thanks Elon, geez…I was gonna freak out about the roof.

I too just read on ‘Electrek’ that Pano roof is still available “off menu.” I agree with the author that the way this is handled seems odd to say the least.

By the time I’m ready for a newer Model S, we could be into a whole new interior, exterior, or both. But I would never own the current Model S without the Pano Roof because—at least with the current design—it’s the only way to:

1) Hang my gig clothes
2) Bolt in a roof rack for Kayaks etc.
3) Open the roof (duh)
4) Satellite radio (I don’t, but others do)

2015 Model S85D; 90,832 miles, still grinning upwards through my open PANO ROOF

DRFLGD | 13 november 2018

Can I get tan leather ventilated seats?

EVRider | 13 november 2018

I was informed by Tesla that I will be getting textile seats, because my new Model S has already entered production.

Another change you might have heard about is the fact that Model S and X cars sold on Nov 2 and later will no longer get a 400kWh annual supercharging credit. I ordered my new S on Nov 1 and asked for confirmation that I would get the annual credit (after my free 6 months of supercharging). I was told that cars sold after October lost the credit, but I responded with a link to this article on Tesla Support that confirms what I heard about Nov 1: They said they will get back to me.

I wonder if people who order textile seats off menu get a price reduction — does anyone know?

trixiew | 13 november 2018

@pc-I like your config.

A-Wimoweh | 14 november 2018

I haven't even gotten my model S yet, and it already feels like it is becoming less and less of a deal. Now I probably won't get the 400 kwh credit, even though I ordered an inventory car back in late October...

EVRider | 14 november 2018

@A-Wimoweh: Why do you think you won’t get the annual credit if you ordered your car in October?