Deleting Songs from Spotify Library using Tesla Account

Deleting Songs from Spotify Library using Tesla Account


We have recently bought a used Model S which we are pleased with but do have a few minor issues. One of these is how to delete songs from the Spotify library when using the Tesla Spotify account - despite unticking the songs so that they are no longer favourites, they keep coming back again. Does anyone have any suggestions please as to how to delete/unfavourite the songs so that they do not come back?


Slavas | 1 december 2018

What country do you use Spotify? Are the songs in the albums highlighted in gray or white? Are you sure you are logged in? With software v 9, you can listen tracks (not stations) if you are not even authorized, but you cannot manage your library.

richard.osborn | 2 december 2018

I am in the UK. I am using the Tesla Spotify Account (rather than my own personal Spotify Premium Account). It just seems odd that no matter how many times I remove the songs from the library that they keep coming back. I haven't noticed how the songs are highlighted in the album list - I am just looking at the Songs library.

Bambino | 3 december 2018

I have the same problem.

Helborg | 25 januari 2019

I also have the same problem. I untick the tune, and the next time I get into my car, it's back again...!!

kerryglittle | 27 januari 2019

I use Spotify on my phone and in my house stereo system that supports it. Do we have Spotify in the car? I'm from Canada so not knowing if its available.

EVRider | 28 januari 2019

@kerry: I think Spotify is only available in Teslas outside of North America — we have Slacker instead.

gridley1950 | 28 januari 2019

I can only get Spotify through my phone but it works well. West coast of Canada here.

paulq | 2 mars 2019

Same issue here with Spotify (in New Zealand) - unticked songs don't remove from your library song list. Grrrrrrh!

martguillotin | 1 maj 2019

Same issue in France, impossible to remove unlike songs from Tesla's account

PhotoPhill | 8 maj 2019

THE SOLUTION .... Select the songs to delete. Should now show a + symbol for each track. Just reboot the Tesla by holding down the 2 scroll buttons. ..... Rebooted and then it will take a little while for Spotify to reload and then the tracks/Songs should all be gone. :-) With SW Version 2019.12.11 | 8 augusti 2019

1. unticked the songs.
2. Reboot already.
3. Spotify - Tesla's account.
The unticked songs come out again.....

james.hewitt | 14 oktober 2019

I have been dealing with reappearing albums for the last 6 months since getting my factory reset CPO MS. Driving me nuts! The albums appear as unsaved. So save and then unsave albums to remove them and they reappear up to a week later Screen reboot seems to be the mechanism when they reappear - either when done manually or presumably as a Tesla scheduled event. If I clear them and reboot they come straight back. So I have a load of albums presumably from previous owner. I have also managed to add some albums myself that I cannot get rid of. Quite annoying and no one seems to have a solution. Some of the tracks appear saved in the songs list and the artists appear in the stations/followed artists bit. Spotify are no help and suggest I contact Tesla. Can Tesla help??

forrestwenner | 14 oktober 2019

Check this video. But pay attention that the guy on video had only done a "Factory Reset" from the screen. The next day he tried to delete more songs but couldn't, however, it is possible to remove ALBUMS by selecting SAVE. Well, check yourself: