Tesla Live chat support...?

Tesla Live chat support...?

According to Tesla's phone support automated attendant they are now referring customers to their 'new live chat support'. The message says its at

I can't seem to find it... anyone else?

Wkohl | 10 december 2018

I picked up my new Model 3 on 21-7-18. Cant find the "Pin to Drive". feature in the Safety and Security section on my touch screen?? Who can Help me??
Bill Kohl

Wkohl | 10 december 2018

Sorry meant 12-7-2018

gmr6415 | 10 december 2018


I don't think either yet exists.

memexe | 13 december 2018

No live chat available for Canada. Now the wait times to speak with the US based customer service are greater than 1 hour!

sheldon.mike1010 | 13 december 2018

You will need to stand by until you receive V48 or higher OTA firmware update to get the PIN and other goodies.
To get it in first wave of updates, be sure the car is on good wi-fi connection all night long. My updates
have usually come in the night and I get notification on Tesla phone app.

billstanton | 13 december 2018

I've seen references to live chat in other threads but have used various Windows, Crome, Android browsers and have never seen it on the forums or account page, or anywhere for that matter.

jordanrichard | 13 december 2018

Memexe, what is it you are looking to get answered, to be waiting on the phone for an hour?

One of the main reasons the wait times are so long is people calling about things that could be answered by reading the owners manual or reading the various threads here, over at TMC, or the FB page of the local owners club.

billlake2000 | 13 december 2018

jordanrichard, I was on the phone for an hour waiting to find out if anyone could tell me if Brad and Jen are back together, but I never got an answer.

the_real_fatp | 14 december 2018

Its well hidden!

You need to be into US version ONLY so far

Into a sub-page of support like here

At the button, you will see a buble on right cormer

It seems to be on California time so don't expect it it before 11AM EST.

I did flag the issue that it was not availble on support page directly and only for US base. Also, it works like shit on in-car web browser

Mike UpNorth_ | 14 december 2018

@the Real

Cool find! That works

the_real_fatp | 14 december 2018


No worries, I am using it almost every day due to issues with my car...

Mike UpNorth_ | 14 december 2018

What kind of things has the live chat helped you with?

the_real_fatp | 14 december 2018

API questions
Mice issues in car
Butched delivery attemps
Car damage issue
Autopilot purchase issue
Seat position issue

This is a part time job for me now

Mike UpNorth_ | 14 december 2018

I saw your mouse picture....What did T say about that?

the_real_fatp | 14 december 2018


They did ask for Mobile service to came by and look. Mobile service declined and pointed to local services at Montreal. Next availability as jan I did the cleanup, put some traps and mothball. They will try to see if damages was done.

I got really bad experience with them so might want to have a quick look at the rest of the will notice the one at driver wheel gap, probably where the mice are having access but I am not an engeneer!

For a Performance Model 3 PUP, I was expecting more overall quality.

Mike UpNorth_ | 14 december 2018

Wow. Yeah, they've got some fixing to do....What's your VIN#?

the_real_fatp | 14 december 2018

107824 Canada

They are supposed to fix it start of january after 3 months of waiting. Still, i had terrible experience so far!

Mike UpNorth_ | 14 december 2018

Damn. That is a late Vin to have all those issues....sorry man!

billstanton | 14 december 2018

It's there! And it works! And I got an answer to a long pending question almost instantly! Thanks so much for this topic and the thread!

pdxman3 | 16 december 2018

Is this the correct question & answer chat location (or is there a different location) to ask, as a new — two day owner of a new Model 3 — about screen messages that popped up:

1) ! Stability control disabled (Contact Tesla Service)
2) ! Automatic Emergency Braking is disabled
3) ! Traction control disabled (Contact Tesla Service)
4) ! Regenerative Braking Disabled

M3BlueGeorgia | 16 december 2018


Shouldn't happen more than once. Lots of advice on how to address this, mostly good. :-)

Easiest fix it to park the car and walk away from it so it locks and goes to sleep. Leave it in that state for a few minutes and the problem should clear.

If that doesn't work you should reboot it. Google for directions on that.

zahid | 7 januari 2019

I need support for my order RN107588856.

zahid | 7 januari 2019

How to contact Tesla support for my order just placed yesterday.

homeworkforme889 | 7 januari 2019

I don't think either yet exists.

ICEMELT | 7 januari 2019

I have had success a few times already on Live Chat support. The Live support doesn't show up on the main page. However it does show up for specific support topic.

I had requested to add my referral post delivery. Live chat support was able to help me through it. I just got email from referral team that I should start seeing my 6 month free Supercharge in 2 days.

I contacted them on couple of occasion inquiring about 2018.48 update. On the second occasion, the support person said the server is going through checklist for my M3 and I should get the update soon. That night I had the update.

slingshot18 | 7 januari 2019

I used the chat feature to talk to service about an error that popped up. Someone got on immediately and did remote diagnostics within a few minutes. The whole thing was crazy cool. In my Audi or Infiniti, that would have taken at least a week to get to that answer. With the online chat, it was minutes. I still have quite a wait for physical service, but I love being able to have them to a remote diagnostics so easily.

Mike UpNorth_ | 7 januari 2019


What was the error and what was live chat able to do about it?

drhelmutroth | 7 januari 2019

Used chat today. Fast response. After ordering EAP the computer was stuck in software update. Tesla fixed it.

Hal Fisher | 7 januari 2019

Yes they are much faster than email. I request my puchase order doc a week ago, no response. Contacted chat and they did it while connected.

dwallman | 22 januari 2019

I'm getting a message that says "charging speed reduced, check adapter". The model S 75D is less than a month old and this message didn't happen in the first couple of weeks. I tried charging it in a different wall plug but the same message comes up. It's more than likely the adapter itself. What should I do?

orders | 6 februari 2019

charging at 90% at first car would be 219mi, now for the last 2 months has be dropping first 217mi, then 215mi, 213mi, now 211mi, I have a 2017 MS60, uncorked to a MS75, can you tell me was wrong, or if there is anything wrong,


arttaylor2 | 2 april 2019

autopilot functioned great during the test period but now changing lanes does not function. turn the change lane signal on and it attempts to go in the direction then turns off. art

sraghuram | 11 april 2019

I have a 2017 Model S 90D and delivered Feb 2017. I did not get sentry mode in the last update. How do I find out if my autopilot system is compatible for sentry mode?

algar1013 | 11 april 2019

yesterday my wife open the passenger door to get off the car and when she was trying to close the door she couldn't, here is what happen once you open the door the window came down as usual however it goes back up immediately, i have to lower the window close the door and then close the window, can i fix this myself or I have to take my car to the services center? need help. Thank you

crmedved | 11 april 2019

You should direct your questions to Tesla... the live chat is here ... there is an icon in the lower right corner during business hours (based on PST).

For service issues, you can email your local service center directly to ask them questions. Or call.

stoned | 28 april 2019

Yesterday evening I was driving to a dinner party and my screen was flashing randomly and then went totally black while I was driving. Called Tesla Service but no operator to speak to. I was just referred via automated prompts to go to

Earlier today while I was parked, the windshield wipers went on for no reason (as the windshield was not getting wet) and would not turn off until I manually turned them to OFF.

This afternoon, I was driving and the radio switched channels in its own and then the volume blasted.

What is going on? Is this a software issue? What needs to be done for this to be fixed?

jinlow123 | 11 maj 2019

I'm a little worried about the autopilot because my friend just texted me saying that his autopilot just almost crashed into a phone pole. So I asked him did the car stop or did you take over, he told me he had to take over.

scott.thornhill | 5 juni 2019

Have on my dash a yellow blinking note that says software update needed. Call Tesla. Tried to schedule an appointment on my phone and says error message. Need software fix. | 5 juni 2019

@jinlow123 - Autopilot is not Full Self driving (yet). You have to maintain control and take over if needed. It is really intended for limited access roads (i.e. freeways), not around town. Sounds like your friend doesn't understand the feature or where it should (and should not) be used. You might suggest he read the owner's manual section on Autopilot. It generally works well in the intended environment.

82bert | 5 juni 2019

@jinlow. Really starting to wonder if there needs to be a test administered before people can use AP. It has become abundantly clear that the masses are frightened/averse to reading manuals/instructions.

billlake2000 | 5 juni 2019

They need to put out a Braille edition of the manual, so I can learn what I don't know.

Lmcogollo | 14 juni 2019

I'm waiting for a model 3 with smait air suspenssion, Do you have any date to able this option?

derotam | 14 juni 2019
derotam | 14 juni 2019

...I do hope people don't really think that this thread is actually Tesla Live Support...but I have my suspicions.

billlake2000 | 14 juni 2019

Hell No! This ain't Tesla Live Support? I told you I needed the Braille!!

jmplaw | 10 juli 2019

Is there any way to determine the progress of the Superchargers that supposedly are "coming soon?" In particular, Pensacola and Destin Florida have been on the "coming soon" list for over a year. They are badly needed.

cwc1952 | 17 juli 2019

my AC suddenly only blowing warm air
any ideas
tried calling Tesla--no answer

jimglas | 17 juli 2019

make a service appt

Joshan | 17 juli 2019

Just curious, if you had a ford and the AC was blowing warm aair what would you do?

How apply that same logic to Tesla and make a Service appointment...

wiltalla84 | 22 juli 2019

i leave the country for 10 days. should i leave the power in my car?