Shipping Tesla S overseas

Shipping Tesla S overseas


I am moving to Europe and will be taking my Model S with me. Is there any guidance how to prepare the vehicle for overseas shipping? Car will be placed into a shipping container together with other moving stuff and it will take 6-8 weeks to reach the final destination. This is long time for the battery without charging, so I would be grateful for any advice how to be prepared.

tes-s | 10 december 2018

Forum consensus seems to be sell it before you go and buy one there.

GHammer | 10 december 2018

Not a good idea. You'll have to get an adapter to use the predominant L2 Mennekes Type 2 connector and you wont be able to use European superchargers at all.

AkiFin | 11 december 2018

I am not really worried about how to use US Tesla in Europe but how to make sure transportation is done properly. Charging works fine with Chademo and home charger, maps and communication with wlan and so on. Navigator I don’t use anyways. So does anyone have any guidance for the shipping part ie. reduce energy consumption during transport etc? | 11 december 2018

You can turn the car off, but presumably, someone will have to get into the car and move it several times. You can turn off remote access, which will help a bit. If transport will be under 4 weeks, charge to 100% and it should be fine. As you get out to 8 weeks or so without charging, I worry it may drain the battery low enough that it stops charging the 12v battery to protect the main battery, and then the car can't be unlocked/driven,

As others pointed out, having a US car in Europe isn't a great idea:
- No service. If anything goes wrong, you'll have to ship it back to the US
- No software updates
- No maps or streaming audio
- AM/FM radio will not work
- XM radio (if equipped, will not work)
- No Supercharging
- No cellular connection
- WiFi likely will work, but not certain if the same bands are used in your target country

akikiki | 11 december 2018

Naw, don't listen to anyone's advice. Just go ahead and do what you wish. We would like to hear how things go/went. So when you get it over there and things stated here start happening, it would be nice of you to come back to your thread and share for the benefit of those that follow you that it was not a good idea anyway to take your US car overseas.

We will be here. Sorry sometimes people don't listen when folks like TeslaTap are polite.

RenEnergy | 12 december 2018

It's ben awhile since I shipped my Vett overseas, but trip went well, no damage! Would advise take multiple pics, on delivery to shipping point, when actually loaded if possible, and be available at dock with appropriate paperwork on arrival or when designated for pickup. Again take multiple pics.

As far as vehicle prep, would suggest 80% charge for transport, extra air in tires, if possible a good coating for body prior to shipping, and car cover if allowed. Inside vehicle on valet mode, have an air freshner, plastic covers on seats. Should be a good trip, enjoy Europe!

IPACE | 15 december 2018

In case of shipping cars overseas comes in handy. List your car together with destination and wait for quotes from transport providers. This reversa auction method will ensure you, that you paid fair price :)

jerrykham | 15 december 2018

Apparently you already know that you won't have any LTE access at all. You noted WLAN which makes me think that you think you can use Wi-Fi supplied by your phone. But you can't. As soon as a Tesla is put into drive, Wi-Fi turns off. That may change in the future, but that is how it works now. As others have said, it won't be very functional if you ship it.

jlhm | 15 december 2018

My WiFi is on (AP1 car) even when I drive so when LTE isn’t available I use my phone for the WiFi access.

nyagah.martin | 16 oktober 2019

Hi, do not forget that you have to charge you tesla during road to Europe. So you have to order container with a charger. And if it is not hard at all to transport a normal car, I think it will be a little bit harder to transport tesla. But anyway it is real. I can recommend this company I think they will help you. Last time I have used their services everything was great and in time.