Public EV education is starting to bear fruit

Public EV education is starting to bear fruit

It appears that - at least in the LA area - some recognition of the EV charging issue seems to have already started developing among the general public:

I was at the Downey Supercharger today, which is in a parking lot next to a mall. The lot was *crammed* full, cars circulating all over the place looking for parking spots. The Supercharger spots had a sign allowing general parking for 30 minutes (I think). Yet no ICE driver made any effort to park in one of those spots. Recognizing the charging cable and respecting its function, they all drove on looking for a spot elsewhere. I was genuinely surprised and quite pleased that we already have come this far.

UngaBunga1989 | 25 december 2018

I wish it was like that here in NJ! I routinely pull up to charge in the garage in my town (where two chargers are offered) and there has been every kind of ICE vehicle parked there at one time or another. I am JUST about to trade-in our Gen 1 Volt for the Model 3 later this week...

BostonPilot | 27 december 2018

@UngaBunga1989 I have a Volt for my daughters, and a Model 3 for myself.

Assuming you are getting the long range battery, the good news is that you almost never have to charge away from home unless you're on a road trip. We had a Honda Fit EV before the Volt, and it was always a problem trying to keep it charged (similar range to the original Leaf). Getting ICEd was a real problem if you were depending on a charge to be able to make it home.

With the Volt I've always told my daughters that in normal circumstances they shouldn't be charging at public chargers, because they can always use the gas engine to get home. There are some exceptions at places that have a bunch of public chargers, but the normal 2 charger types of places I usually suggest they leave for the people who really need them.

It's a similar situation with the Model 3... Unless I have an unusual day, I always have plenty of charge to do all my driving for the day and still have plenty of charge to get home, so why would I want to block a BEV that really needs access to the charger? And if I'm doing a road trip, I'll almost always be using Superchargers, leaving the L2 public chargers available.

I have to say it's still infuriating when I see a charging spot ICEd, but it no longer affects me... Massachusetts passed a stupid law that basically says the towns/cities CAN adopt ordinances allowing fines and towing of ICE cars blocking a charging spot, but it's not mandatory. I think that we need regulations that allow us to have an ICE car towed if it's blocking our access to a charger. But again, unless we're talking blocking Superchargers... it's really not an issue with the long range battery.

Pierogi | 27 december 2018

Curious if anyone has ever called a towing company on ICE cars parked in supercharger parking spaces and if the tow truck ever came? Is there really any enforcement of the Tesla EV charging parking only at superchargers?

JAD | 27 december 2018

A mall near us has dedicated EV parking, not charging, just clean air parking. I took the spot the SUV left and noticed I was the only clean air vehicle of all the cars parked there :(

Not sure the point of the spots, but of the places that have them in San Diego, there is zero enforcement or acknowledgement from other drivers.

shawncordell | 27 december 2018

Not the case here in Texas. ICE vehicles seem to always occupy charging stations. I know letting the air out of their tires is not the mature thing to do, but it sure gives me a natural high.

mamafuzbot | 27 december 2018

Prior to having my home charger, I was trying to charge across the street from work where there are two blink chargers. Unfortunately, they were always occupied by ICE vehicles. I took to leaving these lovely "notes" provided by blink each time on their windshields. Really annoying. I'm in PA and EVs are still a pretty rare sight around here. I was also told that the signs posted "For EV charging only" are not enforceable other than by the owner of the property they are housed on. Enlightenment is a slow journey, I presume.

spuzzz123 | 27 december 2018

Whew @shawncordell, in Texas of all places, aren't you asking to get shot when you let air out of tires? Gun folks do not respond well to others touching, much less vandalizing their property...

shawncordell | 27 december 2018

@spuzzz I’m only kidding...

greg | 27 december 2018


Of course if you pulled out YOUR gun and shot holes in their tires, they'd probably respect that.

nwfan | 28 december 2018

@shawncordell, guess we are lucky here in my part of TX.
Stopped off last Saturday for some electricity at Southlake SC.
Parking lot was full yet all 10 stalls were empty. Backed in my
Model 3 and charged up. Within 10 minutes 9 of 10 stalls were being
used. All the ICE vehicles respected EV charging spaces and this was the
Saturday prior to XMAS.

billtphotoman | 28 december 2018

Some of the hotels that have destination charging (such as the one I am staying at in Rockport TX right now) are getting better about keeping the spots from getting ICEd as well. This hotel blocks off the 2 destination charging spots with pylons. Now if they could just get better about keeping the destination chargers actually _working_. Part of the problem is L2 EV charging spots will often be close to buildings to avoid tearing up the parking lot to run cables.

walnotr | 28 december 2018

I recently stopped at the McAllen SC to top off after a little 150 mile road trip. While there we noticed the parking at the hotel was full and saw several cars cruising for parking spots. Before long the chargers started getting ICE’d. We confronted them and were met with shrugs and “We will only be here for the event we are attending.” We were the only EV there at the time so we did our part by keeping the car doors open to prevent ICEing on either side of us.

We left soon after and can only assume the ICEing continued. Hopefully those we talked to were at least made a little more aware.

mimo | 27 augusti 2019

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Kary993 | 27 augusti 2019

same here, see ICE cars in charging spots and also in clean air marked spots. A mall here that was newly remodeled and built put several clean air only parking spots right at the entrance for the escalators but ICE cars just park there.

Earl and Nagin ... | 27 augusti 2019

“Clean air only” is stupid green washing by the well-intentioned morons behind LEED certification. It means nothing and only annoys many people.

Mike83 | 3 oktober 2019

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Sarah R | 13 januari 2020

This isn't difficult. In California, an EV charging station is the same as a gas pump; they're both fueling stations. If you're nor actively fueling your vehicle, you're illegally parked and subject to ticket and tow.

andy.connor.e | 13 januari 2020

The way you can get around that at the gas pump is some people go inside to pay before fueling. So that gives you the opportunity to go in take a piss, and buy something then actually go out and pay at pump.

yudansha™ | 13 januari 2020

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