Performance spoiler and badges

Performance spoiler and badges

Checking in to those Performance Model 3 owners...

I got my Performance Model 3 back in mid-September and have yet to hear back on the spoiler plus any badging. Has anyone received theirs?

ODWms | 26 december 2018

Still nothing. Everything I’ve heard points to beginning of the year - March.

JAD | 26 december 2018

I have been seeing dual motor badged cars, just no spoilers and performance yet, but getting closer!

George with SacEV | 26 december 2018

Like you, waiting for those details to be available. I took delivery on 1 September. YIKES!

cchouston | 26 december 2018

No word. Took delivery on September 30.

Magic 8 Ball | 26 december 2018

They invited all owners around here to the Palo Alto service center, a few weeks ago, to a two day event to get badges installed, no spoilers.

howard | 26 december 2018

All I got was they will send a service appointment notice when they are in. Must say a bit disappointed and irritated.

dmanincali | 27 december 2018

Got my badge in early December. Submitted an exec escalation (through my Model X profile since you can't do it via the Model 3 profile) and asked about the spoiler. They said that they'd be coming out in the New Year because they were focused on delivering new cars in December. I'll reach out again around mid-to-late Jan.

disapr | 27 december 2018

I've been told by a few Tesla people that the wing was redesigned. One of the local gallery demo cars had the wing installed and when it was sold a few days ago they removed the wing before handing to the customer.

I want the wing too, but I'm happy to give Tesla time to get it right. If they called a stop production and retooled the design then they must have caught a fairly serious design flaw.

farmer | 27 december 2018

I don't need no stinking badges !! Got delivery in Sep. I was the 1st M3P delivered in CA desert. i might install spoiler when it comes but no other "badging". I like it clean and stealth. It would be nice to get my wall charger though. I send an email once a week requesting an update. I have never received any response. Showroom Mgr. said everyone is complaining about chargers and "onlineorders" are not responsive to anyone including the Mgr. who sent a couple of additional requests for me.

rmstrzala | 27 december 2018

Got my Dual Motor badge in early Dec

sroh | 27 december 2018

I got the performance badge. Thing is, I only have a dual motor, non-performance Model 3. I didn't complain as it looks great on my red car. Obviously no spoiler.

ruppert.kyle | 27 december 2018

I took Delivery 12/22. No spoiler or badge.

gmr6415 | 27 december 2018

I don't know if they were OEM or aftermarket, but I saw a white M3 at the Lake City supercharger with badge and spoiler.

gmr6415 | 27 december 2018

Lake City, FL

mike.scragg | 25 januari 2019

When can I not get an ETA on this, there has to be some kind of process going on right now, correct? I call my local service center every couple weeks and get no new information. I'm supposed to just wait for a call or email? I'm in Fort Worth TX.

mike.scragg | 25 januari 2019

When=Why*. Just shows how frustrated I am by this now.

jimglas | 25 januari 2019

service put my P3D badge on when here for another problem. It is quite subtle. I like it.

lilbean | 25 januari 2019

We don't need no stinking badges!

lbowroom | 25 januari 2019

Jim, when you say P3D badge, do you mean the DUAL MOTOR badge, or did you buy the P3D badge from Abstract Ocean?

jimglas | 25 januari 2019

It says Dual motor with a red line under it. The P3D badge from Tesla.

tanya | 25 januari 2019

Got my "dual motor" badge installed yesterday in south FL when took my car for service. I did not know about it ahead of time, though I saw others with badges.

Nodnarb | 25 januari 2019

Got my badge installed by service today when they came out to replace my front badge due to scratches on it. Tesla said the spoilers are trickling in starting out west.

lbowroom | 25 januari 2019

I was on the fence about the badging. Saw a dual motor with red underline in the parking lot, decided I don't want it.

jacklondon413 | 25 januari 2019

Do you have to schedule a Service appointment for the spoiler and badge? I'm out here in SF and have an appt mid Feb to fix curb rash and possibly get the spoiler and badge.

meni | 26 januari 2019

Badges are trickling in. Asked for mine during a minor service appointment and they had one in stock. Lettering and especially that red line look great on my Midnight Silver M3P+. Looking forward to the spoiler!

ybbor | 26 januari 2019

My car was at the service center yesterday and they offered to install the badge. P3D+ so had the red line. They still have no idea on the spoiler.

Really curious what's taking so long. There are a few aftermarket carbon fiber options that people have designed, developed, and put in to production.

elecfan2 | 26 januari 2019

Tesla mobile service handed me my P3D+ badge, I didn't want it installed yet so I'm just keeping it on my shelf at home. I would like the spoiler when it comes out, but it's not available here on the east coast.

wertzu112 | 27 januari 2019

Someone has recently spotted a truck full of P3D's in Denmark ahead of european deliveries that appear to have the spoiler installed (though very hard to make them out):

lpjakob | 27 januari 2019

Every contact gets a different story. Took delivery of Performance M3 with PUP in September and was told due bill for spoiler and badge would be completed in 6-weeks. After no information, called and emailed, told I should hear by EOY...nothing. Emailed again 1/16th, was told that update package (spoiler with badge) are being delivered to SCs by order of VIN#. Was told to call Burbank SC for details. Spoke with Burbank SC, they never heard upgrade packages being shipped by VIN#. Burbank promised parts department would check status for my P3D and call me callback yet. If upgrades are packages that include the spoiler and badge, why are people reporting they only got the badge? Yes wertzu112, there have been many websites showing pictures of Performance M3s in Europe that clearly had the spoiler and performance badge already installed. I own two Teslas and love the service and support we have received but this situation with ignoring those of us that paid for performance M3 at the highest price and not completing due bills for 4+ months while new cars being exported already have what we were promised is a very bad way to treat customers. The fact that you get a different story every time you contact an employee also demonstrates that no one at Tesla has taken responsibility for this issue. For the first time in 3-years, I am a very disappointed Tesla owner.

George with SacEV | 28 januari 2019

@lpjakob, et al

I totally agree, I am on my 3rd Tesla, with the Model 3 Performance+ delivered on 1 September. Here in the Sacramento area my car gets used for ALL the major car displays, including the Sacramento International Car Show in October and most recently the big Martin Luther King EXPO at the city convention center, as well as currently on highlight display on www.greencarreports for an article I wrote there on "traction control" technology, etc. Tesla would be some much more rewarded by ALL of us, if they actually FOLLOWED UP ON THEIR DELIVERY COMMITMENTS to get us "complete cars" that we paid for "by the end of the year" and that means 2018, NOT 2019!

I also have a shattered passenger side sun visor mirror from first delivery and that part also has yet to be replaced!

Good thing most of us respect the philosophy and engineering of Tesla, as right now their "business behavior" to customers is really not justifying respect for that dimension.

wiboater4 | 28 januari 2019

I suppose they could have just made us wait until they had time to test them fully themselves and stockpile extra parts , get more service centers built .

I was happy to get the car as soon as possible. I'm willing to cut them some slack for that.

ccollinsworth | 29 januari 2019

I've had mine since August 2019 - no badge, no spoiler. Maybe time for some sort of Class Action lawsuit to get the spoiler and badge in timely manner or a refund for the cost?

dmanincali | 29 januari 2019


Completely agree. I also own two Teslas and am beyond irritated that they're sending all the spoilers to Europe when we've already paid for ours and keep getting different answers on when we'll get them. I just got a text from my SC saying to not expect it till summer. That's completely unacceptable.

If they could at least get their story straight and give us a reliable answer on when we'll get the spoilers I'd be somewhat satisfied. But the fact that every time I (or anyone else) reaches out we're provided with different answers is unacceptable. How hard is it to get an all company bulletin out with an accurate delivery date?

Thankfully next time I'm in the market for an EV there's going to be serious competition and I don't have to take delivery of cars with missing parts. I've been really happy with my car so far but Tesla's business practices are awful.

@ccollinsworth - I'd be in for a CA to get a refund.

dmanincali | 29 januari 2019

@wiboater4 - sure we should cut them some slack for delivering the vehicles as soon as they can. But now that we know they're actually producing the spoilers I think they should start getting us straight answers on when we'll get our parts.

sidbid77 | 14 februari 2019

I completely agree. This is absurd. Those of us that took delivery without our badges and spoilers should have received ours before now. This is ridiculous. I was originally told six weeks. Then after six weeks, I was told no one really knows. Now I read that Europe is receiving M3Ps complete with badge and spoiler, and yet no ETA here. I too have two Tesla's, an X and a M3P. Love the cars, but customer service has been absolutely horrible. No body knows what's going on, different stories from each person you speak to, never consistent. Ugh. I think some healthy competition would help shake things up. Great product, but customer service is truly lacking.

JPMAN | 15 februari 2019

I spoke to my local service reps yesterday and they said absolutely no ETA at the moment. He said a lot of people are asking and so they keep asking internally but the response has been very clear that right now Tesla has no immediate plans to roll anything out domestically for the spoilers. This is in direct contrast to my sales rep's response which was that they are taking reservations now to install the spoilers (and before that he was telling me end of Dec, I took delivery in October). My wife's lease is coming up on her car and we're looking at another M3. But I absolutely won't buy another one until I get the rest of my first M3P+. Her lease ends in March and if I haven't heard by then we'll go with another brand. It's too bad for Tesla because they are likely losing sales over this, at least from me.

jimglas | 15 februari 2019

So …… You would rather lose your tax credit? Sounds like FUD to me.

disapr | 15 februari 2019

@JP... Irrational much?

jimpapke | 15 februari 2019

My spoiler and badge were installed last Saturday at a pop-up service event in Costa Mesa CA. They did about 200 cars that day with a drive through service event that was great! I didn't even have to get out of the car. Yours will be coming soon probably with a similar event at your location.

ODWms | 15 februari 2019

I went to have my badge installed, and to address a few, small issues last week. They said they'd be calling me soon to have the spoiler installed by a mobile ranger. I'm in Florida.

Phi95B | 20 februari 2019

Got my P3D September 2018. Scheduled a service center appointment for 2/18/2019 to have my badge and spoiler installed. Got a phone call yesterday and had my badge and spoiler installed today in Fresno, CA by the mobile service. Looks awesome.

Firewired | 20 februari 2019

Just stopped by service center today when in the area. Only Badges here in San Antonio, no spoilers have come in.

rsingh05 | 20 februari 2019

Got mine installed today in Santa Clara when I went in for service. Took 15 minutes. There’s still blue tape on it which I can remove after a day but I bet it will look awesome after that!

eugene | 24 februari 2019

jimpapke - How did you know about this pop-up service event in Costa Mesa? I could have stopped by if I knew it was happening...

cchouston | 24 februari 2019

Still waiting for the spoiler in south central PA (Owing Mills, MD SC). I did have the badge installed by mobile service, but the tech installed it without the use of a template and it was crooked. I had him reinstall it, with the use of my level.

lbowroom | 24 februari 2019

Hopefully your car was parked on a level surface too.

SeaDoc | 25 februari 2019

Just got a message in my in box on Tesla app that badging and spoiler are available for install by your local service center. Made appt via app, so who knows. Set for 1 march.

JAD | 25 februari 2019

Mine as well in San Diego, but the rear of the car isn't fixed from being hit so I must wait for a new reason.

farmer | 26 februari 2019

Took delivery in Sep. and got notice yesterday to set up Apt. in Palm Springs P3D I am just going to pick them up and have the spoiler "wrapped" and install spoiler only. No badging for me, I like the clean look without it.

amanwithplan | 26 februari 2019

I had a "Dual Motor" badge installed without my consent at my last service appointment to replace a bad charging port. Tesla offered to pay for my Opti-Coat installer to redo the panel on their dollar, but I may just keep it because its small and tasteful (still pretty stealth).

It doesn't have the red underline, even though I have the performance model. Anyone else have this issue?