Touchscreen Unresponsive

Touchscreen Unresponsive

After more than 4 years, and only 30,000 miles, we got our first "Touchscreen Unresponsive" error message and learned how to re-boot the touchscreen. It happened occasionally for a couple of years, always in the garage while it was parked overnight. Then, about a six months ago the frequency started to increase. It happens about 1/3 of the time, lately, including after short parking intervals while running errands. And the “starting up” message, never seen before, now appears repeatedly as the car makes several attempts to wake up.
The nearest Service Center is 3 hours away. There is usually a 20-30 minute wait to talk to the first person, followed by another wait to talk to the service dept. Is there anything I can do myself to return the car to its original, error free operation? | 14 januari 2019

Sorry to say, it sounds like a new MUC is likely required. It's possible a screen replacement would fix it, but I sort of doubt it. More likely the touch controller (inside the MCU) is failing. Service is going to need to sort it out. | 14 januari 2019 MCU...

kerryglittle | 14 januari 2019

At work we had this one mechanic, not a good one but his saying was that " if it cant be fixed with a hammer then it cant be fixed". Might not apply in this case but after 3 bourbons I felt the need to share. LOL.

Chunky Jr. | 14 januari 2019

This happened to me - the touch screen would randomly stop accepting input. A reboot would fix it for a day or two and then it would freeze again. Turned out to be a hardware failure and they had to replace the MCU

Chunky Jr. | 14 januari 2019

Any time it freezes, hold down the voice command button and say something like "bug report the touch screen is not working". That will create a time stamp and gather diagnostic data. Do it every time it freezes. Then call Tesla service and they can look at the logs

mallynb | 15 januari 2019

Chunky Jr. -- Thanks! I wasn't aware this could be done.

mallynb | 15 januari 2019

All -- Jargon not helpful. What's MCU stand for? Any cost info to replace one?

Bill_75D | 15 januari 2019

MCU = Media Control Unit = $$$$

NOLEK SUM | 19 januari 2019

You definitely need a new MCU.

As for long hold times to talk to your local service center, as you probably know, that is because even if you dial it with a local area code it is routed 1st to California. There is a shortcut to go directly to the local service center. Ask them what that is next time you reach them.

NOLEK SUM | 19 januari 2019

It stands for media control unit and that is basically that screen and the computer behind it. It is several thousand dollars.

ryanlandis46 | 18 mars 2019

My screen just out of no where stopped recognizing touch inputs. I haven't recieved any error messages and everything is functioning on the screen. I have tried the soft and hard reset and still doesn't recognize touch inputs. Any ideas?

NKYTA | 18 mars 2019


ryanlandis46 | 25 april 2019

Update: was told first need new screen took in said nothing wrong. 2nd time said USB wires are bad. Just got back Monday and already happened again. Seems as if the service center doesn't know what's wrong with it. This has been a horrible experience trying to get it fixed. This will be my 3rd time having to take it in!!