Is anyone experiencing long wake up time for Model 3?

Is anyone experiencing long wake up time for Model 3?

Got my Model 3 delivered on 11/16/18, experiencing long wake up time for my car since then - the display is black when I get into the car and it take about a minute to boot up. It does not always happen but sometimes it could happen even when I only park the car for 10 minutes. Scheduled a service but the representative told me it is a firmware bug and the only I could do is to wait for the fix in the next firmware (55?) upgrade.

If this is software problem, is anyone else facing the same issue?

Draco | 14 januari 2019

Yes, I am having same issue. My son says car is in deep sleep.

Spartan24 | 14 januari 2019

I’ve found a trick that seems to work well for me:
1) if you’re car connects to the app via Bluetooth to do things like unlocking doors (which is possible whole car is still deep sleeping) then tap the unlock button first;
2) hard reboot iPhone. Dunno if this works in Android.
3) now open Tesla app and I’m pretty sure car will wake up.

Leaves me to wonder if this is car issue or app issue.

Spartan24 | 14 januari 2019


Teslaguy | 14 januari 2019

The next update will supposedly take care of this problem by adjusting the wake habits of the car

russr1123 | 15 januari 2019

Just so you know, this isn’t a long wake up time issue. This is a known issue with the intel computer module crashing upon wake when you open the door. You’ll notice that typically, you open the door, the headlights come on, then the screen comes on. When this issue happens, the headlights come on, the computer then crashes and reboots. This is why your headlights go back off. It’s taking long because the mcu is rebooting. It’s a known issue affecting many vehicles in the fleet and it sometimes happens a lot, and other times doesn’t. Tesla is aware of it, but there’s no fix yet. I heard v52 software update will fix, but we’ll see.

AWDTesla | 15 januari 2019

Typically, it happens when the car has been sleeping for a while. For me, has nothing to do with the doors being opened or not

And yeah, I will sometimes wait 2 minutes or more for it to wake up. It's why I got the fob. I'm not standing out there in -30 weather with 3 kids waiting for my phone and car to do its thing.

EM34ME | 15 januari 2019

I don't experience this problem. In my opinion, it has to do with the phone and its OS. I have a Samsung S8 running the latest OS. So far the phone is 100% reliable.

jimglas | 15 januari 2019

My MX "wakes up" much faster than my M3 on my iPhone app. No idea why, just an observation.

AWDTesla | 15 januari 2019

My phone is also a S8

EVRider | 15 januari 2019

@EM34ME: The OP is talking about the car waking up slowly when you open the door, not when using the app. Our Model 3 wakes up immediately when opening the door, but sometimes the app takes a while to wake the car. The phone key works immediately.

jimglas | 15 januari 2019

my bad, door wakes up car immediately

ModernTriDad | 15 januari 2019

Is the issue with the car waking or is it with the message sent to the car not getting a timely response? The car is waking fine because it responds to Bluetooth and NFC immediately, but the modem is in a power saving mode that doesn’t respond quickly even though the car isn’t “asleep “.

EM34ME | 15 januari 2019

My car wakes up immediately with the app, when I walk up to it, before I ever touch the door handle, is what I am saying. I don't know if this makes a difference, but I park my car in the garage, always plugged in but necessarily charging, in a very mild climate area of SoCal. I don't have or need any pre-conditioning set on the car.

EM34ME | 15 januari 2019

I haven't noticed any vampire drain either. If there is some, it is probably less than a mile per day.

jdirik | 15 januari 2019

My iPhone 8 never had problems. After I upgraded to XR, wake up is erratic. One fix is to turn off and then turn on the Bluetooth.

Spartan24 | 15 januari 2019

I misinterpreted the OP. apologies. I have trouble waking care from iPhone app. Never trouble when opening the car door.

CST | 15 januari 2019

One of the Model S that I drove had a message about waiting for the car to wake up - its not just the 3 that does it.. but the 3 has no message.

Dmitrysml777 | 16 januari 2019

My takes a long time to wake up. If I am charging overnight, I cannot pull out the charging cable unless I open the car door first.

CST | 16 januari 2019

Yes.. On & off. Of course, if I want to use Summon, it'll be the longest wait ever!

CST | 16 januari 2019

Also, I'm pretty sure that Tesla invented a feature to determine if you are showing off the car, into which the app will never connect.

finman100 | 16 januari 2019

The "I-told-you-this-Tesla-thing-will-never-work" app.

keith | 16 januari 2019

My observation is that on colder days the car wakes up slower.

cpxazn | 17 januari 2019

Mine has been slower since I took it into service and they replaced my MCU and upgraded me to 2018.50.5. It used to be instant when I opened the doors. Now I can open the door and sit down and the screen will have just turned on or may not have turned on yet. It definitely is not crashing and rebooting.

russr1123 | 18 januari 2019

Why did they replace your mcu? What did you take it in for?

cpxazn | 20 januari 2019

I was having static noises coming from the emergency speaker under the glove box. Apparently there is a service bulletin for this issue and the fix is to replace the MCU. Funny enough, it didn't actually fix the issue, and it seems like they scratched my kicker panel in the process.

rmlee | 23 januari 2019

Wake up time a lot quicker after the update today...

syclone | 13 mars 2020

Wake up times on my M3 have always been erratic. I have an LR-RWD with EAP. Currently using an iPhone 11 (T-Mobile). Waking up the car in the same location and the phone its same location varies from 2 seconds to never. This problem has existed from delivery and whatever firmware was running in July 2018 through the current version running (2020.4.1). I've tried all of the phone re-boot options. Nothing makes any difference.

geedub1023 | 13 mars 2020

My LR RWD M3 won't wake up this morning on my Tesla app on my Moto phone. This is really weird because first thing this morning I went out to the garage with my phone, unlocked the driver's side door, removed the charging cable and moved my M3 down the street to a public parking area (having some maintenance done today in my garage). All of this was done without any delays/problems. I just tried to check my car via the app...but it won't wake up. My latest update is 2020.4.1.

DiminishedSeventh | 13 mars 2020

I’ve noticed improved wake up times with 2020.8.1 but nothing is noted in the release notes. I park underground so always have a weak LTE signal, but strong WiFi. Not sure if you’re in a similar situation. See if the next update improves your times.

syclone | 13 mars 2020

I'm starting to get the feeling that communication, other than Bluetooth, between the phone and the car goes thru the "Mother-ship" and the problems lie within Tesla.

syclone | 13 mars 2020

Finally went down to the car. LTE was dead. As soon as I got moving, the LTE signal came back. That explains this situation. Access to the car from the APP is still intermittent.

geedub1023 | 14 mars 2020


You're right! I received 8.1 this morning and after downloading it, my M3 is finally waking up and seems faster. Thumbs up!

FISHEV | 14 mars 2020

"I'm starting to get the feeling that communication, other than Bluetooth, between the phone and the car goes thru the "Mother-ship" and the problems lie within Tesla."

That does sound plausible. I'm on 2020.4.1. and the Phone doesn't work in the AM even after I wake car up and turn heat on 10 minutes before going to work. Same on locking when leaving after using Phone-as-key. I often will find the car did not lock after leaving and I have to lock manually via the app.

Tesla closing the car-phone link quickly would explain both.

DiminishedSeventh | 14 mars 2020

@geedub1023 great to hear it! I just got 2020.12 so didn’t spend much time on that build lol

Recursion | 29 mars 2020

I have had this issue since i got the car 2019-12-09. Tesla M3 STR+, Tesla software V 2020.8.1. Today I tried to connect to the car with the Tesla app. No reponse, I rebootet the phone (Sony XZ Android 9, latest update), no response after much trying and waiting. I go down to the car, try the Tesla App -no reponse. I open the car sit in the drivers seat, try and try - no reponse from the app, I power off, wait, hit the brake pedal, still no response. After say 2 mins, the app is connected again, back in the apartment I can turn off climate: The Tesla app is able to connect again. This connectivity issue simply has to be recognized and fixed by Tesla.