Rear View Camera Not working

Rear View Camera Not working

All of a sudden my Rear view camera stopped working. I just get a blank white screen when i reverse the car. also i tried turning on the camera through the dashbaord and i get a white screen. Tried rebooting no luck!! anybody has experienced this issue?

jimglas | 31 januari 2019
mathwhiz | 31 januari 2019

Also try a power off reset

kesari1 | 1 februari 2019

Reset did fix the issue. Thanks Mathwhiz

Michael.sheidow | 22 februari 2019

My rear view camera is Black this morning. Everything worked fine yesterday. Tried rebooting the car twice but nothing improved.

JSHALABY | 26 februari 2019

Same for me. Just happened today. I guess I'll take it in. Pretty annoying for a new , expensive car.

JSHALABY | 26 februari 2019

Same for me. Just happened today. I guess I'll take it in. Pretty annoying for a new , expensive car.

Rumi11 | 26 februari 2019

From what I know, a manual reset is the way to go. If that doesn't work, then call tech support.

jimglas | 27 februari 2019

troll flagged

matangehome | 9 april 2019

My Model S bought in September 2018 is also showing the white screen problem. Happens often after simply parking the car for a short while and restarting. Needs a full reset (brake and 2 scroll wheels) to correct. Have to do this multiple times a day - not good. Interestingly, this does not happen on my Model S bought in March 2018. Technician says this is a known issue for newer cars, something about using an Atom processor instead of Intel. Said this would be fixed in a new update. But, two updates later (2019.8.5 3aaa23d), it still happens.

nsher | 11 april 2019

2018 Model S 75 D delivered in December 2018 has same rear camera issue. It happens randomly after the car is parked, sometimes daily and getting worse. . It is usually a white screen but occasionally all black. It restarts after a dual scroll wheel reboot.

manojamin | 15 april 2019

I just faed the same issue on my model-3. None of the camera related features work anymore (no rear view, no smart cruz and not autopilot at all!) Anyone has idea on how best to get this fixed?

carlacobb | 29 april 2019

Tesla doesn’t seem to attach much significance to this issue, despite the fact that it’s been going on for months. It’s crazy that i have to reboot my car in order to use the backup camera. If it only takes a software fix, then get the damn update out! This is incredibly annoying!

chris | 29 april 2019

I had exactly the same problem today. For a couple of hours, no cameras, no cruise, no lane markings, no autopilot. I rebooted several times, nothing. Chat support basically told me to power off, wait 2 minutes, turn it back on, if that didn't work, I had to make a service appointment. So after that didn't work, I made a service appointment (for 3 weeks from now). Went back to the car after it sat for about 3 hours in the garage and it was working again.

chris | 29 april 2019

I hit post a bit too soon on that and left out some details. I landed here from a web search and didn't pay attention to which forum it was, so it may be worth noting that mine is a Model 3, so this problem is not model specific. Software version 2019.8.5 3aaa23d.

Also also, I did remove the USB stick before trying any of this, since I've seen some speculation that the dashcam feature has been interfering with the cameras. In this case, that didn't fix it. It just fixed itself after a long time.

Enzodriver | 30 april 2019

Same is happening to my X, seemed to start after latest update 2 weeks ago.
Reset works for short time only.
The rear view camera is a safety asset and missed when not working but these things happen, guess i'll revert to the stone age way and use the rear view mirror

sweets123 | 30 april 2019

we bought a new Model S, December 2018 and within 10days I started having same issues with the camera. Suddenly turns white and after soft reset comes back but the issue is persistent till now. Tesla doesn't seem to be doing anything about it. Very frustrated with this problem. Does anybody have any updates?

sweets123 | 30 april 2019

Can Tesla be sued for this?

coolboii | 30 april 2019

Same happens here. A simple restart does the trick on each drive. This started happening on the recent 2019.12 update for my Model S.

Vawlkus | 1 maj 2019

Can you be sued for wasting my time sweets123?

sweets123 | 1 maj 2019

who are you Vawlkus? and why are you here wasting our time

nodejsquiz | 2 maj 2019

The information you have posted is very useful. The sites you have referred was good. Thanks for sharing

Vawlkus | 2 maj 2019

I’m a Model X owner of over two years whose fed up of idiots wanting to sue at the drop of a hat.

Grow up kid.

jimglas | 2 maj 2019

Because the cars are so good, the recent FUD seems to be: Service was bad or camera wasn't working, Im going to sue. Or some such nonsense.

chioux744 | 6 maj 2019

Just took car May 4, 2019, rear camera not working. W

luyong | 14 maj 2019

Got Model 3 4 weeks ago, hit this issue. It took 1 second for rear camera changed from working to all black screen, switched multiple times between D and R to try to fix it, but no luck. Finially parked, D further, then R for the back screen issue be fixed. Hope Tesla fix this bug.

dgilbertdds | 20 maj 2019

Since backup camera is a common Model S problem, instead of us venting on this forum sight who can we contact at Tesla to get it corrected besides the typical customer support email?
If enough people complain directly to Tesla corporate maybe they will do something without it hitting the press.