Can I Charge via Portable Generator?

Can I Charge via Portable Generator?

Hello folks, I am thinking about getting one of these machines here and I was wondering whether these machines can be used to charge Tesla. If not one of these machines, what products should I look at?

Is this safe to do? Can I charge Tesla via any other portable device? I don't want to break something.

Thanks for any input.

vpoz | 4 februari 2019

Theoretically possible, you’d have to ground the neutral connector otherwise the UMC will show an earth fault and no charging will happen.
Will only give single figures of extra range for every hour of generator running.

radio | 4 februari 2019

Tried it with two 230V, 1000 W and 1700 W rated generators (continuous power output). I had to ground the "neutral connector" (can be either one) to have the UMC display a green light. The latter Generator worked with 7A setting while it cut out at the 8A setting. The first generator stopped immediately as unfortunately 5A is the lowest setting you can set in a Tesla (had a peak performance of 1200W, but that didn't help).

radio | 4 februari 2019

Also watch out that the generator has a "sine wave/ inverter" output as the usual "block-wave"(?) output might not work.

This one worked for me:

dbreckejn | 4 februari 2019

Thank you for the tips guys, keep them coming.

Anthony J. Parisio | 4 februari 2019

Why do this? It’s slow and very dirty.

Anthony J. Parisio | 4 februari 2019

And very SLOW!

S75RedRidingHood | 4 februari 2019

What is the point of having a clean air vehicle and power it with an ICE machine and lost yet even more efficiency in the process?

Anthony J. Parisio | 4 februari 2019

Oh and WAY more expensive! S75RedRidingHood +. 1

vpoz | 4 februari 2019

Well, if for whatever reason you’re stuck out by the lake cabin with low charge but plenty of time and 16 100W solar panels and a sine wave inverter, you can fish for a couple of days while you charge from the sun and get enough range to get you back to civilisation.

T35LAX | 6 februari 2019
AERODYNE | 6 februari 2019

To Anthony's question...Zombie Apocolypse...
To the OP... I put jumpers on an ICE with 450k miles, original alternator, connected to a 1kw pure sine wave inverter, and was able to pull 8 amps, about one mile of range per hour.

Here in SoCal, despite what might surmise from the last election results, no Zombies yet, but overdue for a massive earthquake..


CristoferBrian | 15 oktober 2019

As the members mentioned above - its' quite slow, but if this is the only option for you, feel free to check for portable generators here