Greta Thunberg - Responds to Lies and Hate

Greta Thunberg - Responds to Lies and Hate

I guess Greta managed to strike a nerve! Good for her AND all of us!

El Mirio | 19 februari 2019

@Tesla-David, Someone should get Elon to amplify this movement in order to stir wider MSM coverage. I´m sure someone on these forums has his ear.

After all, this is what Tesla is about, so joining forces seems logical.

Tesla-David | 19 februari 2019

I couldn't agree more, Elon has been very forthright in expressing his concerns about AGW and Tesla's mission. Seems logical that Tesla should join forces with these courageous youth activist to amplify their voices and get more MSM coverage. I heard a very sobering assessment of AGW on NPR this morning about the likely scenarios with 2 degrees Centigrade of warming (best case scenario with action) versus 3-4 degrees of warming, which is the current trajectory we are on, and it makes me want to go to the streets, as we have an existential threat to the habitability of this planet, and we need to treat it like a CRISIS. Greta is totally right to frame it in those words, because it is a CRISIS.

El Mirio | 1 mars 2019

Dianne Feinstein needs to get on board with the Green New deal, link shows kids confronting her to change her position.

Telling the kids "Ï know what I´m doing" is very arrogant on her part!!!

SCCRENDO | 1 mars 2019

I have discussed this on other threads. Although I am 65 years old I believe we need to start listening to the kids. They will be the one’s impacted more by climate change and they have a fresh new look without the hypocrisy. The more I watch her the more impressed I am with AOC. I believe we should be looking at the younger presidential candidates. Bernie may be an exception. I feel in this election I am open minded. I have early favorites but I have no idea who I will vote for yet.

El Mirio | 1 mars 2019

@sccrendo I would love to see Pete Buttigieg run as Bernie´s vice. Then in 2024 AOC.

The other establishment candidates need to be voted out, they are part of the problem.

Tesla-David | 1 mars 2019

Yes, for me it is way to early to pick a favorite. We have many very qualified candidates running and Jay Inslee, my governor just threw his hat in the ring. His primary focus is AGW action, and will assure that all candidates running have a clear and positive action plan to address AGW. Like you @SCCRENDO I like AOC. Her passion and courage gives me hope, and she did quite well in her questioning of Cohen the other day. Feinstein should not have been re-elected. Time for younger people to come in and take up the standard. They have more energy, and many like Greta have something important worth listening to.

Uncle Paul | 3 mars 2019

There has always been climate change, and there will always be climate change.

Mankind will always be in danger of these changes and must adapt or suffer.

Most scientists agree that the only way to significantly reduce the human component is to reduce the human population. Too many people is the real population.

ZPG has been proposing the reduction in population solution for many years. Far more effective than the trendy new Green movement.

El Mirio | 3 mars 2019

I like AOC too, however she is only 29 and will have to wait until 2028 to be eligible to run.

SCCRENDO | 3 mars 2019

We realize that AOC is too young and likely even too inexperienced to be president at this time. And in fact I am glad Nancy Pelosi is still speaker because we need wise stewardship. But AOC is the future. She is smart and blunt and not afraid to tread on toes. For too long the Dems have been too timid and willing to play by the rules. Whereas the Republicans are quick to bend or break rules and step into the gutter. We need some Dems to get down into the gutter with them. The country has been taken over by the Trump crime syndicate. Congress should be there for checks and balances. But the lapdog Republicans have lost their spine and bowed down to the dictates of our wannabe dictator. Those Republicans who vote for the state of emergency should have their names taken and shamed at every opportunity.

blue adept | 4 mars 2019

@Uncle Paul

Yes, there has always been Climate Change, however, it has always been a part of the natural cycle of Nature/natural order of things and not artificially influenced and exorbitantly exacerbated by Humanity's actions until the dawn of the Industrial Revolution...It's been all downhill from there.

We have SEVERAL methodologies currently available to us to marginalize, even altogether eliminate our impact on the environment while still maintaining our current levels of living, albeit all the while improving our lives as a result.

Don't conflate the natural with the unnatural.

Tesla-David | 9 mars 2019

troll flagged

NKYTA | 9 mars 2019

Spammer, you mean. ;-)

El Mirio | 9 mars 2019

The kids get it, that is the good news, spammers/trolls won't be able to change that!

SCCRENDO | 9 mars 2019

Looks like we have a new troll on board.

blue adept | 12 mars 2019

@Uncle Paul

As for the other half of your comments, i.e., the farcical BS about 'over population' being an issue/contributor to Climate Change, what the literal eff are you even talking about?!

Don't tell me you're another one of those misanthropic assholes who're so caught up in their "trendy", anarchistic ideology to realize the fact that population growth and decline is cyclical in nature?

Specifically, the average life expectancy of the American male is approximately 76.4 years, 81.2 years for women. What this means, in layman's terms, is that the overall population 'ages out' (dies off) roughly every 50 years and is replenished by the next/emerging generation...Wash, rinse, and repeat, over and over again with a +/- 5 year margin of error.

So by the time someone grows to the age where they're able to responsibly engage in productive procreation (approx. 20 something) they'll be eyeing the "OUT" door by the time THEIR offspring reaches a similar age and embarks on their own adventures in childbirth and parenting.

Don't believe me? Just do the math and see for yourself, it all balances out!

So the next time someone comes along disparagingly speaking of the world's population as though it, alone, is the sum of the world's problems, pull out a pen and some paper and do a little math for them to show them the err of their misguided mindset.

As a bonus you could also point out the fact that Americans throw away some 40% of our edible food every year which, in turn, means we could stand a, say, 35-to-40% increase in our population and not bat an eye when it comes to ensuring that everyone is well fed.

Look, we all have brains and, believe it or not, we're all actually suppose to use them (if for no other reason than to save ourselves from embarrassing moments like these, huh, Uncle Paul?!).

Tesla-David | 15 mars 2019

The youth activism will be on display today throughout the country. I admire and support them 1000 percent. Here is a statement on why the students are striking.

"We are striking because if the social order is disrupted by our refusal to attend school, then the system is forced to face the climate crisis and enact change. With our futures at stake, we call for radical legislative action to combat climate change and its countless detrimental effects on the American people. We are striking for the Green New Deal, for a fair and just transition to a 100% renewable economy, and for ending the creation of additional fossil fuel infrastructure. Additionally, we believe the climate crisis should be declared a national emergency because we are running out of time."

SCCRENDO | 15 mars 2019

Thanks Tesla-David. Here is the link. Love those kids. Not the denier trolls with the mental age of kids

Mike83 | 15 mars 2019

Awesome . Those kids will be the judges and law enforcement of the future. History lessons in the works.

Uncle Paul | 15 mars 2019

Cute kid, just repeating what a bunch of older people have told her.

No facts, just feelings...

SCCRENDO | 15 mars 2019

That's what we say about the trolls on these boards. Cute kids. Just repeating what Foxnews and Donald Trump have told them.
@Uncle Paul. Some breaking news. Liberals including their kids are taught to think for themselves. Conservatives have a tendency to avoid education with home schooling etc. so that they don't get exposed to science, including evolution and news organizations that do not repeat the Foxnews mantras.

Tesla-David | 15 mars 2019

@Uncle Paul you are full of S@#t regarding your comment. Greta Thunberg and these courageous kids are speaking for their future which you are clueless about. People like you and our trolling weathermoron are the ones who don't have the facts. Worthless!

El Mirio | 15 mars 2019

Greta has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, sure would deserve it more than Obama did.

Tesla-David | 15 mars 2019

@El Mirio, I hope she gets it and agree she deserves it more than Obama. She is truly an inspiration and the youth movement she has founded has legs and will not be silenced, as much as the deniers and haters wish. These young activist are going to keep agitating until the slumbering adults, who are slow walking solutions to this existential CRISIS are forced to ACT. The Green New Deal needs to be enacted.

SCCRENDO | 15 mars 2019

I definitely feel that we need to listen to the younger generation. The older generation may be more experienced but more set in their ways and not willing to throw out old ideas. Agree with the Nobel Prize
@El Mirio. Do you think she is more deserving of the Nobel Peace Prize than Trump

El Mirio | 15 mars 2019

@SCCRENDO As long as U.S. is continuing perpetual wars no U.S. president deserves a Noble Peace Price.

Defense Budged, which in reality should be called War Budget, needs to decrease not increase. It is a colossal waste of money.

Mike83 | 15 mars 2019

Dwight Eisenhower who led the D day invasion to defeat HItler and the Nazis also warned against the establishment of the "Military Industrial Complex"
I think our leaders missed or ignored the warning.

El Mirio | 15 mars 2019

Congress knows it is being cheated and mislead on a massive scale, the question is as to why they neglect their oversight duties, but instead continue to pass budged increases.

In any private case, this would be a reason to file bankruptcy.

SCCRENDO | 15 mars 2019

They may be many reasons to run a deficit. In particular if it is being used to develop infrastructure. However the latest increase in the deficit is purely to give billionaires tax breaks

blue adept | 16 mars 2019

Kids these days can actually think for themselves (unlike many adults today), @Uncle Paul, and don't go around regurgitating some antiquated, bit of fear-mongering trivia in an effort to deflect attention away from the actual culprit(s) of a crisis, you know, like YOU do.

You need to shut it down and go away already, your schtick is old and tired.

blue adept | 16 mars 2019



Tesla-David | 16 mars 2019

Yesterday was inspiring to see so many young activist out and expressing their concerns about their future and the future habitability of this planet without serious action to address AGW.

@blue adept +1

El Mirio | 16 mars 2019

I hope they keep it up! As seen with the occupy movement or school shooting protests, politicians just hunker down and wait for protests to blow over.

Tesla-David | 16 mars 2019

Agree @ El Mirio, they absolutely need to keep it up. This piece is important in underscoring that many in the Democratic leadership pay lip service, while slow walking action and solutions, which feeds into Drump's denialism and prevent meaningful action. The Dems need to be out front and active demanding action. I am confident that Greta is not going away until something meaningful happens, and am hopeful that this youth movement will continue to grow. I was also dismayed that the Occupy movement was undercut by Wallstreet and many democratic politicians, but AGW action is so much more important.

El Mirio | 16 mars 2019

@Tesla-David, Just finished watching a documentary called "The House we live in", I strongly recommend it. It is about the failed drug war.

While comments here are often about climate change, it won't be the main driver which pushes main stream into action.

Now the new Green Deal does link Climate Change and social structural deterioration together, these issues are interconnected and need to be addressed in a wholesome way.

I do not believe there is a way to attack the global problems in a staggered way, this ship has sailed long ago.

SCCRENDO | 16 mars 2019

@El-Mirio. With you 100%

El Mirio | 16 mars 2019

@SCCRENDO emphasizing the jobs aspect is great moreover energy independence for all communities. Even trying hard, I cannot find a risk not gunning for this.

SCCRENDO | 16 mars 2019

@El-Mirio. I don’t know if you have read Jarred Diamond of “Guns, germs and Steel” fame. His book “Collapse” goes into climate change and how this has caused the collapse of many societies. The Rwanda genocide as well as many other conflicts seem to have a direct connection to climate change. This is part of the reason for my extreme intolerance to all these trolls and morons that spam the climate change discussions. On the one hand we do need to educate the ignorant. But the clowns that troll the sites are a total waste of time.

El Mirio | 17 mars 2019

@SCCRENDO I saw some of his lectures, makes total sense to me.

Our ancestors already came up with the solutions, right size, build up reserves (7 good 7 bad years), source locally, build locally, repurpose and repair.

This alone would solve many social economic issues pretty much everywhere, have a chance for a sustainable future and create meaningful emotionally healthy jobs.

High Rise symbiotic farming for example needs to be pushed in order to build up resilience, monocultures are a danger for many reasons, pests, water consumption/availability, energy needs etc.etc.

My point is, while one can disagree in regards to the climate, there are other issues affecting the future needing solutions, so why not focus a constructive discussion on such subjects, rather than arguing in circles about unmovable viewpoints until the cows come home?

Tesla-David | 17 mars 2019

Thanks for the link @El Mirio, I will watch it. I totally agree with your points, and agree that the Green New Deal is vital in connecting the multitude of problems that Climate Change is impacting. We have to address the environmental justice issues affecting developing countries, while working on the decarbonizing of the planet. It is a huge task, but we have no other choice but to go all in to address these issues.

@SCCRENDO the drought in Syria attributable to Climate Change preceded the uprising and conflict there as well. When one looks closely at most of the conflicts happening, there usually is a direct connection to ongoing climate change impacts. With the rapid disappearance of glaciers worldwide, which serve as a critical water source in many countries, there will be much more conflict in the future as water shortages become more critical than they currently are.

SCCRENDO | 17 mars 2019

@Tesla-David. Indeed the civil war in Syria is one of those mentioned.
@El Mirio. I agree we need to extend the debate. And that is the reason we should not waste time engaging the trolls who have no interest in debating or learning anything beyond their own preconceived ideas

SCCRENDO | 18 mars 2019

@finman. And your specific point is???

finman100 | 18 mars 2019

more humans bad.

and that's the problem. it seems TOO obvious so it's a complete no-go. reality. we just deal with it and find band-aids to continue.

We r an interesting species, no doubt. when shown our ways of the world are actually causing climate change, we ignore and completely pull off the table a solution of fewer humans. big brains and all, yet...

El Mirio | 18 mars 2019

@finman100 This is well known. is this your justification to avoid the need to reduce carbon footprint per capita? Or do you have a solution to slow down or reduce population growth?

I´m all ears.

El Mirio | 18 mars 2019

I do think that the Catholic Church should be called out on its schizophrenic stands on birth control, it directly contributes to poverty and pollution.

blue adept | 18 mars 2019


You're not that good with Math, are you?

You don't really need a 'big brain', just a basic grasp of simple Mathematics and a few facts.

SCCRENDO | 18 mars 2019

Perhaps @finman100 would like us to get into more wars. That tends to thin out the herds for a while

DavidAsheville | 18 mars 2019

Just now opening this thread, and just now watching Greta Thunberg's TED talk. She's amazing. Thank you for sharing the link.

blue adept | 18 mars 2019


Technically speaking, we're not actually involved in any "wars" now, just so-called "policing actions" intended to secure and maintain our access to certain commodities (i.e., 'oil'), nothing more.

blue adept | 18 mars 2019

Think about it...!