Greta Thunberg - Responds to Lies and Hate

Greta Thunberg - Responds to Lies and Hate

I guess Greta managed to strike a nerve! Good for her AND all of us!

El Mirio | 20 mars 2019

To all those who think climate change is a hoax, some of the largest companies in the world don't seem to think so.

El Mirio | 21 mars 2019

Whale found with 88 lbs of plastic in its stomach.

Tesla-David | 21 mars 2019

@El Mirio, your link on whale with 88 lbs of plastic in its stomach is very sobering and sad beyond belief. We have done this to our beloved planet in the short span of 70 years. Unbelievable, and should be a wakeup call that we are not being good stewards in caring for our planet. We don't have a Planet B to migrate to, and we are destroying the habitability of this planet for all lifeforms. Disgusting.

El Mirio | 21 mars 2019

@Tesla-David It is horrifyingly sad. These kids/students should go all in with strikes to fight pollution on all levels. They are right saying, you don´t listen to academics anyways, so why bother studying anyways.

The youth advantage is that they are not depended on money yet, hope they take advantage of that in a powerful way.

blue adept | 21 mars 2019

I, too, hope the children are able to keep it up but, more importantly, I hope that their concerns are heard and acted upon by our leaders inasmuch as they're literally fighting for their very lives and those of their children and their children's children...A cause most consider worth fighting for as opposed to fighting for access to some limited reservoir of the very stuff (oil) that is killing us and the environment which we need to live in today and stands to kill many more in the coming decades.

El Mirio | 21 mars 2019

Kids are our leaders.

SCCRENDO | 21 mars 2019

@el Mirio. Strongly agree

El Mirio | 21 mars 2019

you are not manipulad, everyone is but you?

SCCRENDO | 21 mars 2019

It never ceases to amaze me how the majority of the world particularly the smartest individuals are manipulated. It’s only Foxnews that refuses to be manipulated and have unearthed all the world’s conspiracies including our deep state.

Mike83 | 21 mars 2019

I would say Elon was very smart when very young and here are some others. The old farts are probably just jealous and are losing their cognitive abilities. Dumb adults are common like the Climate denier clan.

Tesla-David | 22 mars 2019

Hey your worthless Russian Troll. Greta Thunberg and others know a hell lot more than you do you piece of pond scum! Flagged!

El Mirio | 25 mars 2019

To all interested i highly recommend this Documentary

"Anthropocene: The Human Epoch" by Jennifer Baichwal and Edward Burtynsky.

Majestic images, colorful, playful and thought provoking editing. It lets the images advocate a deep rooted message for change and still let the art of cinematography shine bright.

Definitely a must watch, preferably on a big screen.

El Mirio | 26 mars 2019

Up! its needed up

El Mirio | 17 april 2019

Greta in front of the EU parliament

El Mirio | 17 april 2019

"A Message From the Future With Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez"

Excellent short movie

sabbia | 17 april 2019

Thanks for the video link El Mirio. It's telling that a lot of people hate on this.

NKYTA | 17 april 2019

Forward looking!

El Mirio | 17 april 2019

You are welcome @sabbia

It is also telling that our society is giving voice to our offspring within consequential forums, i see progress.

A kids voice is much more powerful then most, we are were kids once and can relate.

El Mirio | 17 april 2019

Bickering, best approach apparently.

Tesla-David | 18 april 2019

@El Mirio, you beat me to it. I was just going to post that same AOC link. Extremely inspiring. She is most definitely a breath of fresh air, and her enthusiasm and passion parallels Greta Thunberg. We need more young activists like her in Congress. She gives me hope that we can do something positive to address AGW!

blue adept | 20 april 2019

She is educated, intelligent, articulate, honest, compassionate, socially conscious and earnest, all attributes that are solely lacking in our government these days.

I only hope that politics doesn't ruin her and that she's able to stay true to herself.

blue adept | 20 april 2019

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez that is.

El Mirio | 20 april 2019

@blue adept your post i would think attribute to Greta as well.

Uncle Paul | 22 april 2019

While most feel that our environment is affected by human existence, it is also obvious that both sides of the argument are by products of propaganda.

Deniers seem to fly in the face of pretty good data, Greta on the other hand is perhaps also guilty of fear mongering.

Few can step back and see both sides. Most are firmly entrenched in their own bias and refuse to even consider counter arguments by the other side.

Interesting to me is that while some people will feel good about refusing to use a plastic straw, yet continously will use their cell phones to access the massive electricity sucking google on a daily basis.

An I phone is tremendously more damaging to the environment than a soda straw, yet it is the straw they go after.

jimglas | 22 april 2019

One side has facts and science
The other has their beliefs

Mike83 | 22 april 2019

Awesome. Fossil fuel addicts days are numbered.

SCCRENDO | 22 april 2019

@Uncle Paul. You are guilty of false equivalence. Climate change is backed by science, denial is not based on fact but belief. No equivalence there. We need to go after plastic straws and everything else that impacts our environment. Not attacking everything aggressively is not an excuse to do nothing.

Tesla-David | 23 april 2019

uncle Greta is right to fear her future without serious action to bring our carbon emissions down. .She is not fear mongering, simply telling the truth.

blue adept | 24 april 2019

@El Mirio

Hmm, pretty much, huh?!

blue adept | 24 april 2019

@Uncle Paul

As usual you are sorely mistaken/uninformed/ignorant of the facts, take your pick, but none speak well of your ability to provide accurate or informed content that might be beneficial to a conversation.

Perhaps you should try that ages old, tried and proven practice of reading (that's r-e-a-d-i-n-g) a book to provide yourself with some insight on a matter you might like to comment on before you splatter a bunch of nonsense across the screen and reveal to everyone just how miserably clueless you actually are...

Just saying.

blue adept | 24 april 2019



El Mirio | 3 maj 2019

School Strike for climate are targeting elections in Australia, way to go!

Tesla-David | 4 maj 2019

Thanks @Wl Mirio, great article. Young people everywhere are stepping up and it will indeed make a difference. I love their passion and sense of urgency!

“It matters to young people so much. It will be our futures, and we’ll suffer the consequences of the government’s poor decisions.”

Tesla-David | 4 maj 2019

Oops @El Mirio

El Mirio | 24 maj 2019

Truly hope Greta is able to affect elections and politicians priorities.

Tesla-David | 25 maj 2019

Greta is so right that we need bold and decisive action not rhetoric and more political activist like AOC who speak truth to power. I am sick of politicians who talk the talk but only slow walk action to address the problem. Time is running out and we need to treat this like the CRISIS and Planetary EMERGENCY it is. I was dismayed by the recent elections in Australia, which exemplified this point. The people there have lost their minds, and need to listen to the youth telling them their futures are at stake.

Tesla-David | 27 juni 2019

So much evidence that youth activism is having an impact and it will only continue to grow. The climate change lawsuit brought by 21 youth activists in Oregon summarized on 60 minutes comes to mind. Very inspiring and heroic!

Additionally kids are suing governments about lack of action on climate change World Wide, and this is a growing trend. God speed to them all, and may it continue.

blue adept | 27 juni 2019

Again who more justified, who better, to fight for their futures than the very people affected, the children of the world themselves?!

"Juliana versus United States" will show us once and for all what interests our government prizes above all others...The future of this nation or selfish, so-called big business special interests.

El Mirio | 28 juni 2019

"So much evidence that youth activism is having an impact and it will only continue to grow."

@Tesla-David Its so effective that Republicans in Oregon have to abandon democracy and go to into hiding so they don´t have to vote on a climate bill.

This last resort action is telling, at one point they won´t be able to hide.

NKYTA | 28 juni 2019

@El Mirio

Not only are they undemocratic, they are effigham cowards.
Haul them back in handcuffs, I say.

El Mirio | 28 juni 2019

@NKYTA These news gave me hope, it is clear evidence that republicans are grasping at last straws.

El Mirio | 28 juni 2019

Brits are now more concerned with climate change than the economy. Considering Brexit that is huge!

sosmerc | 29 juni 2019

My observation is the political "climate" in America is so polluted that real progress dealing with climate change issues is being stalled. Money rules completely these days...not morals. I wish there were some way to get big money out of our politics. How did we get to the place where big corporations are profiting from running prisons and detainment centers? (just one small example of how putting money ahead of morals is taking over)

Tesla-David | 29 juni 2019

The MSM and DNC have helped to minimize any serious discussion on AGW/Climate Emergency. A total of 15 minutes over two nights was expended on Climate Change Emergency. Absolutely disgusting and unacceptable. We need a full debate focused on this issue, which absolutely warrants it. The American public is uninformed and needs to be educated before the 2020 election. Our worthless scumbag/criminal POTUS is a total embarrassment at the G20, where the US stands out as the only country not concerned about this existential CRISIS.

sosmerc | 29 juni 2019

A debate focused on one topic would be so informative.....and we could have about a dozen such debates (to cover the many critical issues we currently face).....but climate change should be the first topic.

Tesla-David | 30 juni 2019

Greta Thunberg's chat with AOC gives me hope! We need to clone these two heroines and make multiple copies. They are an inspiration, and we should do everything to amplify their voices and back them up!

"One of the most compelling sections of their talk is a reminder that there’s still a lot to be hopeful about, and that in itself can be transformed into a political force."

blue adept | 1 juli 2019

I feel hopeful because I know that we, when we come together and present a united front, can overcome any obstacle just as we have before in the past when faced with insurmountable odds or even when face-to-face with evil itself (Hitler).

And Greta is right, it's not the people that are selfish, it is the corporate entities and government officials who are...selfish AND greedy.

It might be a different type of battle, there might be a different sort of obstacle we'll have to overcome, but we can do it and we KNOW it because we have before.

Meanwhile folks in Guadalajara, Mexico, a city well South of our southern border, are enjoying an out-of-nowhere freak weather event that dumped 3 to 6 feet of hail all over the city:

Isn't Climate Change wonderful...?!

El Mirio | 2 juli 2019

The U.S. needs a Swiss type paid news channel, with rules which gives voice to ALL parties. Swiss TV has debates every Friday, called "Arena", in this setting ideas are debated in detail, voters watch and can judge for themselves.

Maybe c-span could take such a role and program such a forum.

El Mirio | 16 juli 2019

OPEC is calling Greta indirectly their biggest threat! Way to go Greta!!!

NKYTA | 16 juli 2019

...then they fight you, then you win. +1 Greta!