Toyota seems scared of Tesla

Toyota seems scared of Tesla

Toyota produces shameful anti-electric vehicle ad to sell Corolla hybrid

finman100 | 12 februari 2019

OMG. THAT is pretty stupid. Well, no need to EVER tout Toyota as anything but DOA. Buh-bye.

Can you say ignorant and obsolete? I thought you could.

so when forced to make EVs to remain a viable car company, how do ya think marketing will work that out?

sheesh, pathetic to the max.

jordanrichard | 12 februari 2019

Ya, it’s self charging until it runs out of gas.........

jimglas | 12 februari 2019

they are sticking with what they are good at. Better than being coal rolled by some diesel pick up like I was today

blue adept | 12 februari 2019

Well, that's both disappointing and sad to hear, especially in light of the fact that the Japanese have the whole EV thing pretty much nailed...

Anyone remember the 8-wheeled Eliica?

SO | 13 februari 2019

Clever ad. Anyone with half a brain can realize this is meaningless.

Too bad so many people have less than half a brain.

Sleepydoc1 | 16 februari 2019

Couldn't see through all the smog.

brando | 17 februari 2019

warning: US people known for emotions and not critical thinking.
AND the Bottom 50% just want a reliable used car.

ckopandrey | 19 februari 2019

Do you seriously think that such big corporations as Toyota may be frightened by Tesla? Tesla is the company that sets trends, but the rest of the producers will overtake pioneers very soon when they realize that the scheme works. You just look here how many manufacturers of machinery and cars are already using electric motors. Even on big buses.

jordanrichard | 19 februari 2019

Ckopandrey, if they weren’t frightened then they wouldn’t be poking fun at EVs in their latest commercial for the Corolla hybrid. Toyota also said that sales of the Prius has gone down significantly and a very large number of those previous Prius owners/buyers are trading them in for Tesla’s.

Clearly you don’t follow the car industry or you wouldn’t have said such a thing.

El Mirio | 19 februari 2019

So why the low BEV production volumes from all the competition then? Do they have a hard time realizing what's going on, Model S&X have been selling like hot cakes for years now.

SO | 19 februari 2019

I find complacency hilarious.

TranzNDance | 19 februari 2019

Toyota paid money to produce and distribute FUD. Would a confident entity do that?

blue adept | 5 mars 2019

Not to mention their Prius line.

Shock | 5 mars 2019

Toyota is definitely scared and on the run from Tesla.

Although it has 4X the market cap, is hugely profitable, two decades of experience electrifying vehicles, and one of the most respected brands in the world, with an industry leading level of engineering competency and efficiency, it is completely at a loss as to how to move forward. I expect bankruptcy by end of next year. Poor Toyota. | 5 mars 2019

Wrote this Toyota ad parody a few years back when they ran ads taking shots at EVs over their 'wonderful' hybrid solutions:

blue adept | 5 mars 2019

@Shock &



rxlawdude | 5 mars 2019

@TTap, there's a future in marketing for you! :-) Seriously, your parody is hilarious and looks very professional.

ckopandrey | 15 mars 2019

Generally, I think that most cars in the future will look in such a way. This process has already been started. Toyota was one of the first brands of cars that began to produce cars with hybrid engines. It benefited both the manufacturer and the buyers! Such machines really step into the future. They are more economical and more productive than conventional internal combustion engines. You can find very interesting information on this topic on different blogs and articles, such as (, I constantly try to read the latest articles and be aware of the latest news.

jordanrichard | 15 mars 2019

ckopandrey, they may be more economical to fuel, but hybrids cost more to make and get serviced. At least from what I recall seeing at dealerships, they charge more for labor on the hybrids. Also, the manufacturer has to develop/build/install 2 propulsion systems.

SO | 15 mars 2019

@shock - see Kodak. Or blockbuster, blackberry, and the list goes on. Plenty of people like you stated during those companies prime that there is little to worry about. How correct did they end up being?

Toyota unfortunately hanging on to that stupid FC concept.

carlk | 15 mars 2019

Toyota made the first hybrid more than two decades ago but that hybrid is not the same as plug-in hybrid (aka electrified vehicle) they are talking about today. The original Prius was basically an ICE car with small re-gen device attached. Today's PHEV is a limited capacity BEV with a full ICE and gas tank added. That complicated things and is unnecessary unless you're not committed to a real BEV. Elon actually considered that option in the beginning but even a decade ago he decided it does not make sense. I don't believe Toyota is so dumb that it still could not see it today.

carlk | 15 mars 2019

***I don't believe Toyota is so dumb that it still could not see it today.***

I should have said it's hard to believe instead of don't believe. You never know how some people are.

carlk | 15 mars 2019

SO Netflix offered to sell itself to Blockbuster for $50 million to run as a DVD by mail subsidiary in the early 2000's when Blockbuster was a $5 billion company. Blockbuster did not see the value and refused. Although if Blockbuster did buy Netflix there is no way it will worth $150 billion today.

Mike83 | 15 mars 2019

The Prius was a great step forward but is 2 decades old. Going with H2 is continuing to burn fossil fuels since they use it to make H2 and the problems with it like distribution, storage, fueling, etc. are so crazy I don't understand why they don't adopt. Are they becoming like the lazy US car companies who rather try to sell gas guzzlers than help society or worse like the VW cheating on emissions to keep profiteering on old technology.
There is the Osborne effect coming and it is right around the corner. In fact the MY is just another nail in their coffin.