Free unlimited supercharging for early adopter?

Free unlimited supercharging for early adopter?

I logged into my account and notice that my Supercharging status now says "Free Unlimited Supercharging". I bought the car in July, 2018 with no referral.
This maybe the gift that will shut all the whining about the price drop.

I have EAP+FSD. Don't know if that makes a difference.
A similar topic on reddit by someone else can be found at:

Sorry can't visit the site at work so I can't copy the link over.

Teslanene | 1 mars 2019

Mine says free super charging currently enabled

jordanrichard | 1 mars 2019

Tuoncan, hmmmm interesting. It will be interesting to see if others see the same thing. Tesla over the years has done things on DL.

Chnowak | 1 mars 2019

I also purchased in July last year with no referral but still showing pay per use supercharging

Kathy Applebaum | 1 mars 2019

Both of mine (April 18, August 18) were purchased before referrals were allowed and they are still both pay-per-use.

bradbomb | 1 mars 2019

@tuoncan Are in you California? My LR RWD purchased in July 2018 switched over to free unlimited supercharging in December. I thought it had something to do with the California Wildfires when Tesla had made supercharging free towards the end of November. However, at that time, my account still said Pay-Per-Use. I noticed the change at the end of December
@Kathy Are you in California? If so that would disprove my theory

srenfrew | 1 mars 2019

Took delivery in December 2018. I had 9 months free which it gave an end date of Sept 2019. Yesterday mine changed to “Free Supercharging is currently enabled”.

jimglas | 1 mars 2019

both of my cars have FUSC, but they always have .....

eku_alexander18 | 1 mars 2019

Purchased LR AWD in Aug 2018 with eap and fsd in CA with no referral, still says pay per use

Passion2Fly | 1 mars 2019

I’m not buying it. There is more to the story unless this is a system glitch... I just checked my account and it says “pay per use”... purchased in April ‘18...

aasandsas | 1 mars 2019

We should be paying more for SC not asking for feee.

We have to help the mission right ?

weluvm3 | 1 mars 2019

Took delivery of my LR RWD M3 March 31st with EAP and FSD included.

Still says "Pay Per Use Supercharging". Probably only people who posted 100% positive comments will be gifted free unlimited supercharging. Congratulations to you lucky people.

bradbomb | 1 mars 2019

@weluvm3 Ha ha ha. I've been trying to figure out why my account had it activated and you figured it out!

In all seriousness, I have no idea how I got so lucky then

dt22cc | 1 mars 2019

Purchased LR RWD M3 in July 2018 and mine still says pay per use.

BoomGetNasty | 1 mars 2019

Yeah June delivery day one line waiter here... Still pay per use... | 1 mars 2019

@bradbomb Yeah I'm in California. Maybe it's the California Wildfires thing. Sorry to hype it up. I saw a similar thread on from site and immediately check my account and notice the same thing.

Rt002k | 1 mars 2019

Ditto with dt22cc. Not a biggie, yesterday was the first time I've used SC since September.

Magic 8 Ball | 1 mars 2019

If you bought a P version your account status of free unlimited supercharging is correct.
When is the last time you checked your account?
We bought in August and our account was not updated with accurate info until a month, or so, ago.

bradbomb | 1 mars 2019

@M8Ball I know with me I just have a LR RWD with EAP purchased July 2018. I always thought something was miscoded when they activated the Free Supercharging for the wildfires, but the fact that not all CA customers have that boggles me. Maybe it was more localized to areas affected by the fires. I'm in SFV in SoCal | 1 mars 2019

Mine is a LR version. Check the reddit post. There are a few people that got a similar thing.
I haven't looked at my account for a long time until today, but I remember it was saying something about "Pay per usage" the last time I looked at it.

bradbomb | 1 mars 2019

Thanks for that reddit link, I did check it out, lots of similar comments. I posted about it on here back at the end of December when I discovered it on my account. When they first enabled the free supercharging for the wildfires, I got the alert in my car, but my account and car still said Pay-Per-Use. When I noticed my account switch, my car now also only says Supercharging instead of Pay-Per-Use Supercharging. Also, my car does not list the supercharging rates on the maps at all.

mehingle14 | 1 mars 2019

My p.3d was picked up in a September, and my account has still not been updated. However, I've never had a credit card on the account. Just plug it in and it goes.

Shopaholic | 1 mars 2019

Day one reservation holder (sucker) LR with FSD, took delivery in July- stopped at Rocklin to charge on my way to Tahoe and got charged 7.50$ gor 23 kW, no love from Tesla

leon2555 | 4 mars 2019

I just noticed a change on the account:
Got delivery Dec 2018, and account stated Unlimited Supercharging for 6 months.
After last Thursday it stated "Unlimited Supercharging currently enabled" and today it changed:
"Free Supercharging until September 27, 2019"
this means 9 months of free charging!

aurali | 4 mars 2019

do you have a p3d? I have free unlimited super charging for that reason.

Joshan | 4 mars 2019

I have a M3 and did not use referral. I posted about this also last week, mine flipped to unlimited enabled. Not sure why, but I am happy!

Jenson2002 | 4 mars 2019

My M3 LR had free unlimited supercharging already from end of 2018. And I bought it on Jun 18

TM3Q | 4 mars 2019

Hum strange nothing here you're lucky! I only got a message that says I have a free Tesla Roadster, I'm so mad!


Joshan | 4 mars 2019

LOL... I would ask them about my free charging, but am afraid they would take it away haha!

Pepperidge | 4 mars 2019

Let make Tesla go bankwept.

Kathy Applebaum | 4 mars 2019

@bradbomb Yes, I'm in Sacramento.

billtphotoman | 4 mars 2019

Please no more Free Unlimited Supercharging unless people are excluded from getting free charging from Super Chargers within 30 miles of their home.

Joshan | 4 mars 2019

mine actually just changed in the last 15 minutes.... wonder if they saw this thread and looked haha

Supercharging Status
Free Supercharging until July 6, 2019

Jamesdhammond | 4 mars 2019

Gulf Coast August delivery M3 LR no AP. Pay per use. Just spent ~$50 to travel through Florida. Love my M3. Wish I would have had the opportunity to get in on the referral option. Over 17,000 miles on the car now. Looking to upgrade to AP if the price is good enough.

Rpm12 | 4 mars 2019

August 2018 delivery LR RWD w/ FSD. Still Pay Per Use Supercharging. I don't feel as though Tesla owes me anything for my early adoption, but this thread did make me a little excited to have free supercharging lol

Teslanene | 4 mars 2019

My account change too now went from “free super charging currently enabled” to Free supercharging until September 23, 2019. My account originally said six month of SC which supposed to end in June 23 but I guess they decided to give me the 9 month promotion as it was roll out the next day I picked up the car. Did anyone on the 6 month also get bump up to 9 months?

TAC | 4 mars 2019

Yes, 9 months also.. is this part of some consolation prize in the works?

Effopec | 4 mars 2019

I took delivery in October and still have pay per use. Personally I wish everyone had pay for use, or as was mentioned only free X miles from your home. I'd rather pay and not have to wait then have it free but need to wait every time on a road trip. As long as the pricing isn't higher than buying gas I don't mind paying.

goddard11 | 6 mars 2019

My account just says "Free Unlimited Supercharging" I ordered the Model 3 LR RWD with EAP and FSD, back in June. I did get a notification of free supercharging on my car back in November / December when the fires were raging, I live in Southern California. But I thought that ended? On my account there is no end date for "Free Unlimited Supercharging".

JustSaying | 6 mars 2019

I would pay for an unlimited supercharger plan for chargers located in excess of 100 miles (?) from the cars registered address.

aasandsas | 6 mars 2019

Got 3 months extra of free SC. Not bad since it covers entire summer until end of Aug for me. I mean it’s worth $100 odd. Well done Tesla.

fasheriff | 6 mars 2019

Thank you for the information. I just checked my account, and Free Unlimited Supercharging” has been added. Don’t know when. I don’t live in fire country. Got my fully loaded 3, including EAP and FSD in October 2018. I did not get one drop of free anything, and I tried like Hell. Is Unlimited SC transferable when the car is sold?

nwsrgilmore | 7 mars 2019

I purchased by AWD Performance model early August 2018 and my profile now reflects unlimited Supercharging too

AnnieT3 | 7 mars 2019

Purchased early August 2018, LR RWD. Southern California. Still "Pay Per Use Supercharging"

stevehendler | 7 mars 2019

November LR M3 upgraded from 6 months to 9 months free.

dmitryzak | 7 mars 2019

I think its fair and finantialy smart to offer free unlimited supercharging to fully loaded 2018 mode 3 cars with EAP + FSD. It does not initialy hit tesla cash reserves and promotes the idea that early adapters benefit in special ways. Most people love nothing more then promoting how well tesla works on long trips! Free supercharging helps spread that idea. We all helped make tesla successful.

AZTesla | 7 mars 2019

LR, RWD, EAP, FSD, Purchased August 2018, PPUS

rkalbiarEV | 7 mars 2019

Nope. Still Pay per use. Boo

dmitryzak | 7 mars 2019

I think it's fair and financially smart to offer free unlimited supercharging to fully loaded 2018 mode 3 cars with EAP + FSD. It does not initially hit Tesla cash reserves and promotes the idea that early adopters benefit in special ways. Most people love nothing more than promoting how well Tesla works on long trips! Free supercharging helps spread that idea. We all helped make Tesla successful. In the ramp up to Model Y - there need to be examples of early adopters clearly benefiting from taking early product risks. Nothing says that better than Free Supercharging.

ndmlong | 7 mars 2019

If you got Free Unlimited Supercharging for Life with the referral program for S, X, and Performance M3, can you tell me what exactly your Supercharger Status shows? Mine just says Unlimited Supercharging Enabled, but it doesn't say for Life. I called Tesla and they couldn't confirm either way. Very odd.

dmitryzak | 12 mars 2019

Any updates on this?