Have a late 2014 Model S - Considering a new Model S

Have a late 2014 Model S - Considering a new Model S

Please can anyone tell me about the changes that have taken place over the last 4+ years? Mine is 3G. Is the new one 4G? How often does the HEPA filter have to be changed? Is there a limit to how often the biodefense mode can be used? Is the autopilot #2 significantly better than #1? Any other thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

ZipZap | 4 mars 2019

Thank you.

MJP.75D | 4 mars 2019

Yes. Every 25,000 miles. No. Yes. In that order...

Short answer is there are too many meaningful and minor changes to list. For reference, I have a 2016 MS and will be replacing it this year to take advantage of all the improvements that have come in less than three years....

GHammer | 4 mars 2019

I will have to disagree with MJP.75D on the AP1 vs. AP2 currently. I own cars with each and I dont find AP2 to be any better than AP1, currently*.

*subject to change

On the other hand, I have several things that the current models dont have that I prefer.

Sunroof-No longer available
AM radio-No longer available
Large Frunk-No longer available
Plus Suspension-No longer available
Grey Leather interior-No longer available
Open Yacht Floor-No longer available

GHammer | 4 mars 2019

Oh, and how did I forget-Unlimited lifetime Supercharging.

MJP.75D | 4 mars 2019

Good call @hammer — definitely LOVE the unlimited free supercharging and will miss it come June-ish but really looking forward to that 335mi range, AP2.5 functionality and (eventually?) FSD....soon.

1secoco.ft | 4 mars 2019

bought 2014 s model mar 1st , does that car qualify for unlimited supercharging?

1secoco.ft | 4 mars 2019

bought 2014 s model mar 1st , does that car qualify for unlimited supercharging?

jordanrichard | 4 mars 2019

Depends, which version did you get a 60 or 85? If you bought a 60, it depends if the car was enabled with supercharging or not.

ST70 | 4 mars 2019

Nothing worth upgrading at this time....why do you "need" 335 mile range? You'll lose free supercharging as well...

Bill_75D | 5 mars 2019

I would wait until AP 3.0 (or whatever they will call it) comes out. | 5 mars 2019

I created this list of hardware changes from 2012 to 2019:

Obviously, some of these changes are already in your 2014 car, but gives you an idea of all the changes being made. Quite a few software changes too, some of which are only available on HW2.5 cars such as dashcam and sentry mode.

rsingh05 | 5 mars 2019

I'd say upgrade once HW3.0 is available and after supercharger 3.0 is launched (tomorrow). We still don't know which of the current models can support 200+KW charging. And free supercharging is nice - why not keep it unless you are running into high Maint costs?

onetrickaday | 6 mars 2019

I am wondering , how well is your battery retaining it charge from 2014 as its been almost 5 years now.

thanks .

Lookslikdi | 6 mars 2019

2014 P85D at 100% was listed at 254miles. Last month 100% was 236.

ST70 | 6 mars 2019

@Lookslikdi- miles/climate/conditions/use? Thanks!

Firaz | 6 mars 2019

If you do not mind getting a used vehicle, but prefer the facia refresh look, I would also consider a used Model S facia refresh starting ~July 2016 (AP1), ~Oct 2016 (AP2), they have unlimited supercharging until vehicles ordered around mid January 2017.

onetrickaday | 7 mars 2019

agree to what Firaz said. the unlimited charging is a bonus. very well done by mr elon musk

jordanrichard | 7 mars 2019

I have 145,000 miles on my ‘14 S85 and have only lost 4% of range.

sbeggs | 7 mars 2019

2014 S85 Classic original range was 265, now 259 at 100% charge.

AERODYNE | 7 mars 2019


sbeggs | 7 mars 2019



Tldickerson | 6 april 2019

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del sten | 15 november 2019

Thank you for your battery has been working in so many ways since 2014.

pastorjimkuchera | 15 november 2019

My 2014 S85 at 96K new was 265 mile range. Today I I still get 257 miles. Caveats: No HPWC, so charge rate is 40 amps.. Visit Superchargers less tha a dozen times a year. Seldom charge beyond 85%. Never recharge until less tha 80 miles remaining. Lower cycles of charging lengthen battery life. Car is in a heated garage, so always leave the garage with a 65-70 degree heated batAmos. In other words 'best possible conditions'. I will not trade the car until 200K or more. Paint is perfect as well as leather seats. I have never been happier with any new car in more than 50 years.

pastorjimkuchera | 15 november 2019

''battery" Not 'BatAmos'