Voice Command Button (top right) on Steering Wheel is not responding

Voice Command Button (top right) on Steering Wheel is not responding

Any suggestions on how to get the Voice Command Button (top right) on Steering Wheel to respond...seems nothing happens.

It did work a few days ago, seemed to quit for no reason.

I did try 2-Button and 2-Button plus Brake Reboots, but that did not solve it.

THANKS for any suggestions.

BossHoss | 6 mars 2019

As it turns out...

The Voice Command Button still does not work...but if I honk my horn (and I don't do it too often,) Voice Command activates waiting for my command. :)

Seems something got loose back there.

Mobile Service is coming on Saturday to fix it.

burdogg | 6 mars 2019

Now that is very interesting :)

jjgunn | 6 mars 2019

That is interesting. Steering wheel definitely loaded up with electronics & don't forget heating elements too!

Potentially something crossed in there now if voice activation happens when honking the horn.

jimglas | 7 mars 2019

What happens if you honk the horn while rubbing your belly?

Triggerplz | 7 mars 2019

@jimglas If that happens it will navigate you straight to the nearest gym :-)

jjgunn | 7 mars 2019

Damnit. I was hoping the bunny ranch.

Triggerplz | 7 mars 2019


amcbride | 17 mars 2019

I am having the same problem. Voice command button will not respond. However, if I press the horn it will prompt for a voice command. Really strange issue. I have scheduled a SC visit but over 1 month wait in my area for a brand new 2019 Model S. Not good first impression.

BossHoss | 18 mars 2019

Quick and easy fix...can't you get a sooner Tesla Mobile Service scheduled?

That said, you are not missing too much with that issue--enjoy (love) the 99+% rest of the car. :)