Do the speakers sound different on 2019.5.15?

Do the speakers sound different on 2019.5.15?

Just updated to 5.15 yesterday and I feel as if the speakers feel less full sounding and the bass sounds less deep when
compared to previous updates. Is anyone else experiencing this problem or am I going crazy?

Mike UpNorth | 13 mars 2019

Cray IMO.

But maybe pop into the music options and see if anything kicked back to a default like low immersion sound and/or treble, bass, etc settings.

M3phan | 13 mars 2019

Not to me and I play bass heavy tracks most days.

CST | 13 mars 2019

I had to reset the computer twice to get the rear speakers working again.

RP3 | 13 mars 2019

Ditto what CST said. I actually was listening to the radio while the rear speakers went out (very obvious) and had to reset the computer twice to get them working again.

CST | 13 mars 2019

I lost my rear speakers again and had to reboot to get them back. The bugs they keep introducing are annoying.

Carl Thompson | 14 mars 2019

I've owned my car for a year and this has been a recurring theme. Sometimes the stereo sounds great and sometimes it doesn't. It seems like it corresponds with updates. With the 2019.5.15 update it does sound worse to me.

(For me this has nothing to do with the rear speakers being on or off. It's an overall sound quality issue.)

Patrick | 14 mars 2019

I noticed the audio degradation as well. Will try a few reboots - thanks all.

nailsmails | 14 mars 2019

Side note.
I noticed that the handling of USB media seems better.
I switch to Slacker before the update due to the USB inconsistencies:
-Not restarting after re-entering the car
-Random function un-selected after re-entering
-Difficulty reading the USB during play (some but not all songs)
After the update, all of the issues above seem to be rectified.
I have not noticed an degradation in sound quality

aperfectecho | 14 mars 2019

I have had to reset the equalizer, and also recheck the "immersive" sound with some software updates. I will say that after this latest update, I noticed the sound from the stereo sounded better, if anything

lordmiller | 14 mars 2019

My rear speakers went out last night for the first time. I'm on latest update too. Super annoying but there's no change in audio quality over all, just when the speakers went out. reboot fixed it. I'm sure they'll fix it soon.

guydude | 14 mars 2019

Yes, reboot fixed my issue as well

Hui_liang | 14 mars 2019

Thanks all, started sounding normal after a few hours. Was using spotify highest bit rate from iphone. Will update on any further questions or issues.

neylus | 14 mars 2019

When you guys say reset the computer, does that mean to hold both scroll wheels or wheels and pedal?

lordmiller | 14 mars 2019

Just the scroll wheels.

Brian | 14 mars 2019

Yes, I was going to report this as well. Yesterday on my drive home my audio cut out entirely, just with an occasional 'blip' out of the speakers that I couldn't mute. This morning after changing from Streaming to FM, I lost the subwoofer or something (no bass). In both cases a reboot of the screen fixed the issue. Hopefully they address this in the next update, the system has always been solid for me until now.

Neomaxizoomdweebie | 14 mars 2019

Bluetooth sounds cheap and hollow since the day I bought it. Streaming with M3's cellular sounds incredible. My bluetooth is on iPhone 10X using the iTunes music app.
Does anyone know how to improve the sound quality over bluetooth? I've already bumped the phone's bluetooth volume to the max.

rxlawdude | 14 mars 2019

I'm glad that almost all report reboots solve the "blip" out of the speakers. I had this issue (front speakers worked, rear speakers and sub just little .1 second bursts that to the untrained ear sounded like the tick tick tick of water falling on a metal car roof (which of course the M3 doesn't have!).

Multiple reboots did nothing in my case. It was in service for a WEEK (yep!) and all they did was update the software to resolve it.

If anyone can try this experiment when/if it happens: see if voice commands work, and the other party can hear you via the BT phone connection. In my case, both of those failed.

lanji74 | 18 mars 2019

My sound is worst after update 2019.5.15 I do couple reset computer still didn't help.

EAPme | 18 mars 2019

Same here 5.15. It's common enough for me that I just expect to have to soft reboot to fix it.

1. tinny, hollow sounds (think transistor radio)
2. seems that I only get output from a subset of the channels. Rears and sub seemingly took the day off.
3. beep/pulse/tick sound from time to time during a song. The tick is especially annoying because it sounds similar to a pebble hitting my windshield.

Unrelated, I'm starting to get annoyed with the 2-3 second delay with the rear view camera.

Love the car to tears, despite the minor issues.

Hal Fisher | 19 mars 2019

I have this version and have not had any of these issues. I use just the streaming channels of classic rock and hiphop that has drake or someone standing. The bass still sounds amazingly accurate.

slingshot18 | 19 mars 2019

Audio bugs continue to plague the Model 3 since last fall. Hard reset usually helps fix the bass issue, but I'm convinced it hasn't sounded as good since October.

ezpzy | 19 mars 2019

I have my bass equalizer at 1, so not very base heavy. A few days ago after latest update, my bass speaker on driver side had static and went out. Reset once without resolution but during my drive after 2nd deep sleep started working again?

Not sure if it's just placebo effect but I would have to agree that I felt the sound was a bit off and found myself checking the speakers see if they are at least operating. Best way to explain it is that it doesn't sound as "full". And yes I've checked my settings. I was thinking it could a result of the Sentry Mode software update not integrating well?

Neomaxizoomdweebie | 19 mars 2019

Just tried using USB drive for music. The drive is properly formatted for Dashcam and Sentry Mode to work properly. I put a Music folder on it but cannot see anywhere on the Tesla Music tab to view USB music or devices. Any advice? Thank you.

Neomaxizoomdweebie | 19 mars 2019

Note to self: Ask Google first. Here’s where google sent me to answer my question. The thumb drive needs to have two partitions.

jamilworm | 19 mars 2019

I had the subwoofer stop working once after this update but the next time i drove the car it was working again. | 19 mars 2019

@Neomaxizoomdweebie - Bluetooth applies a secondary lossy compression to reduce the data. This means it's quality will always be quite a bit poorer than using a USB with music. Some don't notice it, as most phones already offer fairly poor audio. You should notice a dramatic improvement if you switch to lossless flac files played via the USB. Even MP3s will usually sound better when played from USB over anything passed through Bluetooth.

mfrey | 19 mars 2019

Just happened to me twice since the update. All of a sudden rear speakers cut out and sounds like a tin can. Reboot fixed it both times. Never had an issue before this last update.

Neomaxizoomdweebie | 31 mars 2019,
I ripped my old CDs using iTunes set to lossless quality in the settings. These files are large, high quality, and absolutely do not play in the Tesla. The next step was to buy a $10 FLAC App for my Mac. I converted all of the lossless MP4 files and at the same time boosted their volume in the FLAC app settings. They play from my USB with clear, bold sound, almost as good as the streaming music. It’s great to be a Parrot Head again! Next weekend I’ll rip my Rush collection.

Neomaxizoomdweebie | 31 mars 2019

Oops, meant to say m4a files from the iTunes music folder...

trevorrichards4 | 1 april 2019

Rear speakers cut out have to reboot to bring them back

Demixl | 26 juni 2019

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