Driving cars to another city

Driving cars to another city

I would like to clarify whether it is possible to transport the car moving company? Or do I need to transport it yourself?

jordanrichard | 17 mars 2019

You want to move (transport) a car moving company.............?

El Mirio | 17 mars 2019

as far as I understand, "it" would refer to "transport", so the question is whether he/she needs to transport the transport yourself?

El Mirio | 17 mars 2019

Joke aside, I think you are asking whether Tesla will deliver the car to you since you ordered online, the answer is YES.

jpcollins9 | 17 mars 2019

Or, are you asking if you move and want to transport your car on a carrier? Haven't had to relocate a Tesla but have other cars. Based on my experience, I would only do it in an enclosed trailer. Once had a windshield issue with a Porsche when they put it on top of an open trailer in the very front.

SCCRENDO | 17 mars 2019

I guess we can be pretty good at answering questions but there is an onus on the OP to make the question understandable