Trunk won’t open

Trunk won’t open

This morning when I arrived at my work, I could not open the trunk. Neither remote nor manual attempt worked. I rebooted soft and hard. Nothing happened. Probably, due to this reason, I could not lock the doors as well. The service center is few miles away from me so I decided to go there. They checked it immediately and told me that the door lock actuator needs to be replaced. They provided $100 lyft credit so that I could go back to my work. Very nice service.
I hope to see my car back at the end of the day. By the way, I had received 2019.8.4 update this morning and installed it. I am not sure it has related to this problem, but release notes section was white blank. I am not sure what is in this update. My previous version was 2018.50.6.

2016 75D with 42,235 miles.

So far followings been serviced:
1- main screen has been changed due to yellow border at 35,000 miles. While charging a damage appears on my main dashboard so it will be replaced under warranty.
2- both trunk lift gate power shock struts been replaced at 20000 miles
3- tires had been replaced at 36,000 miles.
4- Rear brake lights had been replaced due to water condensation.
5- Right trim replaced between passenger doors due to broken clips.
6- floor carpets been replaced two times due to sliding over time.
7- front and right turn signal cameras had been replaced which caused auto pilot malfunction.


teznbe16 | 2 april 2019

I picked up my car this afternoon. The issue has been resolved. However, noticed two damages: one at front passenger seat; the leather has been deeply scratched and, two at trunk latch area; the plastic part around the latch has been chipped off badly. I am not sure technicians use some kind of protectors when work in or around the cars, but I emailed the service center about my disappointment.

RedJ | 3 april 2019

Had the same issue with the trunk actuator. It’s a HW issue unrelated to firmware. The reason the car would not lock is because the trunk is partially unlatched so the car thinks it’s open preventing all the doors from locking.