Dancing cars with 2019.8.3?

Dancing cars with 2019.8.3?

My Model S was updated with 2019.8.3 recently. I have EAP and FSD and haven’t noticed any new issues until today, but I haven’t driven much since the update. Today when I was stopped at a red light, the vehicles displayed on either side of me in the dash display started “dancing” like I’ve never seen before. It wasn’t the usual jittery display I’ve seen before (which has been reportedly improved for this update). The cars in the display were actually rotating back and forth, enough to make me think this was an intentional Easter Egg, but one I haven’t heard about yet.

Has anyone else seen this? The traffic light turned green before I had a chance to take a video, but I’ll try to record it if it happens again. My wife was in the car and she saw this too, so I wasn’t hallucinating. :-) My wife’s Model 3 has the same firmware, and we’ve driven her car more than mine since the update, but haven’t seen this in her car yet.

SoCal Buzz | 2 april 2019

Yep, cars on left / right spun all the way sideways, back and forth a bit.

RedJ | 2 april 2019

Saw the same thing this morning. My kids got a kick out of it as it looked like they were dancing to the music

Bighorn | 2 april 2019

Did RIP Harambe start playing?

EVRider | 3 april 2019

I didn't record this yet, but I found another video of the same issue on Twitter:

RedJ | 3 april 2019

RIP Harambre Needs to be added as an Easter egg somewhere