Motor/Fan Noise with A/C on

Motor/Fan Noise with A/C on

I’m not sure if this noise is normal coming from my model 3 but I noticed it while the car was parked in my driveway when I opened the door. I had the A/C on. Here’s a video of the noise:

It just started getting warmer here in Northern California since I purchased the car so maybe this is normal when you it gets hotter outside. Does this sound normal or should I take it to my local SC?

lilbean | 13 april 2019

Mine started doing that after the 8.5 update even with the AC off.

Magic 8 Ball | 13 april 2019

I noticed ours doing that yesterday. I figured it was just the discobobulator modulator cooling off. Seems normal to me.

andrewsjra | 13 april 2019

Glad to know it doesn’t seem to be an issue.

GotLithium | 13 april 2019

@M8B your car must have new hardware, mine uses a gonkulator to cool off, but if you ask me how it works, all I can say is:”I know nothing about nothing “ ;)

Rogue Leader | 13 april 2019

Mine does that also. It’s a combination of the cooling fans for the AC and the same coolant running through the battery.
Have you heard a model S or X at the SuperC? Nosier than poop.
Yours and my M3 noises are fine. No worries my brother.

YONIMAYERI | 13 september 2019

It finally got hot enough to need maximum cool in Northern CA, and just noticed this too! Thank you forum people!

M3phan | 15 september 2019

Same sound here. Ready for lift off.