Need Tesla RV

Need Tesla RV

As a Model 3 owner, it's been months since I've taken a vehicle to the gas station. Today, I took our RV for a deisel fill-up. $61.70. Ouch.

Bighorn | 16 april 2019

Sprinter collabo may he in the works, though my friend with a new Mercedes just had the steering pump explode on him in a remote area. Had to muscle his way to civilization in a spray of brake fluid.

Carl Thompson | 16 april 2019

Definitely want this but only _after_ FSD is a real thing. I have no interest in driving an RV myself.

Would be awesome to go to sleep in one state and wake up in another. When I retire I will definitely do that on a regular basis if I can. Hopefully Tesla won't be the only company to offer a self-driving RV.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 16 april 2019

I figure a Tesla pickup may be able to tow a Fifth Wheel/Gooseneck third party Caravan/RV fairly well. So will the Tesla Semi. Tesla may not have to build an RV themselves, and I'm sure various custom coachwork firms would prefer they didn't.

Teslanene | 16 april 2019

Why need an RV camper mode coming soon.

chadbobb | 16 april 2019

I just need a real EV pickup...

Not this Rivian crap that seems to be directed towards performance drivers? Buy a car. I need towing capacity, ground clearance, and range in a pickup. 200kWhr battery, 15,000lb towing capacity, and a bed big enough for a 10,000+ watt charger.

I'll be set.

Earl and Nagin ... | 16 april 2019

With everything else you want, performance comes for free, just like with the Semi. They might as well market it. Keeping its great performance a secret would be just plain stupid.

TexasBob | 16 april 2019

I've been thinking about this for years. If Tesla comes out with caravanning for the Tesla Semi then it could open an entirely new type of RV that is on a powered electric trailer platform and follows around a Model 3 (or whatever) but is no a drivable vehicle per se. You could eliminate a bunch of the wasted space on an RV (the driving cabin) and any car - even a model 3 - could "tow" a full sized RV behind. You could use summon to park it. Don't even need a steering wheel. And once it is parked the Model 3/Y would be available for driving. Since RV parks tend to have NEMA plugs anyway, they would be ideal locations for refills.

It would be a Caravanning Caravan (see what I did there? They call RVs Caravans in the UK.)

Carl Thompson | 16 april 2019

"Why need an RV camper mode coming soon."

Camper mode is already here, right?

But the answer is comfort. An RV is a heck of a lot more comfortable to live in than a car!

rwgallah | 16 april 2019

Some of the specs for an EV RV (based on a Class C Mercedes Sprinter):

1) Vehicle weight = 12,000 lbs
2) Towing capability = 5,000 lbs
3) ~25 feet in length
4) ~12 feet tall (high wind resistance)
5) ~8 feet width
6) Non-driving power requirements: 20 kW/day (my rough estimate)

TexasBob | 16 april 2019

rwgallah - now imagine if you did not need to drive it. 5 feet tall but expandable, 15 feet long when collapsed, 6 feet wide. Massive aerodynamic savings. Follows your car around like a very high speed puppy.

Bighorn | 16 april 2019

I think I read that the range would be 90some miles.

Bighorn | 16 april 2019

Also, you’re confusing power with energy, which is a common mistake. Units would be kWh if I’m following.

rwgallah | 16 april 2019

@Bighorn. You're correct on the kWh comment. Might seem high but i'm assuming no external generator and all appliances will run only off electricity.

Bighorn | 16 april 2019

Presumably you wouldn’t opt for the diesel generator:)

rwgallah | 16 april 2019

ironically my sprinter has a diesel generator :)

Bighorn | 16 april 2019

I figured that was common since my friend’s does as well

ReD eXiLe ms us | 17 april 2019

Earl and Nagin ...: It is amazing how people are so intent on electric vehicles being 'practical' that they don't realize that Performance comes 'for free', without the waste associated with ICE drivetrains. Even EV Enthusiasts often protest the demonstration of speed, as if the possibility prohibits economy or practicality. I still say that if someone wants the equivalent of a fully electric Camry, they should speak passionately to Toyota, not spend their time chastising Tesla. Overall, the Spirit of Protest seems related to the notion that 'Until Batteries have the energy density of Gasoline, Electric cars will remain inferior.' That is equally inaccurate, because it is an attitude rhat presumes an electric drivetrain is just as energy inefficient as an ICE. Truth is, that well before an electric vehicle is able to carry an energy capacity equivalent to 25 gallons (~850 kWh) of gasoline they will offer superior range and towing abilities using 5 gallons (~170 kWh) energy equivalent, because of differences in drivetrain efficiencies. All you need is to 'do the math'.

gballant4570 | 17 april 2019

ReD eXiLe ms us, +100. The efficiency baseline drives the rest. People who say "but I don'y hear anything running" are oblivious to the implications of their assumption. Same can be said for pricing, although due to upfront vs. deferred costs the pricing discussion is just a bit more credible, but still quite inaccurate. One thing the pricing discussion does get right - when a desirable EV has the same or lower purchase price as the comparable ICE not even a brain dead dumb ass will buy the ICE. Maybe a delusional bran dead dumb ass will tho....

hokiegir1 | 17 april 2019

I love the idea of this one:

Since it has it's own battery, it will help with the losses typically associated with towing (not eliminate, but will reduce -- you've still got the extra wind resistance), and that also allows it to be pulled by a smaller vehicle, since the tow-weight is limited to some degree.

Carl Thompson | 17 april 2019

I _can_ agree with @ReD on something! It's nice when that happens. ;-)


That looks nice but I would like something bigger that I could actually live in for a while (with stove and oven fixtures, etc). Hopefully one day someone will make one that drives itself and I can just go from town to town, state to state and see more of North America.

Kary993 | 17 april 2019

It seems Tesla could easily provide what you are looking for Carl. There are many RV types that have a cab and a trailer with the living space you referenced. Simply purchase a Tesla Semi and build a nice trailer and drive around the country using SC's and RV park hook ups! Anyone could build or are building nice trailers to attach. It would cost $300k or so in total but the goofy RV diesel pushers start at around $300 and go up to a million and more and you wouldn't have the $400 fuel bill everyt ime you needed to fill up!