Is there a noticeable difference in ride quality between the 18" and 19" (Sport) wheels?
The 19"s certainly look better but I don't want to get them if I will have a rough ride.

Anyone have any experience with both?
Ordering a model Y BTW.

Thanks in advance -


ODWms | 17 april 2019

I haven’t seen a marked difference in ride comfort between even the 18s and 20s, myself.

Kary993 | 17 april 2019

I find my 20" wheels are fine. Maybe a little bumpy on very poor roads but in general very nice. SO 19" wheel would be fine IMHO

Bighorn | 17 april 2019

You'd be hard pressed to tell the difference.

gordon_r_benson | 17 april 2019

I haven’t ridden on the 18” but got the 19” because of looks and love the ride they give. Not jarring but I can feel the road (just like I expected and wanted). I do like to play a bit in the corners though. Only managed to break the rear end free once so far but traction control kicked in and brought it back in line.

lbowroom | 17 april 2019

Most people agree all of them are fine. Some outliers claim the car with 18's is bone jarring and undriveable.

JAD | 17 april 2019

The 18's have a slightly harder, higher range tire that counters the better ride you generally get with the 18. For best ride get the 18 and put a comfort to tire on it, but the 19's are fine.

M3phan | 17 april 2019

I say prefer the darker look of the spikes on the 18s without be the aero caps on them, over the look of the 19s

M3phan | 17 april 2019

Spikes? Meant spokes.