The HW3 Firmware Thread (2019.7.105)

The HW3 Firmware Thread (2019.7.105)

So if you recently picked up a new Model 3, you may notice it seems to be running an outdated and uncommon firmware 2019.7.105. This iteration is missing sentry mode, enhanced summon, and NoA free lane change. According to a Tesla rep, the features are "there", but not "turned on" due to being on a new hardware. Apparently the firmware from HW2.5 is not totally compatible with the HW3 chip.

That being said, HW3 owners use this thread to communicate about firmware updates, and please share if you have any additional info.

derotam | 30 april 2019

@jefjes, "The various levels of FSD that range from L1-L5" FALSE. FSD is a Tesla term, the Levels 1-5 you talk about refer to the SAE (J3016) Automation Levels. And it is actually Levels 0-5 going from "No Automoation", to "Full Automation" all with specific requirements. FSD is a Tesla term and is not the same thing.

mikes | 30 april 2019

I hate to tell all of you but you're just speculating! We all are given different information by Tesla. I have EAP and was told the functions I have right now I get to keep. any other functions even advanced summon is not for sure. Upgrades to HW3 may not be needed and if ??? So, we all just have to wait and see.

Kary993 | 30 april 2019

So mapping FSD to the SAE standard wold be what? Level 5? Whatever it is, it seems to me Tesla should define what they are going to offer us with FSD. I interpret from EM that FSD is level 5.

82bert | 30 april 2019

At autonomy day, Elon was asked this exact question and he in fact did say Level 5. That’s not written in stone, but certainly his intention.

Carl Thompson | 30 april 2019

"So mapping FSD to the SAE standard wold be what? Level 5?"

Probably level 4. The words Musk and Tesla have used to describe FSD such as you can sleep in your car as it drives you and your car will drive itself as part of a ride-sharing service would require at least SAE level 4. As far as I know neither Tesla nor Musk said anything about the cars being able to handle every single situation that a human could handle so level 5 probably isn't required.

82bert | 30 april 2019

Again, he said 5 at autonomy day when directly asked.

82bert | 30 april 2019

At 3:31:45 from the autonomy day presentation the question is asked and he affirms with a yes.

dmanincali | 30 april 2019

@derotam - replying to "As long as Tesla provides HW3 free of charge to all those who pay for FSD then I think the issue is then moot." This is actually exactly what I argued (apologies if I did a bad job in arguing it). I think providing HW3 free of charge to all is 100% honoring their commitment. Some of the subsequent arguments over the past day have done a better job of arguing my point than I did. In particular the point about no harms being done until (and if) the EAP feature set for HW2.5 starts to fall behind the EAP feature set for HW3.0 is spot on.

Anyhow - this is all speculation at this point and the only point I was trying to make is that I would bet on it that Tesla will have to provide HW3.0 to all who bought after Oct 2016 based on this: And who knows - they may need HW4.0 before they can do FSD and we may be having this argument all over again :) | 30 april 2019

Thinking more on it - there is no reason Tesla can't state an upgrade to FSD is available for every HW2.x car long into the future - just be aware that upgrade could be a vehicle replacement that happens to cost $80-120K. There has nothing from Tesla stating the price of FSD would remain the same, and clearly they are changing the pricing - sometimes with a special discount, and looks like in the future, a much higher price.

82bert | 30 april 2019

@dmanincali. Unless I’m confused by your post, that’s exactly what Tesla is doing.

ADinM3 | 30 april 2019

I think any attempts at suing will fail but I don't doubt someone will try as this will be yet another unfortunate example of people basically looking for any possible angle to try and get something for free, or a lawyer looking for a payday. People have implied they think they will get better performance or features if they can get the HW3.0 upgrade but this is not likely the case. Heck, if it were to somehow succeed, Elon could simply lock down all further improvements to AP beyond basic bug fixing or what would otherwise run on the HW2.5 anyways. Elon has already implied AP development is reaching the end of the road anyways.

matt | 3 maj 2019

I picked my model 3 up last week 4/24. I'm stuck on this firmware and can confirm no sentry or NoA. I contacted support and unfortunately they had no answer other then an update will come at some point

Alset Srotom | 3 maj 2019

@Matt, I had this firmware when I picked my car up and I used navigate in autopilot on my way home. Are you positive that feature is missing? You have to turn it in and let the cameras calibrate by driving 10-30 miles.

Make sure you connect to your wifi and it will switch to wifi every time you put it in park at home.

matt | 4 maj 2019

Sorry, it has NoA but doesn't have change lane without confirmation. It has been connected to wifi for a couple of days now. No firmware update.

Alset Srotom | 4 maj 2019

Im.on 12.1.2 now and still no lane change confirmation so you aren't missing out

Someone in the Tesla 3 FB group has reported his car prompting him to update and he is in 12.1.2, so looks like were getting 12.1.3 for bug fixes so sit tight

matt | 4 maj 2019

Fingers crossed. I drive a 200 mile commute twice a week. So it will be very helpful!


Alset Srotom | 4 maj 2019

@Matt have you set your slow traffic aggressive level? I find that hitting the turn signal to let the car change is pretty easy

dcjose | 5 maj 2019

So has anyone got the new update. Picked my car up on April 23rd . Still on 2019.7.105

dscrivner | 6 maj 2019

Picked up my car yesterday and put 98 miles on it (60 interstate). Autopilot still indicates that it is calibrating, but says 0%. I am on firmware 2019.7.102

Alset Srotom | 6 maj 2019

@dscrivner that firmware has bugs. Connect car to your home wifi

joshua | 6 maj 2019

Mine is stuck on 2019.7.102 82596dc.
Mfg Date says 4/19
Took delivery on the 3rd from Fremont to Cincinnati.
Spoke to support over the phone, he kept saying he is showing I have 2019.8.102 but my screen shows .7.102 not .8.102. Very odd...

He says he doesn't see any software updates available yet for my vehicle so I'm guessing it's a similar HW3 related issue?

kekkars | 6 maj 2019

I got my Model 3 delivered on May 3rd and has firmware 2019.7.105. It does not have sentry Mode. So I guess we need to wait until the software update is available.

dscrivner | 6 maj 2019

@Alset Strotom was connected all night last night and at work today and so far nothing. Commute without cruise control is going to be annoying on the afternoon unfortunately.

howard | 6 maj 2019

I have a P3D+ and took the 5k cash back. I have not used a super charger since except last weekend when some were open at Park Meadows and while I still had enough to get back home I thought good to do every once in a while. I looked at history expecting a charge and got the following which makes no sense to me but I’ll take it.

Credit balance
39 kWh
39 kWh
Credit remaining
0 kWh

gvavoso | 6 maj 2019

Delivery on May 5th. On 2019.7.106. No sentry mode. Lane change requires confirmation using signal.

dcjose | 6 maj 2019

Its annoying that HW3 is not getting the updates. Hope we get a solution soon.

Sandman89 | 7 maj 2019

Hardware 3 is getting updates I picked up my car about 5 days ago made on 4/17 and it had firmware 2019.7.106 in the beginning. About half an hour later it prompted me to update to 12.1.1 and then the next day got update to 12.1.2 which is what I'm currently on. However my car does not have Lane change without confirmation but that's a known issue when hardware 3 for now.

b.collen | 7 maj 2019

HW3 and 5G.... New buyers are getting fsd m3s equipped with HW3. Tesla is currently using lte for the neural net communications. For the purpose of self-service LTD NOW is fine. However as other vehicles launch, US states will legislate more and NHSTA will most likely require self-driving cars to cross communicate with other cars, safety vehicles and transportation infrastructure. The core chips for HW3 are from Samsung but does anybody know if there is also a 5g comm chip for future integration? If no and you are a retrofit fsd buyer now long will you wait before you swap for HW3?

joshua | 7 maj 2019

Still on 2019.7.102 since May 3rd, 2019.
Hoping to get pushed the latest and greatest asap... :-/

dscrivner | 7 maj 2019

@joshua Does your AP work at all? Mine still indicates it is calibrating after 255 miles. Just got the car on 5/5, but the commuted sure would be better with the autopilot and even better navigate on autopilot. Hoping the update comes soon. | 7 maj 2019

@b.collen - Unknown if 5G in cars currently, but I suspect not. Considering very few phones have 5G yet, and there is still a lot up in the air on each 5G network, it will be several years before it's much of a reality.

I also doubt FSD will require 5G or V2V by regulators. If forced on all new cars today, it would still take 10+ years to provide any meaningful percentage of cars on the road to have V2V. FSD will have to work well without V2V communications. Also most V2V standards being worked on do not use 5G, but are direct vehicle to vehicle communications. Adding another network in the communication path doesn't seem all that practical for many reasons - lower reliability, areas without 5G fail, and massive bandwidth requirements are a few issues.

dscrivner | 7 maj 2019

Called support and they indicated this was a known issue and the software update was coming soon. An hour later the update came and I am now on 2019.12.1.2 from 2019.7.102. Still indicates that autopilot is calibrating, but haven’t had a chance to drive it. Should I expect the calibration to complete now with the updated software?

kekkars | 7 maj 2019

Just received software update for My Model 3 which was delivered on May 3rd with firmware 2019.7.105
New version after update is 2019.12.1.2
I can now enable the sentry mode.

Alset Srotom | 7 maj 2019

@dscrivner yes, your cameras will calibrate after 15 miles or so.

CharleyBC | 7 maj 2019

@kekkars: Thanis—that’s the bad guy on Guardians of the Galaxy, right? Did Sentry Mode catch him messing with your car? I can certainly understand the attraction.

dcjose | 7 maj 2019

@kekkars. So I am on 2019.7.105. Picked up April 23rd from Nashville TN. Did you anything different? Which part of the country are you at . Is it being rolled out location based ? Worst comes to worst I have a service appointment on the 20th of May . Hope they can force update it.

joshua | 8 maj 2019

For what it's worth, I received the update notification last night and updated it and now I'm on 2019.12.1.2 5c87371.
Was on 7.201 prior to that.

joshua | 8 maj 2019

@dcjose Are you on Wifi while it's parked?

joshua | 8 maj 2019

There was 5 vehicles on 7.102 on TeslaFi yesterday and now there is only 1.
So obviously they're pushing them out on a delay of some sort from when you purchase but maybe my upcoming service appointment pushed mine into priority.

dcjose | 8 maj 2019

@joshua connected to wifi. Just have to wait i guess

dscrivner | 8 maj 2019

@alset thanks for the confirmation. I thought it was going to calibrate since it went from 0-99% in about 20 miles, but stuck at 99% for another 15 miles. I tried reset and power off and on, but still nothing. Hoping it will work when I go out later. Sentry mode appears to work though.

dcjose | 9 maj 2019

So got my update yesterday. Version 2019.12.1.2. But on auto pilot I don’t have the require lane change option .

brandon | 15 maj 2019 does anyone know when our HW3 M3's will get an update from our existing 2019.7.105. ?

Alset Srotom | 15 maj 2019

@Brandon, it took about a week of being connected to wifi for me to update, but I think with 2019.16 and 2019.12.1.3 in the works you may not get an update until those start rolling out

Alset Srotom | 15 maj 2019 shows 6 updates to the newest revision of 2019.16.1.1, so it looks like the 2019.12 update is dead now and you will get 2019.16.x when it starts mass rollout

A. Butler | 22 maj 2019

I just dropped by my SC because my vehicle had been stuck on 2019.7.105 since April 26th, and now it shows I'm on 2019.7.107. I can't find ANY information on this firmware build. Anyone else running it?

jef | 22 maj 2019

Mine just updated from 7.105 to 7.107. I just picked up the M3 this week so was very excited to see the first update....only to see it be a slight update.

frederic.simon.... | 23 maj 2019

Took delivery on Tuesday on the 21. My car had 2019.7.106. Yesterday, had an update but the patch notes were empty. New version is 2019.7.107

Alset Srotom | 23 maj 2019

I dont think the new 2019.16.x firmware is compatible with HW3. Can anyone verify if they are 9n HW3 and have updated to latest firmware?

raystone | 25 maj 2019

As of May 25th, the firmware on my Model 3 with HW3 is still 2019.12.1.2