Anyone using your Model 3 for Uber or Lyft?

Anyone using your Model 3 for Uber or Lyft?

Im considering using my M3 to do Lyft/Uber but im also scared what will happen to my nice white seats. I’ve seen those seat covers for dogs and i might just use that to cover the backseats. Thoughts on this?

hokiegir1 | 30 april 2019

We use ours. Hubby gets insomnia and figures he may as well make a couple bucks if he's gonna be awake anyway -- and he'll take directional rides to/from his parent's house about 30 miles away when he's going up there.,I'll occasionally go out on a Saturday or Sunday morning if he is finally sleeping. We have black seats, though. The biggest issue we've run into is that people have no clue how to open the door. He can reach the rear door handle, to open it from the inside for them, but I'm too short to do that, so I have to put down the window to tell them how to open it.

SalisburySam | 30 april 2019

@hokiegir1, I’ve also been considering this. Lots of horror stories out there about bad passengers (dirty, leave vehicle a mess, get sick, on and on). Have you had any passengers less than respectful to your vehicle?

hokiegir1 | 30 april 2019

@Sam - not so far, and like I said -- hubby will drive during the 11pm-2am hours at times (though usually on weekdays rather than weekends). He has actually gotten more people getting off work at that time than barhopping -- and they are just glad to have a non-creepy driver. Most people are really impressed by the car and ask all kinds of questions about it (how charging works, range, costs, etc). I did have one person that asked if she could finish her pizza, and I said ok. She got a couple greasy smears on the back seat from her fingers when she was getting out, but they just wiped off with a windex wipe. There is a small splatter that we think was sweet tea, but that could just as easily have been my sister in law or one of our nephews instead of a passenger, since we don't know when it actually happened. We tried the windex wipes on that and it didn't work, so we'll get out a better cleaner soon (just noticed it this weekend).

Honestly, most people are so excited to ride in a Tesla, they are very respectful of it.

RedPillSucks | 30 april 2019

@hokiegir1 So is your car registered as Uber Black or Lyft Lux? Does that have a different clientele than regular Uber or Lyft?

hokiegir1 | 30 april 2019

We're only with Lyft, and while it does qualify for Lux, we get so few requests with that (between us, we've gotten 1 in 4 months) that we just leave it on regular.

jimglas | 30 april 2019

@hokiegirl: Don't you also have an MX? Do you use that for Lyft?

hokiegir1 | 30 april 2019

We had a loaner X, but nope -- just the 3 and a Hyundai Santa Fe, which we did also set up. Like I said -- hubby will do directional requests toward his parents when he's not on a schedule, so whichever car he's in, he just picks that. He gets way more airport runs in the Santa Fe (XL), but he can still generally cover his gas in that to/from where he was already going anyway. With the 3, it's mostly all profit. We track our electric costs and mileage pretty closely and just had our first non-free service (an alignment and rotation that weren't done at a service center), so I've added that in. We're still running at a .02/mile lifetime cost of operation.

hokiegir1 | 30 april 2019

By the way -- if you do decide to do it, I highly recommend adding in TeslaFi if you don't use it already. Lyft supposedly sends a mileage summary at year-end that includes your "to a pickup" mileage, but being able to track it on your own is much more helpful. I actually set up 2 tags -- "Lyft pickup" and "Lyft rider" and I tag each "leg" of the day when one of us is doing it, then use that to see earnings by mile (and it already gives hours logged in, so you can do an hourly rate). The few times I've done it, I average about .84/mile earnings at just under $15/hour. I normally only do about 2 hours at a time (I can't "people" that long, plus I'm still in school and working full it's really just boredom and desire to drive that sends me out). He does more than I do, but isn't as good about tagging drives, so I don't have as good earnings per mile for him.

The other nice thing is that I can "follow" him when he's out there and have records of where his last stops were if something happens. We'll probably never need it, but if we do, it will be significantly easier for me to send than to try to get the info from Lyft.

moabchick | 30 april 2019

I drove my M3 for Lyft in January and February, in the Denver, CO metro area. I quit my corporate job last May and took a year off, and I did it mostly just to get out of the house during the winter.

My experience was the same as hokiegirl (PS - my hubby is a VT alumni!) Each time I went out at least one person said "I can't believe you're driving this awesome car for Lyft!" Always respectful and curious about the car, and gives me a chance to gush about it to strangers since all my friends are probably sick of hearing me gush about it - LOL! I also have Lyft LUX but leave my settings on regular. Airport runs have been the most profitable for me, and where I'm most likely to get a LUX passenger. I have zero horror stories from my experience, and I usually drove Friday evenings, but would end by midnight.

I just wish there was a way to get the driver app on our screens, and use our nav, which is often better than whatever Lyft uses. Only a minor annoyance, though.

bcb2220 | 30 april 2019

@hokiegirl @moabchick how did you guys settle about the insurance, what I was told is that your current insurance will NOT cover when you're driving for Lyft and as soon as your passengers come into the car for the ride, it will void it and Lyft's insurance will then take over. Is that not true?

moabchick | 30 april 2019

@bcb2220 - I seem to recall that when I signed up, Lyft told me that their "coverage" acts as supplemental to my personal? I honestly don't remember. But looking on Lyft's website, they are now offering a "rideshare policy" - you can look here for info. I would ask someone at Lyft to clarify for you.

bcb2220 | 30 april 2019

interesting....thank you @moabchick

i'm still hesitant to do this because living in the bay area, i've heard lot of horror stories lol

moabchick | 30 april 2019

Oh, I have one other suggestion for Lyft driving - go into Chill and Low Regen modes. Passengers are NOT used to the acceleration ;)

I've had 2 passengers that asked for the full "Tesla experience" and then I went to standard

hokiegir1 | 30 april 2019

@bcb - USAA offers a rideshare "gap" policy for about $8/month, so we added that to the 2 vehicles we use.

And @moab - Totally agree about the Lyft app on the screen. I typically run both the Lyft nav, and I ask the passenger where they are going...and explain that it's easier for me to follow it on the main screen. I'll also take a quick minute when a ride pops up to look at the pickup location and nav to that...but I really wish we could at least use the browser for it if nothing else.

eztider | 1 maj 2019

When I started last June, I used my Model S90D and my wifes' Honday CR-V with Uber and Lyft just to get a feel for what it was like and to settle on a best use scenario. Although the S qualified for Uber Select and Lyft Lux, I'll echo others here who say you don't get enough of those rides to make a difference. I also drove in LA and Palm Springs. Palm Springs is just not big enough and the trips aren't long enough, plus the airport trips there are a waste of time. I will say that last month I drove the 3 during the tennis tournament in Palm Springs and had good results...those riders could all afford to buy a Tesla and had a lot of questions and enjoyed the experience. Some had taken test drives or otherwise checked it out.

Now I've settled on using the Honda for (mostly) Uber, but I very occasionally drive the 3 and keep both apps, Uber and Lyft, open. I have two iPhones and they fit nicely side by side on the charging pad in the console. It's just fun doing it in the 3. It's a great working environment --- comfortable, stylish, great in traffic, fuel cost zero (I have solar panels), fantastic sound system and it impresses the hell out of the riders, without exception. Basically I'm cruising around town and someone else is paying for it. If the numbers ever add up I'd love to get another 3, more basic, and use it exclusively for rideshare. Gas prices are too high, but right now rates are too low but one day it all may line up.

Techy James | 1 maj 2019

I typically do Lyft on my drive home from work. Then occasionally on weekends. My experience has been positive, with people asking questions about the vehicle.
@bcb2220 on your question about insurance, unless your current insurance provider offers a Ride Share policy, then your insurance won't likely cover when your carrying a passenger. Lyft does have their own insurance policy, but the deductible is quite high compared to my normal policy. I have State Farm, and added their Ride Share policy which added about 25% to the cost of my existing insurance to have my State Farm pick up the difference in the coverage from Lyft to keep the same coverage I had with my vehicle. While it will cost you more, the peace of mind when your doing Lyft is worth it to me.
Other things to remember, under current Tesla Supercharging Fair Use, you can't use the Supercharging locations if you have free Supercharging coverage on your car while doing a Ride Sharing service.

Vsanva | 1 maj 2019

Yep $5k in revenue so far but I get stubborn sometimes and try and hold out for the upper tier rides.... but at the end of the day just not enough of em.

My main Uber vehicle is a 9 yr old XL vehicle I do great with and am more willing to pick up most. On weekends i can stay XL only and be busy all weekend.

My Tesla shows no wear yet, the writeoff is great and the vehicle is fun to drive. Rideshare will pay for my Tesla at the end of the day.

cressy.jonathan | 3 juli 2019

I'm also investigating the opportunity to drive for Uber with my Tesla Model 3. I'm struggling to find ridesharing insurance in California. Since I wouldn't qualify for USAA insurance, does anybody have other recommendations? Thanks.

Regandarcy | 18 januari 2020

I was thinking of leasing a Tesla model 3 and do uber...but then i realized about the 10,000 mile a year limit for leasing. Avg uber drivers drive 100 miles a day. If you did that 7 days a week, it would cost you $21,000 in penalties at the end of the 3 yr lease! So not gonna lease one. Maybe finance.

FactDoc | 19 januari 2020

How much money you average an hour being a Uber driver?

eztider | 19 januari 2020

Update to my previous post...I stopped driving for Uber because there is not enough money in it. Between gas, maintenance, registration, insurance etc. you're basically driving for charity. Now I go out once in a blue moon in the Tesla just for fun. I drive two, maybe three hours, buzz around town meeting people, then go home and charge my car. It's no longer about the money. If you're thinking of doing it, Tesla is the best option, particularly if you have solar panels, as I do.

jimmcdca | 19 januari 2020

Have driven for Lyft for a year (nearly to the day) and Uber since June 2018. Hate to think about the 26,000 miles I've put on the car, but it makes the payments and insurance.
I frequently mention that I have introduced the Model 3 to a great number of people, and received great praise for the car.
I'm sure the checks from Elon will be arriving soon.

yudansha™ | 19 januari 2020

I'm confused why anybody who can afford Tesla would drive for Uber/Lyft. Spending two-three hours learning a new skill seems to me a better choice than making $10-15 an hour.

vmulla | 19 januari 2020

I started doing it when I was between jobs and was at my wit's end. I signed up on a night when I couldn't sleep and started driving on a snowy day - not the best circumstances to start doing Uber. So money and affordability isn't the only reason people do Uber: Lyft
The money in the business is pathetic, but the outlook/experiences you get from meeting such a diverse group of people is incredible - it has truly changed me and broadened my world. I've given about 450 rides now, that's nothing compared to a professional driver.
I hardly made any money with the fares, I really don't know how ICE car Uber drivers make ends meet. There's secondary benefit of writing off the miles as business depreciation when doing taxes. In my opinion the benefit at tax time is greater than the actual fare value.
All said, I turn on Uber on my car when I'm commuting alone. If someone rides with me well and good, if not that's ok too - I atleast get to meet new people and exchange ideas. I also did some trips when I was home alone (wife and kids at Grandma's).
It's not always about money.

cgreen | 19 januari 2020

I used to do uber and Lyft with my Toyota.. but, I didn't want to put too many miles on my new Tesla.. So, I decided to do enough to pay for itself... Going to start this week, but will do it more when we get into better weather.. There are some great areas near me where people tip very very well and they make it worth it.

What kind of irks me is that there is a small company that has three Model X's and they use it solely for hire use.. I asked one driver if they can get free super charging and she told me that they absolutlely do.. But, I read the terms of use and in the fair use policy, if you are using your Tesla for hire, you don't get free super charging. this isn't fair for the rest of us. I considered getting a X for this purpose, but decided that if I got free electricity, it may be worth it but not if I have to pay for it.. If Im wrong, correct me, but as I see it if you use it for a for hire vehicle, you aren't supposed to used the free supercharging.. If that's true. they need to stop. not fair for the rest of us.

Coastal Cruiser. | 19 januari 2020

cressy.jonathan | July 3, 2019
I'm also investigating the opportunity to drive for Uber with my Tesla Model 3. I'm struggling to find ridesharing insurance in California. Since I wouldn't qualify for USAA insurance, does anybody have other recommendations? Thanks.

I am in California and do about 2500 miles of rideshare with my Bolt EV. After running some comparisons I went with Mercury. They have the RS rider.

Techy James | 19 januari 2020

I have done Lyft for little over a year with my Model 3 and Uber for about 6 months. The Model 3 with little maintenance and only charging cost versus gas with is much cheaper the M3 allows me to pock more of the earnings of the rides I do. What I have found though is many times when I do normal rides the government allowance of $.57 per mile actually is more that the average day for Lyft unless I get Lux or Lux Black ride. Those are least frequent rides, but going to the airport can make those more likely.
As for the insurance part, Lyft and Uber both provide coverage for when you're on a call that includes coverage for your vehicle as well as your passenger. The downside to their coverage it's a very high deductible of $2,000 potentially leaving you responsible for that amount in an accident if you're at fault. Me personally I have added with my current Insurance provider a Ride-sharing clause that covers both my rental of a vehicle in event of an accident as well as paying the difference in the $1,500 difference in the coverage the Lyft and Uber offer. You may have to search around for a provider if your current Insurance provider don't offer it.

@cgreen actually using the Supercharging to charge the vehicle on free supercharging which is used for ride sharing is a clear violation of the fair-use of the super charging network. You could always contact Tesla if they are truly using the Model X for hire and also using the Super Charging network as you pointed out this is a clear violation of the Fair Use part of the Supercharging network.

Techy James | 19 januari 2020

@jimmcdca Actually if you provide riders your referral link so they can get their own Tesla, while you won't get money from Tesla, but you can get some free supercharging for your next vacation. In addition you get an entry to win a free Model Y and Roadster 2.0 which could also be used for more profits.

andy.connor.e | 20 januari 2020

I might consider joining Lyft or Uber when i get cybertruck (if ridesharing is not available), just so i can have people experience riding in a Tesla. Most people have never heard of Tesla before.

arkforgod | 8 februari 2020

hello... is anyone driving in new york city area? im looking to get my tesla sometines next week... what your experience with chrrging and is it worth it afterall. do you all make money. is it better off regular gas car?
please share your experiences

edjr11 | 8 februari 2020

I have been doing Uber and Lyft for three years. The last two years in a 2017 Model S. I enjoy the people, answering questions and of course driving my car. The problem I have is I put 38000 miles on it in less than two years, that’s going through the warranty period in less than three years. Considering how much I made I didn’t even get to write everything off without showing a loss, which the Feds don’t want you to do. I now have a long range 2020 Model S, but I have cut way back on how much I use it for Uber and Lyft, mainly for old customers. Hope this helps.

arkforgod | 9 februari 2020

@edjr11 thanks for the response... are you driving in New York City? If so, what’s your insurance like? I heard some ppl make up to $600 using Tesla, is it? I’m looking to get the model 3.
What’s ur thoughts please, also tell me about charging how u go about it in between work or rides?

vmulla | 9 februari 2020

Moving a question across threads to keep things relevant.

From this thread:

TeslaYVR | February 9, 2020
@vmulla do your Uber customers have troubles opening the door handle from the outside? Any major scratches around the door handles?

Yes, some customers struggle with the handles. I use that as an opportunity to start an interesting conversation about Tesla. I roll down the window and just say 'Press the thick part of the handle with your thumb and the grab handle pops out', and almost always they have something nice to say about the car.
I also tried sticking a 'press' label, that didn't last very long. I like to use the handles as a conversation starter.

Here's something interesting, there are coworkers who got into my car dozens of times and they keep fumbling with the doors. They press the handle, and when the doors pop out they grab the edge of the door to open it. Some people are just don't learn quickly.

About scratches, here's the handle area after about 400+ rides. No scratches:

But there is a bit of luck with that, one clumsy customer or a customer with excessive jewellery can change that :(

arkforgod | 11 februari 2020

please... which range of the model 3 best for uber ?

andy.connor.e | 11 februari 2020

If all you're doing is uber, get the car that costs the least to increase your margins. If you think you'll drive 300 miles a day doing rides, get the long range. That shouldnt really be a question you ask other people.

vmulla | 11 februari 2020

arkforgod | February 11, 2020
please... which range of the model 3 best for uber ?
SR+ is just fine. Despite what it looks like there's not much mileage covered when doing Uber.
BUT I wouldn't recommend buying a Model 3 just to do Uber/Lyft - its fine if you already have the car.and want to use it for rideshare., or if you need a car but will use it for a side gig.