Our OUT OF THIS WORLD experience with Tesla !

Our OUT OF THIS WORLD experience with Tesla !

Our Tesla Story
We were awe struck when we first heard about the Tesla vehicles and everything that they offered. The promise of helping the environment, slowing down global warming and providing our family with safe, and reliable transportation was a dream come true for us. After owning a Tesla model X for a few months now, we have found that the notion was too good to be true. Everything from customer service, communication, reliability, to value has turned out to be misleading. This is the story of our trials, tribulations and continued issues with our vehicle and the Tesla company.
Our story begins in January of two thousand and nineteen when we picked up our used Model X. We were finally in a position to make a purchase after months if not a year of looking at the tesla website, test driving Model S vehicles and numerous visits to the local showrooms. We reserved the vehicle on January 1st, 2019. Shortly thereafter we were informed of the wait time after selecting the Model X that we thought would be a good fit for us. We were told that the team would need several weeks and possibly more than a month to inspect the vehicle and get it ready for us to pick up down in San Diego, CA. We were told that the vehicle was ready after waiting a couple of weeks. We drove down to San Diego on January 10th, 2019, after a long day’s work in the middle of the week in rush hour traffic. It took us over an hour to arrive at the pickup location and we knew we would have the same drive back home. We proceeded to go over the vehicles features and found several items that we thought should be addressed. The falcon wing doors did not open fully, the trunk was not fully operational, and the charging cable was not functional. The delivery associate informed us that we could take the vehicle to the service location and have these items corrected under warranty. We found a twenty day wait for the next open service appointment (January 30th, 2019) when we tried to schedule time to have these things repaired. We attempted to call, email, and text our sales associate while we were at the delivery location to make sure that all of these things would be covered but we did not receive a response or an answer to our calls. We continued to sign the forms taking the word of the professional into consideration that all of our problems would be addressed after taking ownership of the car. We thought our very long and frustrating visit was over and proceeded to drive our new vehicle home. We tried to close the windows after driving a few minutes to get to the freeway. We found that the drivers side window was not able to close and would go up a few inches then proceed to reset back to halfway open. We did not want to drive for over an hour on the freeway with the window stuck only to find out that we had to wait twenty days for this to be fixed. We turned around and went back to the delivery location where we found the associate just pulling back into the driveway also. She asked if we needed any assistance and we explained the problem we were having. She proceeded to try and reset the system several times and finally decided to manually close the window with the door open and then try to close the door. The glass window hit the frame with a loud crash and she immediately opened the door. The window then went down a little and it seemed like the system reset the window height. The window seemed to work fine after almost breaking the drivers side door glass.
We tried not to drive the car too much while we waited for our scheduled service appointment. We were worried that we would have more problems come up and would not know how to fix or resolve them. We were relieved when we were able to bring the vehicle in for service on January 30th, 2019, after almost twenty days of sitting in the garage. We spoke with a service advisor who was not able to provide us with an estimate on the duration our car would be in for service. We proceeded to call and text the service advisor for a few days without a response of when we could pick up our car. The general response we were receiving was that the vehicle was still being diagnosed. We received the car back after a week of diagnosing and repairs on February 7th, 2019.
We thought our problems were over and we could finally begin to be the happy tesla owners that we were promised by Elon and the Tesla company. We were far from that and proceeded to have the following issues occur:
February 8th – Trunk did not close, needed to manually close trunk
February 10th – Falcon wing doors leaking water into the car during rain storm while the doors were closed.
February ?? – 12v battery died and we were not able to get into the vehicle
February 24th – Trunk did not close again, needed to manually close the trunk
February 24th – Trip meter was not registering miles, time and energy usage
March 9th – visited a tesla Model 3 test drive event to try and sell back the Model X
March 15th – Trip meter continued to not register miles, time and energy usage
March 18th – service appointment.
March 23rd – pickup vehicle from service appointment
March 23rd – vehicle was making a loud sound while charging
March 24th – returned the vehicle back to service.
March 27th – pickup up vehicle from service appointment
April 7th – trunk did not close, needed to manually close trunk
April ?? – received the vehicle registration form DMV
We initially payed registration and title transfer with the original purchase of the vehicle in January. We sent an inquiry to tesla asking why we would have to pay the registration a second time in only a few months of ownership.
April Ongoing – We did not receive any response over phone, text or email, about our inquiry or our concerns about the service and the vehicle itself.
April 20th – Easter Morning, We were so frustrated with the lack of communication and poor customer service that we decided to forego Easter celebrations with our family and drive up to Tesla Headquarters to speak with our sales associate or anyone who we could speak with.
April 20th – charging screen began showing incorrect information while supercharging.
April 21st – arrived at Tesla HQ to find out they were holding an investors day and we were not able to meet with anyone there.
We proceeded to review correspondence from tesla associates and visited the Paige street and Dunbarton street locations.
We checked in, emailed, called, and text messaged our sales associate at each location as visitors of our sales associate with no response or call back. We waited over an hour at each location with no response.
April 22nd – loud humming noise coming from the front of the car
April 22nd – back falcon wing door trim came loose and was not aligned correctly.
We have had a horrible experience over the last few months with the vehicle and the customer service. The vehicle has had many problems and the customer service is almost non-existant. We purchased the model X hoping it would be a reliable addition to our cars but have found the opposite. My wife does not want to drive it anymore in fear that she will not be able to close the trunk and get stuck someplace unsafe. I find myself only driving it to catch the next problem to report and have resolved. At this point, we are ready to part with the vehicle and the Tesla company and would like to do so in a professional manner. We are trying to return the car to Tesla and are researching and discussing any methods possible to do so. We found that the vehicle depreciated over $25,000 after receiving a trade-in valuation from a tesla sales representative. This information was very frustrating to hear especially after only owning the car for three months and Mr. Musk touting that his vehicles would hold its value. We have spoken with other tesla owners, used car sales managers, service managers, sales advisors, delivery advisors, etc., from the company. We would be more than happy to meet with anyone necessary to provide our story and hopefully help Tesla be better. We would appreciate any help readers of this forum could provide us as we continue our journey.

The Tatsumi Family

Passion2Fly | 30 april 2019

Here is my story:
- purchased a used 2016 X P90DL Signature with 15k miles in San Diego.
- on delivery day several issues were noted: worn out tires, plastic pieces of trim coming unglued, one rear seat not moving, loud noise on two windows going up and down
- service appointment few days later: trims replaced, two window regulators replaced, new tires on order, new rear seat on order. The car was in service for 3-4 days. Loaner was provided.
- one month later, the tires arrived and replaced. Free of charge.
- another month later the rear seat arrives and replaced.
- in the meantime, the GPS module failed... few days later a new MCU board is installed. GPS fixed!

That’s about it. 10,000 miles later, no more problems... it took about two months to get everything fixed. Each time I got a Model S or X loaner. The car has never been in service for more than 3-4 days at the time...

dapetrun | 30 april 2019

It doesn't sound like they are listening. Go to and file a complaint with them and ask for a total and complete refund. That should get their attention pretty quick.

Passion2Fly | 1 maj 2019

This is used car. Lemon law doesn’t apply in California...

dapetrun | 2 maj 2019

Ooops, I must have read that but by the time I got to the end I guess I forgot it. :)