Powerwall Installation Costs

Powerwall Installation Costs

For those that have installed a Powerwall what were the costs? Tesla is saying an average of $1,000-$3,000. Is that on par with what y’all have been charged? Thanks!

DermMD | 6 maj 2019

That sounds about right. I just got installed for $3500 but the estimate (and that's what you end up paying despite what they say about adjusting the price after the install). However, my price was before the recent price reductions having been surveyed in Feb '19. They have a separate charge for the gateway in my quote. So you may end up with that $1100 fee for the gateway. However, Tesla is now installing without a separate gateway, the gateway is now integrated in the load center. Indeed in my case it meant not installing 3 other pieces of equipment that had been indicated in the quote. Hopefully they will consider refunding me a bit of money. I haven't asked but I'm hoping they will provide a final invoice for tax purposes and at that point I can bring up the idea of a refund.
Now to be fair, I had initially requested a single Powerwall which would have meant a partial backup of the home and hence most likely the need for the other three pieces of equipment. When I changed to a 2 powerwall setup after the quote they adjusted by simply adding the cost of the additional powerwall without adjusting other aspects. I suspect this is where things went wrong but of course I did not realize this before the install.

jptrava | 22 maj 2019

I was quoted $3600 plus $1100 for the gateway. It was on the higher side but they couldn't explain why that was.

azsightsound | 22 maj 2019

I was quoted $4,200 and everything is going on the same wall as the main panel