Destination charger repair. Tesla or locations responsibility?

Destination charger repair. Tesla or locations responsibility?

We are currently on vacation and the hotel we’re staying has 4 Tesla destination chargers. Unfortunately none are working properly. I asked the folks at the front desk about them. She told me they have contacted Tesla multiple times, but Tesla has not done anything. Is this really Tesla’s responsibility? At least there are also some non-Tesla chargers that I can use here as well. But it just looks kind of bad to see my Tesla charging on one while the Tesla charger is on the same pole.

EVRider | 13 maj 2019

Tesla provides the hardware and may pay for installation (not sure), but I don’t know who’s responsible for maintaining the hardware after that. I assume Tesla would replace defective hardware, but don’t know about other repairs. At least you were able to charge.

rkalbiarEV | 13 maj 2019

Who knows but you can try email

CharleyBC | 13 maj 2019

I always assumed they are owned by the property. Just as you say, they are often side-by-side with some generic J-1772 chargers. I figure all belong to the hotel or winery or whatever. But what do I know?

Here's what I'm curious about, @dcinnh: It seems really weird that four out of four Tesla chargers are toast. Same problem on all four? Vandal attack? I mean, why would four chargers together all decide to die?

Did someone check the breakers?

mrburke | 13 maj 2019

Contacting Tesla should at a minimum get the location removed from the destination charging map. Hopefully by doing that, the site owner will be motivated to make sure the chargers get fixed.

texxx | 13 maj 2019

I inquired about the Tesla Workplace Charging program (similar to Destination Charging, but private), and along with providing free chargers (minimum of four) and installation support, there's this provision:

"Each Tesla Wall Connector comes with a four-year warranty, and if any issues arise, please email us with the specific issue details and we will work to troubleshoot the issue or provide replacements under warranty if needed."

Not sure if the Destination Charger program works the same way, but at the very least I would think the chargers have some type of warrant. Perhaps that's what they're waiting for Tesla to address.

ST70 | 13 maj 2019

did you try to reset the chargers? I was in Vegas at the MGM and the parking folks said the charger is broken....I had my Tesla hat on and said I'll take a look...I reset the charger and said it's fixed...they said that's the quickest time that Tesla has fixed the issue.

dcinnh | 14 maj 2019

All of the Tesla chargers have power. I tried hitting reset. They would seem to reset ok and even start to charge the car. But within 10 - 15 mins they would quit again. Kind of embarrassing as there were a group of folks sitting around a table watching me. One did come over to see if they could help.

M3BlueGeorgia | 14 maj 2019

Call Tesla and report the problem.

CharleyBC | 15 maj 2019

@ST70 or @dcinnh: For future reference for me or anyone else who might encounter a destination charger that needs resetting, how do you do it? (Sorry--I'm not at one right now to picture it.) Is there a big ol' Reset button or what?