Interesting but irritating media player problem

Interesting but irritating media player problem

One of the things that I most like about my MX (2018, March 100D Version 2019.12.1.1) is the Sirius XM radio. (I'm a politics junkie hoping to overcome the drug in 2020...). I've noticed that whenever I get into the X, my iPhone Music app appears on the phone and starts playing - albeit silently, and the car plays XM as usual. The only real impact I suppose is that the iPhone is presumably using the battery unnecessarily.

I understand that the car communicates with the iPhone to upload calendar and/or contacts, and possibly even playlists, but why would it start the Music app? The really irritating thing is that when I leave the car, the Music app continues to play silently, so it can be there in the background until I pick up the phone and see the app playing away on the lock screen...

Any ideas?

Jesse K | 14 maj 2019

YESSSS! So annoying. I have had to disable bluetooth as a result of this "bug" and disconnect my phone. I was hoping that the experience would be different on my Model X that I recently ordered. Based on what I have been reading, no such luck. Lots of threads about this. If someone knows a work around other than not using the functionality at all, please advise... | 14 maj 2019

I don't think it's a bug in the Tesla, but a badly designed music app. In the Android world it is similar, but quite a few of the music apps have a option like "Don't start playing on connect". Other apps have a "feature" that auto-plays on connection - some without an override. There may be an option in your music player app, or you might try a different one. I'm not up on the latest iPhone apps.

bp | 16 maj 2019

The Tesla media player looks great on the large console displays - and provides basic functionality.

Unfortunately, Tesla hasn't continued to invest in new functionality since the media player app was first released in 2012 - and continues to have many obvious bugs that also haven't been fixed.

Even if they could assign one or two developers to the media player app, surely we could see some improvements - more useful than adding fart mode or more Atari games...

wdb153 | 16 maj 2019

I have had intermittent issues with the Bluetooth connection on my X - Bluetooth no longer connects - have tried to reset everything at least 5x. I spoke to Tesla CS - they explained that a bug exists and they are working frantically on it - but no ETA on an update to fix. Hopefully, a fix is in the cards soon - anyone else suddenly lost Bluetooth over last week or recently? May 16th 2019 | 16 maj 2019

Bluetooth has been working without fail for me, but not a total surprise you having a Bluetooth issue.

There are so many versions of Bluetooth, and many-many bugs in the hardware and firmware stack on all devices. I've written Bluetooth software and it's a total nightmare trying to work around conflicting bugs in various phones. I expect Tesla has bugs in the chips they use too (and they use different chips over the years). It is sort of amazing to me that Bluetooth works as well as it does. I have found newer phones have fewer bugs than older ones, and I suspect that's true of Tesla too (MCU1 vs MCU2). So one short term fix in your control is to use a different phone. If you're using an older one (2+ years old).

Then again, it could be your specific car has a problem and the Bluetooth (i.e MCU) needs replacement.The fact that Tesla has said they are working on a solution would point more to Tesla solving it with a software solution - just be aware it could be a while.

From experience, what can happen is while fixing someone else's buggy phone, it's easy to inadvertently break a different phone in an attempt to deal with all the bugs that exist. Lots of blame to go around behind the scenes and not all is Tesla's fault.